Magical Transformation: The Allure of Sailor Moon Makeup and Accessories

by Ryoma Takano

Sailor Moon, the manga and anime, has had a hold on kids, teens, and adults since the first Sailor Moon show aired in the 90s. With a group of young girls who save the galaxy using their powers by transforming into exciting superheroes, it's no wonder multiple generations have fallen in love with the show and characters. With Sailor Moon announced "Moon Prism Power, Make Up" to transform herself into her superhero alter ego, Sailor Moon fans love recreating the characters' makeup. Below, we explore the anime series and love of Sailor Moon makeup and accessories.


Introduction: The Enchanting World of Sailor Moon Merchandise

With the popularity of the initial show and a second rise in popularity after the remake of the show began airing in the mid-2010s, it's easy to see why so many people love Sailor Moon makeup and merchandise. These items allow fans to show their support for the show and allow them to pretend they're a part of the series as well.

This show has influenced fans since it was released in the early 90s, leading to multiple collaborations with makeup brands and other companies. From eyeshadow palettes to everyday items like tablet cases, Sailor Moon merch continues to be a top choice for anime lovers.

Variety of makeup products and accessories inspired by Sailor Moon anime, from the many collaborations between makeup companies and Sailor Moon.


The Magic of Sailor Moon Compacts: More Than Just Beauty Accessories

Those who have read the Sailor Moon manga will be familiar with the use of mirrors in the storyline. They often appear as talismans and magical instruments with various powers. While they represent different ideas throughout the manga, the main meaning behind the mirrors is that they show the user truth and reality.

Like the mirrors in the manga, the Sailor Moon compacts available for purchase are magical (and feature unique designs!). These compacts often feature fun designs, like a heart or a bedazzled star, that relate to the manga/show. Some even come with magnifier mirrors, which are helpful for makeup application. Additionally, some options double as makeup and a mirror, so you can easily apply the makeup on the go.


Sailor Moon Wand-Inspired Accessories: A Touch of Fantasy

Sailor Moon Moon Stick Clothes Roller from Sugoi Mart

Another way fans can immerse themselves in the Sailor Moon universe is by using items inspired by Sailor Moon's wand. Quite a few items are shaped like the Moon Stick, including makeup brushes, eyeliner, lipstick, and more. There are also non-makeup items, like the Sailor Moon Moon Stick Clothes Roller, which helps remove lint and debris from apparel. As you're using the Sailor Moon wand, you can make believe you're performing a Moon Healing Escalation, like Sailor Moon.


Embracing the Sailor Scout Identity with Makeup

One of the easiest ways to connect with the Sailor Scout characters (the group of Sailor Moon characters that help protect the galaxy) is by wearing Sailor Moon makeup. When you don makeup similar to the characters or create makeup that represents the characters, you can connect to the mood and personality of your favorite Sailor Guardian. It allows fans to feel like they're a part of the Sailor Moon universe. Even if you don't always wear the Sailor Moon makeup, you can still enjoy carrying around the Sailor Moon items, as they have the most adorable designs in the galaxy.


Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi: Icons of Style

A highschool dresses up as Sailor Moon to school event, showing how iconic the outfit is.

Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi (the other main characters/guardians of the galaxy) are fashion icons to many. The original Sailor Moon show, created by Naoko Takeuchi, took inspiration from famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld when creating each character's outfits. The 90s anime-style outfits worn by the Japanese school girls in Sailor Moon have kept fans' attention for 30 years. In the newer movies, such as Eternal Sailor Moon, which features more modern outfits, it's clear that fashion is still a major theme. The timeless looks shown in the various shows and movies can still be seen in various teens and adults who grew up with the characters.


Sailor Moon's Universe: Blushes, Lip Balms, and Beyond

Over the years, Sailor Moon makeup has encompassed many products. The products in the Sailor Moon line by ColourPop include gel liners, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, shimmering lip glosses, makeup brushes, and face glosses. Of course, these aren't the only products inspired by the anime. There have also been blushes, lip balms, nail polishes, eyeliners, lip creams, and more. Nearly every makeup item has been created featuring the Sailor Moon characters.

A set of makeup brushes inspired by Sailor Moon. 


Shopping Guide: Find Your Sailor Moon Makeup at Sugoi Mart

At Sugoi Mart, you'll find several Sailor Moon Makeup products to create your favorite character looks at home. Here are a few to check out. 


Sailor Moon X Canmake: Light Beige Base
Sailor Moon X Canmake: Light Beige Base. A collaboration with CANMAKE, a popular makeup brand from Japan.

This Sailor Moon X Canmake: Light Beige Base makeup compact helps you glow like the Sailor Moon characters. It's a 2-in-1 compact with a highlighter and powder foundation to help cover blemishes. It also includes a cute Sailor Moon-themed design.


Sailor Moon Eyelash Curler: Sailor Venus
Sailor Moon Eyelash Curler: Sailor Venus

Curl your eyelashes the Sailor Moon way with this adorable Sailor Venus-themed eyelash curler. The Sailor Moon Eyelash Curler: Sailor Venus is a compact curler, so bringing it on the go for makeup touchups is easy. On the side, you'll find the silhouette of Sailor Venus.


Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm: Luna Rose
Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm: Luna Rose. A rose-scented lip balm in the shape of Luna's head.

Keep your lips hydrated and ready for the day with this Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm: Luna Rose. It has a delightful rose scent and uses five moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips hydrated all day. It is also shaped like Luna, the magical black cat in the Sailor Moon franchise.


