2023 Ultimate KitKat Guide

Ultimate kitkat guide

Kit Kats are a delicious chocolate dessert that has gained popularity all over the world. The Kit Kat is much more well-known and considered a national snack in Japan and has acquired popularity worldwide. What about these uncomplicated candy bars has garnered them such a following? They are loved by a large number of people worldwide and have become ingrained in popular culture. But why is Kit Kat so well-liked? Read on to learn more about Japanese Kit Kat, their history, flavors, and why they are so popular around the world.


What is Kitkat?

What is Kitkat

Kit Kat is one of the most iconic and well-liked candy bars that ranks at the top of most candy collections thanks to its crisp wafer layers, smooth chocolate coating, and distinctive crunch. Three wafer layers make up the three layers of chocolate that makeup Kit Kats. Inside and out, the wafers have a layer of chocolate coating. Each Kit Kat bar is covered with milk chocolate, white chocolate, or any other sort of crème, depending on its flavor, to enjoy a sweet and creamy exterior layer with a light and crunchy center. The majority of individuals consistently crave Kit Kat bars because of this harmony of flavors. Every Kit Kat contain sugar, wheat flour, cocoa butter, nonfat milk, chocolate, refined palm oil, lactose milk fat, soy, yeast, and artificial flavor.

Every full piece of a Kit Kat is referred to as a "finger," and each pack often has one, two, or four fingers joined together. Each original four-finger bar can be snapped from the whole bar separately. In addition, kit kat is now a popular gift for friends, family, and the workplace. The tagline for Kit Kat is short and memorable, effectively conveying the company's mission. With such a memorable tagline, Kit Kat has established a reputation as the preferred social snack for individuals of all ages. In fact, there are more than 200 different Kit Kat flavors and editions available, including KitKat chunky, milk, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, the majority of which are made in Japan.


History of KitKat

History of KitKat

Despite the snack's affinity with Japan, neither its name nor its origins have anything to do with Japan at all. The Kit Kat chocolate-covered wafer bar made its debut in the UK in 1935. The "Kit Kat" abbreviation of the "Kit Cat" theatrical sign in London is where the candy gets its name. Since the beginning of the country's chocolate market in 1973, Japan has had the greatest per capita consumption of Kit Kats "Kitto katto" worldwide. This is because "Kitto Katto," a Japanese word that means "You will Certainly Win." The brand is highly associated with good luck charms, particularly among students before examinations.

In fact, Japan has a deep-seated love for Kit Kats that goes beyond merely savoring the wonderful treat. When it comes to the Japanese Kit Kats, there is a huge obsession with these tiny candies in this country. Beginning in 2007, Nestle introduced their premium "Kit Kat Chocolatory" brand, which featured seasonal flavors like green tea and matcha and was soon sold in upscale department stores. In the years that followed, they kept selling their goods throughout Japan and began promoting them with various flavors, such as strawberry or green tea, in the hopes that customers would purchase more than one flavor due to the variety on offer.


Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

Japanese Kit Kats are renowned for having a wide variety of unique flavors. When the green tea variant was introduced in 2004, everything got started. Since then, they have been marketed in more than 300 different tastes and ingrained themselves into Japanese culture. In Japan, the bulk of these Kit Kat variations is exclusive to specific locales, times of year, and cities. They're widely advertised in Japan as omiyage, a present or keepsake is given to friends, relatives, and coworkers after returning from a trip.


Kit Kat Japan Strawberry Gateau Chocolate

Kit Kat Japan Strawberry Gateau Chocolate

This Kit Kat Japan Strawberry Gateau Chocolate has the flavor of a rich chocolate cake with fresh strawberries on top. The delectable chocolate and strawberry filling in this Kit Kat is a special edition created for the joyous occasion of the new year. Furthermore, Kit Kat Japan created strawberry gateau chocolate-flavored minibars to create an environment where you can enjoy this traditional dessert in chocolate bar form. These mini bars are creamy chocolate that has been infused with strawberry powder and rum powder, sandwiched between crunchy wafers, and then wrapped in strawberry-flavored milk chocolate.


