Deep dive into the Darkness: Gyutaro and Daki, the Terrifying Duo of the Twelve Kizuki

by Ryoma Takano

For many fans of Demon Slayer, the focus is on Tanjiro, the series's protagonist who trains to battle against lower and upper-rank demons. However, understanding the story arcs of the manga and anime is larger than Tanjiro, as the storyline delves into the often complicated backgrounds of the demons, who were initially humans. After being infected by the demon king Muzan or one of his upper-rank demons, these former humans become powerful demons with individualized blood demon art.


Perhaps two of the most interesting and powerful demons are Gyutaro and Daki, former human siblings whose lives were forever intertwined when they transitioned into demons. Below, we explore this terrifying duo, from their characteristics to their dark powers.


Who are the Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer?

Twelve Kizuki

To understand Daki and Gyutaro's stories, it's essential to examine the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer. This group of demons is considered the highest-ranking member of the demon horde, specially chosen by Muzan himself. Also referred to as the twelve demon moons in the English-dubbed version of the anime, these demons are in charge of commanding the other demons according to Muzan's will.


Becoming a demon in the Demon Slayer series requires receiving demon blood. However, those who receive more demon blood in their own body and who are specifically chosen by Muzan shift from former lower-rank demons to the upper ranks. Demons who have consumed the largest amounts become a part of the twelve kizuki, with Kokushibo remaining the highest-ranking member. Within the twelve kizuki are additional ranks, from one to six. This is split into two groups - upper and lower ranks. When watching the series, the twelve demon moons are the villains of Demon Slayer, battling against the Demon Slayer Corps members.


The Origin Story of Gyutaro and Daki

Unfortunately, Daki and Gyutaro have tragic and dark backstories beginning with their lives as humans. Gyutaro and Daki (formerly known as Shima Ume when she was human) were siblings who grew up in poverty after their mother died. Gyutaro, the elder brother, worked as a debt collector for a brothel while Ume was training to be an oiran (a high-ranking Japanese courtesan).

Daki and Gyutaro 

One day, a samurai was speaking ill of Gyutaro, and Ume blinded him with a hairpin to protect her brother's name. Because of this action, Ume was punished by being burned alive. Gyutaro found her as she was injured and dying. The same blinded samurai hurt Gyutaro as he was asking for help from his sister. Though Gyutaro was injured, he had enough strength to kill the attacking samurai and carry Ume throughout the Hanamachi district in an attempt to find help. 


As Gyutaro was searching for aid for his injured sister, he realized no one in the district was willing to help the duo. Right before they were set to perish, Doma, an upper-rank demon "helped" Gyutaro and Ume by offering to turn them into demons to save their lives. After providing a few drops of his blood to each sibling, Doma provides them with a challenge - try to become upper-ranking demons so they can be chosen by Muzan.



The Terrifying Powers of Gyutaro and Daki (Demon Slayer)

These twin demons are equipped with powerful and terrifying powers that allow them to torment the inhabitants of the Entertainment District once they become demons. However, they both share a mastery of combat. Gyutaro is a top swordsman who has the ability to move swiftly, causing his attacks to be even more deadly. In contrast, Daki yields the power of seduction, allowing her to utilize her beauty and charm to control anyone who stands in her way.


Additionally, Daki holds another unique power. She can transform her own skin into a cloth sash or other items to help protect her from foes. For example, she transforms her neck into a cloth sash to avoid being beheaded by Tanjiro.


Another unique characteristic of this duo is their immortality, which is only granted to specific demons. This allows them to regenerate and heal rather quickly during battle, so they're even more powerful. Typically, these siblings will work together to torment and feed on humans, particularly young, attractive women.


What sets Daki and Gyutaro apart from other demons?

As mentioned, Daki and Gyutaro are intertwined in the Demon Slayer series. This means, they're powers are also intertwined. Essentially, these two demons share a body for the majority of the time. Gyutaro typically resides within Daki's body as a third eye, yet emerges when Daki needs help fighting or when she is injured to help her heal.

Daki and Gyutaro

As far as their appearance, they are quite opposite in looks, as they have hair that is opposite in color, which is said to represent yin and yang. Gyutaro retains many qualities he had as a human, including being cruel, ruthless, and jealous of those with easier lives. Daki, however, had quite a different personality as a human, which shifted once she became a demon. Previously, she was honest and naive, which caused her to take in her brother's footsteps by becoming prideful and easily angered.


Pivotal Moments in the series with Daki and Gyutaro (Demon Slayer)

The important scenes for Daki and Gyutaro begin even before they turn into demons. One such moment is when Gyutaro notices the cruelty of those around him while he searches for help for his ailing sister. This scene is what propels him to become a cruel demon after Doma offers his blood to him. 

Gyutaro and Daki final battle against Tanjiro, Tengen, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

Perhaps one of the most important scenes featuring Gyutaro and Daki is their final battles against Tanjiro, Tengen, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. This battle was powerful enough to wipe out an entire village in the process. Even though this demon duo was only from the "lowly sixth rank", these battles were so challenging that multiple Demon Slayers almost lost their lives, and one (Tengen) decided upon an early retirement from combat. This battle was a reminder of how Gyutaro and Daki were intertwined in the series, as they could not be killed until they were both beheaded simultaneously.


As they reverted back to humans before their deaths, they re-established their connection and love for one another as siblings.


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