Who's Luna From Sailor Moon?

Luna Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has been growing in popularity for more than 20 years thanks to its fantastical plot, catchy lines, and creative characters. The show follows a large ensemble of characters with distinctive personalities and skills. Each character adds richness and complexity to the plot by bringing their unique talents and challenges to it. Even people who are not anime enthusiasts can know each of the characters because they are among the most recognizable in the anime community. Read on and look back to one of the best characters in sailor moon, the amazing black cat, Luna.


Who is Luna?

Who is Luna?

First introduced in Takeuchi's manga series Codename: Sailor V, which served as the inspiration for its successor Sailor Moon, the idea of a talking cat guiding a schoolgirl toward becoming a Sailor Guardian first appears when Artemis informs Minako that she has been chosen as "Sailor V" to protect Earth. When Codename: Sailor V was proposed for an anime adaptation, the plot was changed so that it would eventually become Sailor Moon, and the talking cat role would result in Luna.

Luna is a fictional black cat character in the Sailor Moon media universe with the ability to talk. She serves as a role model for the main character and her friends, the Sailor Scouts, as she travels across the magical world and battles bad forces. Luna is a mysterious cat with her own unique skills and foresight into the past and future. She is an astute tactician and frequently provides Usagi and the other Sailor Scouts with valuable advice while they are engaged in combat with their enemies. Despite her harsh face and commitment to her work, Luna is a popular and appealing heroine known for her witty banter and infrequent moments of weakness. While they face many challenges, she grows close to Usagi and the other Sailor Scouts, serving as their surrogate mother figure.


Luna had blue eyes in the manga, live-action series, and Sailor Moon Eternal movie, but she had red eyes in both anime TV series. She has two odango on either side of her head, and the author claims that the color of her hair matches the fur on her cat shape.  Moreover, Luna's age is never specified in any of the series iterations; however, Takeuchi claims in the Materials Collection that Luna appears to be a year younger to Usagi in her human form. Additionally, Luna's name comes from the Latin word for Earth's Moon and is also the divine embodiment in ancient Roman religion. In the original anime, as well as the live-action series, Keiko Han voiced Luna , the same woman who voiced Queen Beryl .


Luna's Story

Luna's Story

Luna first appears in the anime as a mysterious black cat with a crescent moon symbol on its forehead when she approaches Usagi and announces to her that she is Sailor Moon, a Guardian meant to fight evil. Luna gives Usagi the task of finding Princess Serenity and the other Sailor Guardians; however, they are both unaware that Usagi is actually Princess Serenity. They first see Sailor Venus and Artemis, a white male cat with a speaking voice who has been covertly sending Luna information about her mission.

Halfway through the first arc, it is revealed that Luna is from the Silver Millennium, where she served Princess Serenity and swore never to leave her side. She also advised the mother of Queen Serenity. When the Dark Kingdom overthrew the Moon Kingdom, she and Artemis were put into a deep sleep and taken to Earth to take care of the Sailor Guardians, who would eventually be reincarnated there. Only by suppressing portions of her memory to make her duty simpler did Luna have the knowledge necessary to find and awaken the Sailor Guardians of the inner Solar System. She first met Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, and Makoto Kino, whom Luna assist to awake respectively as Sailor Mercury , Sailor Mars , and Sailor Jupiter , before encountering Sailor Venus and Artemis. Further information about Luna and Artemis' ancestry is revealed in the manga's ending arc.

Luna and Artemis

The manga's final battle chapter, which states that Luna and Artemis were born on Planet Mau, the world that the villainous Sailor Tin Nyanko calls home, provides more information about their ancestry. Luna and Usagi became good friends throughout the series, although their relationship started off on shaky ground because Luna frequently annoyed Usagi by giving advice she didn't want, which frequently had comedic outcomes. Even though they don't know who she really is, the entire Tsukino family adopts her as a pet.


Luna's Personality

Luna's Personality

Luna is tremendously committed to Sailor Senshi's goal and constantly stresses the significance of their responsibilities. She had hoped Usagi Tsukino would mature and advance quickly, so she is especially strict with her. She quickly corrects Usagi when she makes mistakes and calls her out on her behavior. But even though she cannot articulate it, she still wants what is best for Usagi. She otherwise exudes a motherly demeanor and wisdom. She will do her best to provide the squad with the most amazing suggestion to ensure that the team succeeds in its objective of catching the evil guys. Luna is a brilliant strategist for the organization and highly clever.

Moreover, Luna has a disposition that sometimes resembles that of a strict yet devoted mother. At least, it is how she treats Usagi. She is Usagi's mentor and fiercely guards the young woman. Luna isn't afraid to order Sailor Moon supers around and direct her behavior in certain circumstances. However, she has demonstrated a bit of a funny side and can occasionally let the females do as they please or even get involved. She occasionally makes fun of and is often eager to pick arguments with Usagi. We first encounter Luna's more sensitive side when she is with Usagi.


Luna's Human Form

Luna's Human Form

Even though the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask have more incarnations and special abilities than Luna has, Luna still manages to undergo several changes and has a long lifespan that essentially spans from the Silver Millennium era to the 30th century. A month after the series' third arc concluded, the manga special The Lover of Princess Kaguya introduced Luna's character to the ability to change into a human. Luna develops feelings for Kakeru, a fellow human in this unrelated tale. Kakeru's declared wish is to one day meet Princess Kaguya. At the story's climax, Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal to change Luna into a human woman.

