Gotta Wear 'Em All: Exploring Pokémon Beauty and Care Merchandise

by Tania Hidayat

Pokémon Can Mirror

Dive into the world where beauty meets the Pokémon universe. Through the years, cosmetic brands of all sizes have collaborated with Pokémon to create adorable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing makeup products. From lip balms to eyeshadow palettes inspired by popular Pokémon characters, Pokemon beauty products have been beloved by Pokémon fans of all ages! Luckily, you won't have to search far for Pokemon-themed beauty products, as Sugoi Mart has a large selection of items.

Discover the world of Pokemon beauty merchandise, from Pokemon makeup to Pokemon skincare and more!

The Rise of Pokémon Beauty Products

Pokémon x Shu Uemura collaboration, featuring Pikachu eye makeup products

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It should come as no surprise that Pokemon beauty merchandise has become a popular product among fans, as the products are both cute and wearable. Social media makeup trends featuring Pokemon range from characters painted on makeup artists' faces to simply using the characters as inspiration for makeup looks. The Pokemon franchise and games (curated by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company) have taken the makeup world by storm.

It seems the skincare and makeup world has taken a cue from social media with continued releases of Pokemon merch. Many brands, from US-based companies to Pokemon Japan retailers, have released these products. From fun, brightly colored eyeshadows to more subtle Pokemon-inspired skincare products, Pokemon products can appeal to everyone.

Popular Pokémon Skincare Items

Pokémon face masks featuring colorful character variations

These Pokemon beauty products come in quite a range of items, from face masks to lotions, cleansers, and more, ensuring fans of all ages find a product to enjoy. One of the fan-favorite Pokemon Japan beauty products is the face masks, which make the wearers appear as if they're part of the Pokemon universe. You can choose between Pikachu-shaped face masks, options that highlight Mew, or adorable Eevee masks. Each mask offers skincare benefits and a way to celebrate your favorite character.

Another popular Pokemon merch in the cosmetic world is Eevee-themed lotions, which range from hand cream to face lotion. You'll also find options like Eevee SPF sticks and more. Many of these products are created in collaboration with well-known companies like Anessa and SENKA, so they're made with high-quality ingredients. The benefits of Pokemon skincare range depending on the product purchased. For example, the SENKA Perfect Whip Pokemon Collection comes with three products that are meant to cleanse, moisturize, and firm using ingredients like stearic and salicylic acid.

Pokémon Makeup/Skincare Lines

Pokémon x ColourPop makeup bundle

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Perhaps one of the most exciting Pokemon beauty products is Pokemon makeup. As mentioned, these products include blushes, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, lip balms, nail polish, foundations, and more. Each of these products features adorable Pokemon designs, highlighting various characters from Pikachu to Jigglypuff and Ditto. A popular Pokemon collab recently occurred with ColourPop, a US makeup brand known for its budget-friendly products that are also cruelty-free.

Its'Demo x Pokémon collaboration makeup

Another must-see is the Pokemon collab with Its'Demo, a Japanese lifestyle brand. They have recently released a Spring-inspired Pokemon line with blushes, eyeshadows, and highlighters. This Japanese brand has also created Pokemon skincare items that can be purchased separately, including hand lotion and body butter. These items are only available for a select amount of time, making them an even more fun offering.

Pokémon Collaborations with Skincare and Beauty Brands

Pokémon x Anessa collaboration sunscreen

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Pokemon collaborations are not only done with smaller companies but also with larger renowned beauty brands like JM Solution (famous for its skincare masks) and Shisheido. All of JM Solution's Pokemon collab masks have become a big hit, from their Mew Two ceramide mask to their Snorlax cica mask.

Shisheido has released an ANESSA x Pokemon collab, which focuses on protecting you from the sun through an array of sunscreens. This limited-edition collection features adorable sunscreen bottle designs with popular characters like Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander. Another major beauty brand that has jumped on the Pokemon Japan wagon is Lovisia. A sub-brand of Monosense, Lovisia is well-known for crafting products in collaboration with anime series. Their top Pokemon offerings include lip cream, lip balm, makeup puffs, and masks.