Kit Kat Japan Daifuku

Kit Kat Japan Daifuku

A little rice ball filled with a sweet filling, most frequently sweet red bean paste, makes up the common Japanese confection known as daifuku. KitKat has reproduced this flavor in the shape of a white chocolate KitKat with an Anko-flavored cream filling. Embedded in the white chocolate is tangy bits of dried strawberry. Exclusive to Kit Kat Japan, daifuku (mochi filled with sweet red bean paste)-flavored mini chocolate bars are wafers covered in white chocolate with a mild mochi flavor. Giving Kit Kats to students during examinations is customary in Japan, and each one of these Daifuku Kit Kats includes a message on the particular package encouraging them to perform their best.


Kit Kat Japan Sweetness For Adults Melty Caramel

Kit Kat Japan Sweetness For Adults Melty Caramel

Melty caramel-flavored small chocolate bars are an exclusive Kit kat Japan collection sweetness for adults. An extremely unforgettable taste is produced by the blending of a rich caramel flavor, a light chocolate texture combined with broken biscuits, and a crunchy wafer texture. As you bite into these wafer bars, savor the deep caramel flavor! Crushed biscuits are also included in the package of these individually wrapped Kit Kat Japan Sweetness For Adults Melty Caramel.


Kit Kat Japan Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry

Kit Kat Japan Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry

It's amazing how Kit Kat Japan Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry transforms traditional Japanese sweets into a tantalizing Kit Kat snack. Red beans, often known as azuki or adzuki, are a traditional component in Japanese confections known as Anko. This white chocolate-covered Kit Kat is prepared with red bean and strawberry powders produced in Hokkaido. This is great if you like strawberry mochi or Ichigo daifuku.


Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha, a type of expensive but worth-it Japanese green tea, is used in this Kit Kat taste instead of just any old green tea. Once you've had matcha, all other green teas will seem insignificant in comparison. The Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat combines white chocolate with matcha green tea. The white chocolate is delicious and has a wonderful texture. There is just the right amount of sweetness to give you the impression that you are enjoying pleasure, but not enough to overpower the distinctive matcha flavor.


KitKat Banana Caramel

Kit Kat Banana Caramel

Order a Banana Caramel Kit Kat from Japan right away if the thought of chocolate-covered bananas makes your mouth water. Imagine perfectly ripe bananas surrounded by a thick layer of semi-sweet chocolate and crunchy wafers. That treat is much more delightful than it sounds. This combo is actually fantastic. These Kit Kat bars have wafers that are both caramel and banana flavored. The Kit Kat bar's exterior chocolate is the only section that isn't covered in banana and caramel. Next, there is a layer of chocolate sandwiched between the wafers that have been flavored with banana and caramel. Even if you think most candies with a banana flavor are disgusting, give this Kit Kat flavor a try; you'll be happy you did.


Sakura Kit Kat Bars

Sakura Kit Kat Bars

In Japan, cherry blossom trees are known as sakura. When these magnificent trees blossom, they have pink and white blooms. Beware of thinking that because Sakura Kit Kat bars are pink, just like cherry blossom flowers, they taste like cherries. It tastes really unique. Sakura Kit Kats don't taste sweet or tart-like cherries since cherry blossom trees don't bear cherries or any other fruit; instead, they have a floral flavor with a hint of bitterness. This Kit Kat flavor might not first appeal to you, but the more you eat of it, the more you'll like it.


Kit Kat Dark Chocolate

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate is a great substitute for picky snackers who favor richness over sweetness. Just enough sweetness is present in these bars to balance out the bitterness of the dark chocolate. Even if dark chocolate candies make you hesitate to indulge because they are too bitter, you can buy these Kit Kat bars with assurance. Compared to other types of chocolate, the smoothness of this one will astound you.