Luna's human form outfit is colored yellow and purple, along with purple boots with white fur atop them and in the sleeves, a jingle bell instead of a brooch, and a cat ear pattern in her dark blue hair. The only differences between Luna's demeanor as a human girl and her normal self are that she has a slight sweet food fixation and acts more like a genuine cat, which includes avoiding dogs and being readily distracted by toys. She is also exceptionally swift on her feet and has enhanced hearing. Under specific circumstances, such as sneezing, taking a direct opponent strike, or losing consciousness, Luna involuntarily transforms back into a cat. She is also depicted interacting well with Usagi's family and living primarily as a human, but she can still transform into a cat when necessary.

Luna's human form first appears in Sailor Moon Crystal, the second anime version, earlier during the decisive battle with Queen Metaria, when Artemis observes her praying on the Moon in that form. Once Queen Nehelenia is defeated in the Dream arc's conclusion, Luna's human form appears in the main tale timeline alongside Artemis and Diana, who also take on human forms. Additionally, in the final arc, when Tin Nyanko assaults them, they reappear as humans.


Luna's Power and Abilities

Luna's Power and Abilities

The most distinguishing quality of Luna is her capacity to talk and interact with humans. Only Artemis and their daughter Diana possess this quality. In all of the series' iterations, Luna gives the Sailor Guardians many of their unique things, especially in the beginning. It is never obvious if she is generating the goods herself or just moving them from somewhere else because they always appear, seemingly out of thin air. In the first anime version, Luna uses an arcade machine to open a hidden lab beneath Game Center Crown, demonstrating her mechanical aptitude.

In addition, Luna is extremely agile and has a high vertical leap. She is also capable of dealing minimal damage to foes by scratching them with her claws. In Sailor Moon R, Luna showed how she could utilize her own crescent moon mark to reawaken the Sailor Senshi's abilities. Princess Serenity's crescent Moon also lit up as she awoke, signaling the restoration of her memories of her former existence.

Moreover, in the live-action series, Luna calls 6-7-2 on a special cell phone called Lunatia L and yells, "Luna Prism Power, Makeup!" to change into Sailor Luna. In this guise, she employs a unique move called "Luna Sucre Candy," which drenches an adversary in exploding candies. Her primary weapon is the "Moonlight Stick," which she can transform into numerous different objects like a paper fan or a butterfly net and which resembles Sailor Moon's "Moonlight Stick" from the same series.


Luna Sailor Moon other Adaptation

Luna Sailor Moon other Adaptation

The Sailor Moon franchise has innumerable different adaptations, spin-offs, video games, and other products, given how well-liked the series is. Several of them feature Luna, with the live-action series from the early 2000s being one of the most noteworthy adaptations. Luna is delightfully just a plush animal used as a stand-in for the talking character in this show iteration. Luna occasionally uses some computer graphics, but other than that, she is basically a talking puppet. However, she frequently appears in live-action episodes and receives several intriguing roles in this series.

She has also acted in collaborations like the video game Monster Hunter Generations. With the Sailor Moon crossover in this Capcom game, the player can have their Felyne friend dress like Luna. Another option is the mobile game Sailor Moon Drops, which features Luna and has a storyline similar to the main one.


Without a doubt, Luna is the underappreciated hero of the Sailor Moon films. Numerous events in the novel would not have occurred without her. This Luna Sailor Moon guide should have been able to provide some insight into the most underappreciated figure in the entire manga and anime series. After all, without Luna, there would not even be a Sailor Moon. Here's the best sailor moon merchandise you'll definitely love to collect.


Best Luna Sailor Moon Merchandise

The anime series Sailor Moon, created by Toei Animation, is based on the Naoko Takeuchi shoujo manga series of the same name. The Sailor Moon franchise has been wildly successful and never ceases to amaze its fans worldwide. If you are looking for the best merchandise to collect, visit the Sugoi Mart Sailor Moon collection now! Sugoi Mart has a wide range of goods and merchandise released in Japan due to the Sailor Moon franchise's enormous popularity. Fans of Sailor Moon may purchase everything from bottle holders to figures, plush toys, cosplay accessories, and cosmetic goods.


1. Sailor Moon Water Bottle Holder (Luna)

Sailor Moon Water Bottle Holder (Luna)

This Sailor Moon Water Bottle Holder (Luna) plushie is modeled after Luna and can hold 500ml bottles. This holder's interior is lined with insulated foil to keep your drinks warm or cold. There is a handy velcro opening at the lid area of this, so you don't have to remove the entire bottle to take a sip.


2. Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm: Luna Rose

Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm: Luna Rose

Here's a lip balm boasting a rose aroma and a Sailor Moon motif. Sailor Moon Multi Carry Balm Luna Compact is an all-over hydrating balm that can be used to moisturize lips, cuticles, and other dry regions of the body. This sailor moon balm includes five different sorts of chemicals that will moisturize your lips. Squalane, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil were included in the formulation, which came in the cutest Sailor Moon packaging. The Luna compact is based on Sailor Moon's black guardian cat, Luna.

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