The Appeal of Japanese Skincare Products

Pokémon Lovisia lip cream

Japan does not take its skincare products lightly. In fact, they use new technology to create revolutionary formulas and skincare tools. Because of this, they're known for providing top-tier beauty and skincare products across all categories. Pokemon Japan products fall under this umbrella, as Japanese cosmetic companies extend their high-quality ingredients and formulas to collaborations.

When selecting Pokemon beauty products, you can expect items that look cute and benefit your skin. For example, Lovisia offers Pokemon-themed skincare items such as lip balm, which is crafted with four moisturizing elements, like jojoba oil and shea butter. These ingredients not only moisturize but also help fill in the cracks of users' lips, leading to a smoother lipstick application.

Unique and Fun Pokémon Self-Care Items

Pokemon Eevee Bath Bomb

Drop these Chamomile-scented bath bombs into the tub to enhance your bathing experience...but not only that, you'll get 1 out of 9 different types of Eevee and its evolutions hidden inside the bath bomb!


With Pokemon beauty products, you can expect a sense of playfulness with quirky and unique self-care items. For example, the Pokemon Eevee Bath Bomb provides a fun yet relaxing experience with a chamomile aroma as the bath bomb fizzes. Once it dissolves, you'll find a randomized figure of Evee (or one of its evolutions).

Pokemon Raichu Makeup Brush Set

Featuring designs of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu! Elevate your makeup routine with these adorable and sparkling brushes. Complete with a convenient pouch for storing your brushes and other makeup essentials.


• Pouch: Polyester/Zinc alloy
• Brushes: Aluminum/Zinc alloy/PBT


• Makeup Brush Large: 18×3×3 cm / 7.1x1.2x1.2 inches.
• Makeup Brush Medium: 17.5×2.6×2 cm / 6.9x1x0.8 inches
• Makeup Brush Small: 14.5×2.1×0.8 cm / 5.7x0.8x0.3 inches.
• Pouch: 22×12×1.8 cm / 8.7x4.7x0.7 inches.

Sale $48.99 Regular $59.99 18% OFF

Another fun yet functional Pokemon beauty product is the Pokemon Raichu Makeup Brush Set. This set of three brushes turns application time into an exciting activity. It is decorated with Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu and comes in a convenient yet cute Pikachu-themed travel case. These adorable products allow you to easily incorporate Pokemon merch into your daily beauty routine in a whole new way.

Where to Find Pokémon Beauty and Care Merchandise

Pokémon Lovisia face mask sold in stores

You won't have to journey far or battle opponents to find the perfect Pokemon merch for yourself or as a gift, as it's sold in a few different locations. Items like skincare and makeup can be found at Pokemon Japan Centers, which are meant to mimic the experience of the Pokemon Centers seen in the series and games. You may also find Pokemon-themed beauty products at locations like Walmart and Target. However, it will depend on whether a current Pokemon collab is occurring with a major cosmetics company.

You can also find a large array of Pokemon merchandise on Sugoi Mart. This collection features Japan-exclusive Pokemon merch ranging from makeup to skincare, beauty products, tools, and more. Sugoi Mart is continuously adding new, exciting products, making it easy to find beauty items that meet your needs. Whether you prefer Pokemon products with the logo or more subtle art designs, you'll have plenty of options to explore.


Pokémon Bulbasaur hard cream and Pokeball mini figure

With the wide range of Pokemon beauty and care products available online and in person, it's now easier (and more exciting than ever) to include Pokemon merch in your daily routine. Whether you're on the hunt for a new high-quality sunscreen or want to amp up the fun of your makeup looks, there are more than enough options to support your skincare and beauty needs.

If you've found a fun Pokemon makeup or skincare product that you can't get enough of, share it on social media and tag @sugoimart! We love hearing about awesome products. Looking for your next favorite Pokemon skincare or makeup item? Head to Sugoi Mart's Pokemon Collection, where you'll find an array of adorable makeup brushes, skincare products, cosmetics, and more, all featuring your favorite Pokemon characters!

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