Strawberry Cheescake

Strawberry Cheescake

The Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat bar differs from other Kit Kat bars because it tastes exactly as its name suggests. As soon as you open the package, the aroma of Japanese strawberry cheesecake fills the space. Fresh strawberries will be the first flavor you taste when you place the bar on your lips. The celebrations will soon have a cheesecake aftertaste. By the time you've finished this snack, you'll feel like you've consumed a real slice of strawberry cheesecake.


Yubari Melon Kit Kat

Yubari Melon Kit Kat

These Kit Kat bars include a melon flavor called cantaloupe in them. But this Kit Kat taste also includes mascarpone cheese in addition to the melon flavor that is suggested by the name. Melon, mascarpone, white chocolate, and crispy wafers may seem like a weird combination, but they complement each other so perfectly. If you prefer a cheese-flavored Kit Kat, skip European Cheese and go straight for this Yubari Melon Kitkat. The flavor of melon serves the best accent flavor in this treat.


Sugoi Mart Kit Kat Collection

Kit Kat Japan Special Package Gift Box

Kit Kat Japan Special Package Gift Box

No Japanese chocolate is more iconic than Nestle Japan's flagship product - KitKat. KitKat Japan decided to try something new and expand into new KitKat tastes, ranging from regionally exclusive Sakura KitKats and Matcha Green Tea KitKats to more commonplace varieties like white chocolate and chocolate banana. There are even premium KitKats like sake or location-limited Japanese KitKats that are marketed for adults. Here is a Kit Kat Japan Special Package Gift Box that has the appearance of a genuine massive Kit Kat that consists of 54 delectable Kit Kats in separate packaging, each with a different flavor perfect for serious KitKat enthusiasts. This set contains:

  • 6 Kit Kat Classic Mini

  • 6 Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults Mini

  • 6 Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults Rich Matcha

  • 6 Kit Kat Whole Wheat Biscuit

  • 6 Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults Strawberry

  • 6 Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults White Chocolate

  • 6 Kit Kat Chocolate Orange

  • 6 Kit Kat Cheesecake

  • 6 Kit Kat High Cacao


Kit Kat Variety Pack Party Box

Kit Kat Variety Pack Party Box

With over 300 different Kit Kat flavors, this colorful package includes 63 Japanese Kit Kats in 21 of the greatest flavors. Discover flavors in Kit Kats, including matcha, hojicha, rum raisin, strawberry cheesecake, and Japanese sake! This tasting package will undoubtedly astound you with the astounding range of Japanese Kit Kats, from the country's renowned national flavors to the Kit Kat keepsake series, which contains specially selected Kit Kats from several prefectures in Japan, which are exclusively offered in those prefectures. Share this Kit Kat Variety Pack Party Box, which is only available in Japan, with your loved ones. Flavors Include:

  • Kit Kat: Original

  • Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults: Dark Chocolate

  • Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults: Dark Matcha

  • Kit Kat: Whole Grain Biscuit

  • Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults: Strawberry

  • Kit Kat Sweetness for Adults: White Chocolate

  • Kit Kat: Chocolate Orange

  • Kit Kat: High Cacao

  • Kit Kat: Cheescake

  • Kit Kat: Japanese Sake

  • Kit Kat: Shizuoka-Kanto Wasabi

  • Kit Kat: Rum Raisin Nagano Shinshu Apple

  • Kit Kat: Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Kit Kat: Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry

  • Kit Kat: Hiroshima Momiji Manju

  • Kit Kat: Kyoto Uji Matcha

  • Kit Kat: Kyoto Uji Hojicha

  • Kit Kat: Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry

  • Kit Kat: Tokai-Hokuriku Azuki Sandwich

  • Kit Kat: Tokyo Island Lemon

  • Kit Kat: For Cafe


Start your journey of both classic and modern Japanese flavors at Sugoi Mart, where you can already get Japanese Kit Kats! Many of the flavors you may obtain online are peculiar to various regions of Japan and were intended to resemble local specialties. The Kit Kat is not only a delicious chocolate snack but also a lovely Japanese souvenir that you'll surely enjoy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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