Everything You Need to Know About the Adorable Sanrio Kuromi

Sanrio Kuromi

Girly with a tough appearance and black hood, Kuromi is free-spirit and a softie deep inside. Cheeky, punky, yet cute also perfectly describe this adorable Sanrio character. Though she's been around for years, there's still a little knowledge about her, and this is the right time to get to know her more! So if you're curious about Kuromi, read along and find out everything she has to offer!


The Story of Kuromi

Kuromi is seen tagging along with another Sanrio character, My Melody. But then, did you know? The two are rivals. In 1975, My Melody first debuted when she appeared as Hello Kitty's best friend in The Adventures of Hello Kitty TV series. Later on, in 2005, Kuromi debuted in the TV series called Onegai My Melody.

The story of Kuromi revolved around her being an escaped prisoner from Mari Land. She has the Melody Key, the artifact with powers to corrupt dreams. Kuromi has a partner named Baku, and together, they plan to gather 100 Black Notes to revive the Spirit of Dark Power. This is also to get back to My Melody for causing her turmoil, which happened accidentally. Kuromi then ventures into the human world, where she meets Keiichi Hiragi, a famous high school boy in Yumegaoka. Eventually, she teams up with Keiichi and falls madly in love with him.

Kuromi and Baku

Kuromi vs. My Melody

Meanwhile, My Melody also wanders to the human world with the Melody Takt, Melody Candies, and Melody Box in hand. To stop and prevent Kuromi from her disastrous plans, she plans to collect 100 pink notes. My Melody then meets Uta Yumeno and her friends, and later on, they become partners. They plan to stop Kuromi's evil plans and save the human world and Mari Land.

While it seems to be a war scene between Kuromi and My Melody, it's more actually filled with their cuteness and bubbly interactions. Check some facts about Kuromi below and get to know her more!

Kuromi and Melody

8 Facts About Kuromi

  1. Even though Kuromi and My Melody are rivals, both don't actually hate the other. There was this one time when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet, and Kuromi asked her if she died, who would she fight?

Kuromi and Melody
  1. Kuromi is a tomboy with her tough look and black hood, but in reality, she's very girly and has a weak spot for cute guys.

  1. She also loves the color black, and her hood and notes prove how much she's in black.

  1. Reading romance novels is also Kuromi's favorite hobby. Her other hobbies include cooking and writing in her diary.

  1. She's also the leader of a biker gang, and her members name Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi.

  1. Baku is the name of Kuromi's sidekick and a flying tapir.

  1. Kuromi loves Shallots, and it is her favorite food.

  1. She used to be friendly until she got convinced that My Melody was trying to ruin her life. For example, the incident where Melody ripped out Kuromi's notebook.

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Final Thoughts

Sanrio characters never get old and are still loved by generations. Not only because of their cute appearances, but they also bring fun and light entertainment for everyone. Kuromi is just among the beloved characters from Sanrio that people also embrace and come to love. It's amazing to see many things inspired by Kuromi and Melody as they add cuteness to them.

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