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30 Days of Japan : A Calendar of Cultural Delights by Sugoi Mart

by Moujtaba Jaffar

Christmas isn't the only time of the year where an advent calendar can sprinkle magic. The holiday season, with its shimmering Christmas decor and joyous tunes, does hold its charm. But imagine having a similar excitement not just in the days leading up to Christmas Day but at any whimsical moment throughout the year?

Your wish has now taken shape in the form of Sugoi Mart's "30 Days of Japan" Calendar - an advent calendar for all seasons, complete with the thrill and joy reminiscent of December.

Kickstart each morning with that Christmas-like anticipation. The fun of peeling back a window to reveal a unique gift from the land of the rising sun, not limited to the festive season or a holiday countdown. Every compartment of Sugoi Mart's calendar brings that fun way of gifting, making it a year-round advent calendar.

This calendar, akin to the best advent calendars, comes with 30 separate boxes, each holding a special item from Japan's top brands and franchises. Whether you're a family member obsessed with Pokémon, a friend enchanted by Demon Slayer, someone who enjoys exploring different Kit Kat flavors, or a fan of worldwide recognized brands like Mickey Mouse and Star Wars, there's something to make every day leading up to the completion of this calendar a celebration.

It's more than a daily gift; it's the artistry and culture of Japan presented box by box.

Sugoi Mart's All-Season Spectacle

Discover Sugoi Mart's latest creation, blending tradition with modernity: the "30 Days of Japan Calendar." Priced at $150, this unique advent calendar is not just for the holiday season but is a fun way to travel through Japan's beauty and innovations, all within a captivating Lofi design.

Turn each day into an occasion, an unveiling. One day might bring forth a Kit Kat that fills your world with a unique Japanese taste, or a plushie, your fun companion from the world of Pokémon. Or perhaps a throwback with a Tamagotchi, radiating waves of nostalgia. And to complete the day's excitement, why not add some holiday-inspired tunes, transforming the simple act of unboxing into a magical experience?

Unparalleled Value for $150

For $150, shopping options are endless. Yet, with Sugoi Mart, it’s not just a purchase but an odyssey. Embark on Japan’s rich cultural course, each day revealing another piece. Whether you’re gift-giving for the kids or shopping for the adults in your circle, the calendar promises a spectrum of surprises, all curated to deliver a genuine Japanese experience.


Japan’s mastery goes beyond just art and decor—it delicately extends into their confectionery. Dive into the magic of Japanese chocolates in our 2023 edition. Taste the finesse of matcha-infused dark chocolates or the surprise of sakura blossom white chocolates. They're not just candies for the holiday season; they are bite-sized delights that echo centuries of Japanese craftsmanship.

Tea/Drink Mixes:

In the holiday season, what's more inviting than a warm beverage? Japan's beverages, from their timeless tea ceremonies to modern favorites, always have a story. Dive into traditional blends like hojicha or sakura tea. If you're looking for some DIY fun, the drink mixes let you conjure Japanese favorites – a frothy matcha latte or a refreshing yuzu lemonade, right at your Christmas decor-adorned table.

Japanese Traditional Snacks (Dagashi):

As December approaches and the excitement for Christmas day builds up, indulge in Dagashi. These aren't just snacks; they're tales from Japan's past. With flavors ranging from seaweed crisps to takoyaki-flavored bites, these vintage-wrapped treats are perfect for gift-giving or sharing with family members around the Christmas tree.

Bath Items:

Amidst the bustling holiday shopping and the endless gift guides, give the gift of relaxation. Transform a simple bath into an authentic onsen experience. Japanese bath salts infused with botanicals or bath bombs bursting with floral aromas make every bath a luxurious self-care moment. Imagine soaking in fragrances reminiscent of Japan while surrounded by festive Christmas ornaments.


Japan's figurines are more than collectibles; they're a testament to the nation's intricate craftsmanship. From poised geishas to dynamic anime characters, every figurine captures a facet of Japanese culture. As the days leading to Christmas close in, these figurines, each telling its own story, can serve as a unique gift or a centerpiece amidst your festive decor.

Electronic Toys:

Introduce a dash of Japanese innovation this festive season. Pocket-sized video games echoing the '80s, dancing robots, or electronic pets demanding care make for entertainment for both kids and adults alike. Amidst the carols, twinkling lights, and the magic of December, these toys promise fun-filled hours.

Playing Cards:

Bring Japan to your game nights. These playing cards, each adorned with Japanese motifs from cherry blossoms to Yokai, aren't just for play. They're art, stories, and cultural symbols, all in the palm of your hand. A deck of these cards can be a unique gift idea, adding a touch of Japan to your holiday season games.


Embrace the joy of creation with Japanese DIY kits. Craft candy sushi, paint a daruma doll, or assemble intricate paper dioramas. These kits not only offer fun but also a deep dive into various aspects of Japanese culture. As the countdown to Christmas begins, they can serve as a thoughtful gift or an engaging holiday activity.

Licensed Items (anime, video games..):

For fans of Japanese media, this festive season, revel in the joy of unboxing merchandise from iconic anime, manga, and video games. Whether it's a "Final Fantasy" artwork or a "Mickey Mouse" keychain echoing Japan's touch, these items are treasured additions to collections, perfect for gifting or adding to your own holiday haul.

Japanese Traditional Collectibles:

Bask in Japan's rich history with traditional collectibles. From the artistry of kokeshi dolls to delicately painted fans, each piece is a testament to skills honed over generations. These collectibles, perfect for adorning your Christmas decor, bridge Japan's timeless charm with its contemporary vibrancy.


For many, the joy of receiving a handwritten letter eclipses that of any digital message. Elevate that experience with Japanese stationery. Pens perfect for calligraphy, notebooks designed for kanji, or washi tapes echoing Japanese motifs add elegance to every word penned.

Accessories (mini towel,..):

Functional yet filled with the essence of Japan. Accessories like mini-towels showcasing Japanese landscapes or coin purses with Ukiyo-e artwork are both practical and reminiscent of Japan's beauty. As gifts or personal treasures, they add a touch of Japanese charm to the everyday.

A Memorable Gift Option:

Struggling to find that perfect gift? The "30 Days of Japan" by Sugoi Mart provides an exceptional solution. It's not just a single gift but a month-long journey, unraveling Japan's cultural tapestry, one box at a time. Birthday, anniversary, or just because – this calendar is a testament to thoughtfulness and the joy of giving.


As the final window of the calendar is unveiled, what remains is not just the memory of 30 delightful items but a rich, immersive experience of Japan. Sugoi Mart, with its "30 Days of Japan," has redefined what an advent calendar can be – making it an all-season, all-reason spectacle of joy, discovery, and cultural celebration. Experience the wonder, the tradition, and the modernity of Japan, all curated meticulously for you. Dive into a journey that goes beyond just unboxing, one that reverberates with the heartbeats of Japan. You can pre-order it from here!

Whether you're introducing someone to the wonders of Japan or revisiting them yourself, this calendar stands as a bridge between worlds, crafting moments of surprise, joy, and profound appreciation for a culture that continues to inspire and enchant.

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30 Days of Japan : A Calendar of Cultural Delights by Sugoi Mart


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