Tokyo Revengers Iconic Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

Tokyo Revengers has achieved every benchmark necessary to be regarded as the best of the best. The anime adaptation series has established an unbreakable reputation in the new golden era of the anime world by ranking as one of the best-selling manga and receiving numerous awards in various categories. Tokyo Revengers is adored for a variety of reasons, but people adore it most for establishing the idea of street gangs and introducing us to anime's hard-core characters.

Indeed, the cast of Tokyo Revengers is vibrant and ever-expanding, with cunning villains, complex anti-heroes, innocent civilians, and of course, the notorious crybaby protagonist. Among all the amazing Tokyo Revengers characters is Mikey, one of the most popular and strongest characters throughout the entire anime series.


Who is Manjiro "Mikey" Sano?

Who is Manjiro "Mikey" Sano?

Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, is one of the founding members and the former leader of the ruthless Tokyo Manji Gang or formerly known as Kanto Manji Gang. He is the younger brother of Shinichiro Sano, the founder, and president of the Black Dragons. Typically, Mikey is a cheerful middle school youngster who enjoys making jokes and pulling practical jokes on his older brother and the people he considers his close friends. However, his aura dramatically changes as the Toman leader. He becomes imposing and authoritative. While the members of Toman respect Mikey, they also have some kind of fear for him and his incredible strength.

Mikey's abilities are nothing more than a natural talent he possesses, which is why he has the moniker "The Invincible Mikey," but it also makes him one of the first official character book overall top fighters. Although he appears to be extraordinarily strong, resilient, and quick, Mikey also possesses a charisma and leadership quality that served as the primary momentum for Toman's founding. But, even though he continues to be a very compelling leader, Mikey harbors a deep darkness and violent nature. He must shoulder the weight of his troubled past, toeing the line between choosing the right course and giving in to the continually corrupted darkness. As a result, his irrationality and desperation ultimately resulted in everyone disintegrating or being killed by his enemies before having to mature progressively. Even Mikey, who usually manages to keep his composure and act normally, starts to feel the effects of this growing gloom.

To fully summarize and describe Mikey's entire personality, it can be said that he is portrayed as a tragic individual who once had everything he treasured and brought together more than just friends but a family. However, shinichiro's death and many more miserable experience became a catalyst that would leave Mikey to his downfall as a result of his decisions.


Mikey's Fighting Skills and Abilities

Mikey's Fighting Skills and Abilities

Mikey is Toman's leader and has complete authority over its members. Toman becomes a very dangerous opponent because of Mikey's ability to enhance the entire gang's overall strength. From a fighting perspective, Mikey is considered the strongest Toman and possibly the entire series member. He prefers kicks over punches since they deliver a lot more damage and compensate for his lack of height, enabling him to stand toe-to-toe with towering opponents. In fact, his opponents frequently remark that they cannot believe he is only a youngster, as he is powerful enough to render other elite gang members unconscious with a single kick.

Moreover, one of the reasons Mikey is regarded as one of the strongest is that he is known to have trained under employing the fighting tactics and skills of being a Martial Artist since he was younger. His knowledge of applying his fighting skills through martial arts gives him a new viewpoint on how he fights; as a result of his early experiences, he now has better flexibility and a fighting timing that is considerably faster. Not only he has amazing physical strength, he shockingly has enormous endurance. He can withstand physical strikes that are so powerful they may knock him out in one blow, but he still manages to demonstrate his superior endurance by resisting them no matter the blow.


More Facts about Mikey Sano

1. Mikey Has a Great Intuition

Mikey Has a Great Intuition

Mikey has an unusually strong intuition that can appear in a variety of slightly paranormal ways. Although he doesn't appear to be particularly intelligent in his description, Mikey actually has a rather unusual and strong grasp of one's nature and can learn from his experiences and failures. Upon his first encounter with Takemichi, which his intuition started, he could see right away that Takemichi wasn't like other middle schoolers. Because of his ability to foretell some future occurrences, Mikey remained somewhat skeptical about who and what Takemichi was. It is known that Takemichi reached the absolute pits of despair in his life and eventually ends up 12 years time leap in the past upon knowing what happened to his only girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana. And that's when Takemichi decides to get revenge and infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her fate. The Mikey of the moment could feel that Takemichi had time leaped again when he gripped Mikey's hand in the present while traveling back in time by ten years. Another possibility is that Mikey's close relationships with his friends and family gave rise to his intuition. He has even claimed that his big brother Shinchiro, Emma Sano, and Keisuke Baji are helping him through the afterlife.


