The Perfect Gift: Selecting Japanese Stationery for Every Occasion

by Marine Tranier

For creative individuals, there's nothing better than a fresh set of tools to express yourself with, whether that's paint, markers, a drawing pad, canvas, or, in this case, Japanese stationery. With kawaii (cute) designs and fun colors, Japanese stationery is a fun way to express emotions, ideas, and more. In particular, stationery from Japan is known for being high quality and made with an attention to detail that most other stationery misses. In short, this particular stationery is great from a design, function, and quality perspective.

Let's explore Japanese stationery as the perfect gift for any occasion, from the available options at Sugoi Mart to the best accompaniment gifts to pair it with.

Japanese stationery is famous for featuring cute characters like Sanrio friends or Kirby.

Introduction to the World of Japanese Stationery

It's no wonder Japan has some of the most unique stationery options, as it's been an important tool for Japanese people for many years. It's been essential to Japanese culture since the 17th century when the country focused on calligraphy as an art. Because of the use of stationery for calligraphy, those who invested in the art form took particularly good care of their tools. This has continued in Japanese culture through the years and led to products of the highest quality, simultaneously featuring style and function.

While many people think of Japanese stationery as only paper, it's important to note that stationery, in this case, includes additional items. One step inside a Japanese stationery store, and you'll find an array of items, including washi tape, Copic markers, paper folding kits, a large pencil selection, and gel pen options. These items come with thoughtful, innovative designs that excite anyone who loves stationery, art, and crafts. Expect various designs, from kawaii to minimalistic and sleek, making it easy to find options that appeal to anyone.

Finding the Right Pen: From Gel to Zebra

Here are some tips to help guide you through the pen-buying process. It's first necessary to consider what you or the giftee will use the pen for, as different types of pens are best for different activities. For example, ballpoint is a great option for taking notes. Many brand options exist for ballpoints, including Jetstream, Acroball, and Zebra.

Rollerball pens are also a great option for writing, though they typically have a sleeker appearance than ballpoint pens. Of course, you can't forget about Japanese gel pens. They provide a sleek writing/drawing experience because of the gel ink they run on. Brands like Uni, Pilot, and Kokuyo Me are great examples of attractive and functional Japanese gel pens.

Once you've selected the type of pen that meets your needs, the final step is deciding which color(s) you want to buy. For practical matters, blue and black colored ink are always at the forefront. If you're using the pens for creative tasks, buying them in brighter colors or an assortment makes sense.

The Art of Note-Taking: Japanese Notebooks and Planners

Japanese stationery in the form of notebooks and planners are great gift options, as they're easy to incorporate into everyday life regardless of whether the giftee is on the creative or practical side. This form of stationery is perfect for school, work, or keeping track of personal planning.

At Sugoi Mart, it's easy to find various notebook and planner designs for any occasion. When it comes to the selection of planners on Sugoi Mart, you'll find options ranging from Disney to anime characters. There are also more traditional options, like planners, which feature a 2024 Year of the Dragon design.

Discover a wide selection of planners from Japan on Sugoi Mart.

The selection of notebooks on Sugoi Mart is also quite diverse, with options ranging from Pokemon characters to popular brand themes, like Starbucks. Because of the wide variety in each category, these stationery items are great for all ages.

The Dective Pikachu notebook will ravish any Pokemon fan!

Washi Tape Wonders: Adding Creativity to Every Page

Washi tape is a special type of decorative tape in Japanese culture. It features various patterns and colors, making it ideal for different creative activities. The designs of washi tape reference washi paper, a type of high-quality traditional paper in Japan used for art, wedding invites, origami, and other similar projects.

Washi tape is a decorative tape, traditional from Japan.

The best part about washi tape (besides the adorable designs) is its versatility. You can use the decorative tape for creating scrapbook pages, making designs on books, vamping up a phone case, adding personalization to holiday/special occasion cards, etc. You can even use it in planners to help you stay organized by adding designs to certain days or activities. It's a great way to add your own flair to projects, Japanese stationery items, and even your silverware.