Sailor Moon's Influence on Pop Culture and Fashion

This beloved series has impacted pop culture, fashion, and clothing since the first version of the show in the 90s. Over the years, it has caused many kids and adults to dress in Sailor Moon costumes, test out Sailor Moon makeup looks, and embody the schoolgirl characters by wearing similar outfits. It was one of the first shows that highlighted women as superheroes fighting against evil, leading to even more manga/anime/shows with women as heroines. Additionally, the characters wore fashion, which was considered masculine and feminine, opening the door for women to express themselves however they wanted to via clothing.


As mentioned, in the 90s version of the show, the clothing featured 90s fashion style. This style has recently become a trend, demonstrating how the fashion in the show remains timeless. Even though it aired 30 years ago, many people still dress up like the characters.


DIY Sailor Moon Style: Tips for Incorporating Merch into Everyday Looks

Even though Sailor Moon's makeup consists of a lot of bright, fun colors, you don't have to reserve the makeup and merch for cosplays. You can easily turn these items into everyday wear by following the below tips.

  1. Follow the anime makeup for daily inspiration. 

  2. While many who dress up as Sailor Moon characters include the characters' outfit colors in their eye look, the actual makeup in the anime is quite subtle. You can model your makeup after the actual makeup instead for a look that works at the office, running errands, and more.

  3. Try more relaxed versions of the characters' hairstyles.

  4. Some of the characters' hairstyles, including ponytails and half-updos, can be adopted for nights out or everyday tasks. Skip the colored wig and incorporate aspects of their hairstyles instead.

  5. Find items that fit your lifestyle.

  6. One of the easiest ways to include Sailor Moon merch in your life is by selecting items you'd normally use anyway. For example, using the Moon Stick Clothes Roller is a snap if you have pets.

  7. Use more subtle Sailor Moon makeup items.

  8. While some of the makeup collabs with brands like ColourPop feature bright colors, you'll also find more subtle options. Use the neutral colors for everyday looks, like mauve, brown, gold, etc.


The Evolution of Sailor Moon: From 90s Icon to Modern Sensation

Sailor Moon's First Transformation, "Moon Prism Power, Make Up"

It was a manga before Sailor Moon was turned into shows and movies. The Sailor Moon manga launched in 1991, and it was only about a year or so from when the manga was created to when the first Sailor Moon show began. It was the first show that aired in North America which featured magical girls with superpowers that fought against evil forces. It then turned into shows, movies, video games, and more throughout the years, with the newest movies being released in 2023. With its timeless themes of friendship, empowerment, and love, it's easy to see how this series has shifted from an iconic 90s show to a modern sensation.


The Evolution of Sailor Moon Merchandise

One thing's for sure when looking at Sailor Moon merchandise: regardless of when it was released, it's always cute, fashionable, and fun. In the 90s, the merch consisted of items like t-shirts and DVDs featuring the styles of the characters from the first Sailor Moon. Through the years, the merch has shifted to the current fashion styles. It has also expanded to purses, makeup, household items, and more.


Where to Find the Best Sailor Moon Merchandise

If you're in Japan, you've lucked out. An official Sailor Moon store has opened in Tokyo with some of the best character-themed items around. This shop has everything from apparel to stationery and more. Its wide variety of items makes it easy to find the perfect Sailor Moon merchandise here.

An official Sailor Moon Store, Located in the heart of Harajuku, Tokyo.

If you're in other areas of Japan, look for Mandarake or other similar resale shops, as they are a great spot for finding older Sailor Moon merch. When in doubt, look for shops with anime-related items, as they'll likely have at least a small section of Sailor Moon merchandise.


Otherwise, you can explore Sugoi Mart's Sailor Moon Collection, which contains various items, including Sailor Moon makeup, storage cases, headbands, plushies, tablet cases, and more. The best part about shopping this collection is you can have it shipped right to your home.


Conclusion: Celebrating the Legacy of Sailor Moon Through Merchandise

There's no better way to celebrate Sailor Moon's evolution than purchasing merch. While the show and manga were initially developed 30 years ago, their lasting impact on young girls, teens, and women is apparent in the continued popularity of the items. With its influence over everything from pop culture to fashion, it looks like this is one series that will continue to be popular for many years to come.


Exploring Sailor Moon's Iconic Characters: A Deeper Dive

You may not be as familiar with the characters if you're new to the Sailor Moon universe. Some of the most popular include Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Mini-moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Star Healer (one Sailor Star of the Sailor Starlights trio). What sets these characters apart is their depth, complexity, and diversity. Each character has their style and personality, from stoic Sailor Neptune to determined Sailor Uranus. Their powers also provide additional depth and intrigue to their characters.

Even the other characters besides the Sailor Guardians feature rich backstories, like Luna from Sailor Moon. Luna, the magical cat, is originally from the Moon Kingdom but is sent to Earth to help protect the Sailor Guardians.


Sailor Moon's Latest Adventure: Sailor Moon Cosmos

A Banner from the 2023 Sailor Moon Cosmos movie.

Sailor Moon has been given multiple reboots through the years in the form of shows and movies, including Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Stars, and, most recently, Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Big Anime Hit of 2023. This movie acts as the (likely) final section of the Sailor Crystals series, as it follows the end of the original manga "Dead Moon" storyline. This two-part film is a great way for fans to get closure from the series' arc.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag

While catching up on the many shows and movies in the Sailor Moon world, grab some Sailor Moon makeup, goodies, and other fun merch from Sugoi Mart to help you get into character so you can fight evil alongside the Sailor Guardians!

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