2. Mikey is a Talented Motorbike Mechanic

Mikey is a Talented Motorbike Mechanic

Mikey is skilled not only in riding motorcycles but also in repairing and putting them together. When he was younger, Mikey had a close relationship with his older brother Shinichiro, a master mechanic who even ran his own bike shop. Mikey spent much time with his brother, Shinchiro, in their motorbike shop, where he eventually learned all the best motorbike repair tricks. After spending enough time in his older brother's workshop, Mikey was able to adjust, identify the problem, and repair motorbikes on his own.


3. Mikey Has Childlike Food Choices

Mikey Has Childlike Food Choices

Mikey's pals frequently refer to him as "childish" or "childlike," and they have a point! Even Mikey's taste in food exhibits a childish appeal. Mikey frequently delights in indulging in sugary treats, particularly traditional Japanese pastries, just like a carefree child. Naturally, dorayaki and taiyaki are Mikey's favorite desserts, which he sulks over after accidentally dumping them during a fight.

In addition to having a sweet taste, Mikey dislikes spicy food, like many kids. He adores the typical omurice, consisting of an omelet and fried rice, and is frequently served with ketchup but not served with anything spicy compared to a traditional omurice meal.


4. Mikey can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Mikey can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Mikey, the Tokyo Manji gang leader, is sure to have a time-consuming day ahead of him, filled with classes, organizing gang meetings, and potential fights for his friends and gang members. Anyone would be curious as to how he manages to keep up with such a demanding schedule. It's just simple, Mikey sleeps whenever and wherever he wants. In fact, every morning, Draken has to wake Mikey up so he can go to school, but Mikey will still do nothing but sleep through all his classes. He eats at the school's lunch counter and then has another nap during the lunch break. Then after school, Mikey and other gang captains will go around Tokyo riding their motorcycles and take care of any Toman business until midnight. After that, Mikey goes to bed and begins his weird sleeping cycle all over again.


5. Mikey Has an Unparalleled Charisma

Mikey Has an Unparalleled Charisma

Tokyo Manji Gang members and competing gang criminals agree that Mikey has unmatched charisma, enabling him to keep his group in line and win the admiration of other gang leaders. His magnetic personality gives him an exceedingly admirable and defined control over how he would lead the Tokyo Manji Gang, and his vice president and division leaders also assist him in this regard. Toman is being kept together by Mikey's words, which also demonstrate enough tenacity to allow him to command them into war. His presence makes his fellow members more inspired and committed to the point mentioned.

While he has the ability to unite and guide the entire world of criminals under his banner, this charm is a double-edged sword because it can easily become perverted and terribly harmful. Third parties are successfully capable of using Mikey's charisma as a weapon for their own purpose by persuading him to become bad. They can then use this power to create the most violent gangs in the present in various timelines while governing behind the scenes as the true masterminds.


6. Mikey Fears No One

Mikey Fears No One

Mikey is one of the few people out there that can actually back up all the big talk he is capable of, despite the fact that it may initially sound a little arrogant. The first official character book claims that Mikey has no worries and that he appreciates and admires himself only. Everyone in the Tokyo Manji Gang has a role model; for most of them, that person is Mikey, the gang's leader. Even though Mikey occasionally acts a little out of control, he has a rather resilient mental and physical personality, given the stress and difficulties he has faced. However, Mikey still fights despite feeling a little broken on the inside and has no intention of giving in. In fact, even the notorious Draken looks up to the leader of the Tomans, Mikey, who does not regard anybody else as superior.


7. Mikey Has a Meaningful Name

Mikey Has a Meaningful Name

Manjiro "Mikey" Sano's name has a deeper meaning and isn't only there to enhance his cool guy impression. The meanings of Mikey's first name, Manjiro, include Man, which means "ten thousand," then the Ji means "next," and Ro means "son." This indicates his extraordinary strength and the fact that he has the combined power of several men when in gang combat. Meanwhile, his nickname Mikey, which again indicates his position as the unstoppable member and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, basically translates to "who is like God."

Moreover, Mikey's surname name Sano means "help" or "assistance" in Japanese. This could be a reference to Mikey's wild and erratic behavior. It can also be connected to how Mikey still needs the help and support of his close friends and other Toman gang members when facing challenges and other conflicts, despite his raw strength.



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Tokyo Revengers Acrylic Figure: Manjiro (Zoot Suit)

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