Copic Markers: A Must-Have for Arts and Design Enthusiasts

Copic markers are well-known in the art community for being high-quality. This creative tool is considered the top option for artists, illustrators, and creatives. These professional-quality markers are beloved for the way they draw smoothly on the page. They also come in many colors, so they're great for various applications (including coloring!). Each copic marker comes with two different sizes of nibs, one on each end, making it easier to create artwork.

Copic markers are a staple for all illustration amateurs.

Other bonuses of using Copic markers include a non-toxic, low-odor ink that is permanent and streak-free. These markers can be blended or layered to create additional colors. They are also refillable, so they last for a very long period. These Japanese markers were first sold in 1987 as a creative tool for manga artists. However, they've since been used for many other creations, from graphics to fashion.

Desk Accessories to Organize and Inspire

Creativity doesn't have to stop with pens, markers, and notebooks; you can also be creative with desk accessories! Luckily, Japanese stationery also extends to this field, with various accessories to help you keep your desk organized. With better organization comes more productivity, so these must-have items may even help you get your work done more quickly!

Desk/Wall Calendars

There's no better way to stay organized than with a functional yet beautiful calendar. Whether you prefer one within reach on your desk or a wall calendar, you'll find plentiful options within Japanese stationery to help you reach your organizational goals. You'll find a diverse selection of calendars on Sugoi Mart, with designs that range from minimalistic to anime-themed. This calendar selection includes a daily breakdown, where you can note special events, activities, etc.

Discover a wide selection of calendars from your favorite animes on Sugoi Mart.

Eraser Dust Mini Cleaners

Japan is known for having items that are ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to stationery. One such item is the mini eraser cleaners, which pick up eraser shavings from school or work tasks. These cleaners have a rotating brush that grabs the shavings with each pass, making it easier to keep your desk tidy.

Binder Clips

The Velos binder clips are another unique creation in the Japanese stationery world that you likely won't see anywhere else. Unlike standard binder clips with metal pieces that flip up or down, the metal pieces flip sidewise, making it easier to look through packets. Besides being more functional, it also creates a more aesthetically pleasing desk tool.

Choosing Stationery for Special Occasions: From New Year to Birthdays

Though you can gift Japanese stationery for any occasion, some options are better for certain events. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect stationery gift every time!

  1. Find a stationery gift that matches the holiday. 

    One fantastic way to narrow down the stationery options for a special occasion/holiday is to try incorporating colors/designs that go with the day. For example, if you want to gift stationery to a significant other for Valentine's Day, consider purchasing it in pink or red.

  2. Consider splurging more for birthdays.

    Budget is another important factor when selecting stationery items. Since most people are purchasing gifts for multiple people during Christmas, the budget is typically tighter. So, you'll want to ensure you find items that work with the dedicated amount of money you've set aside. However, birthdays or other special occasions may call for a higher budget since you're only purchasing items for one person. Remember to go with items that suit your budgetary needs.

  3. Think about what the giftee does for work.

    When in doubt, think about what your loved one does for work/school. A planner may help keep them organized during the day if they have a busy schedule. Perhaps they struggle to stay on track due to a messy work area, so paper clips, folders, and other similar items may be best. You can offer these gifts any time during the year, regardless of the occasion.

Japanese Pencils and Paper: Crafting and Creativity Essentials

As mentioned, part of the appeal of Japanese stationery is its high quality. When creating stationery, Japanese brands provide items that last for years. They are intended to be used as much as possible without wearing out. The attention to detail for each tool means users will find pencils, pens, and paper that are enjoyable to use and reliable.

You'll find a good number of pencils, pens, and pencil cases on Sugoi Mart, which feature aesthetic designs and excellent craftsmanship. As with any Japanese stationery items, expect pencils that don't scratch the paper, pens that glide on the page, and beautiful paper that will make you want to start creating as soon as possible.

Nintendo Store Japan offers a lot of cute stationery items featuring your favorite gaming characters.

The Beauty of Simplicity: Minimalist Japanese Stationery Designs

While some people may reach for the cute Studio Ghibli or Pokemon-themed Japanese Stationery, others may find the simple, minimalist designs more appealing. These elegant, straightforward designs are beautiful and sophisticated, so they're ideal for professionals and anyone interested in a sleeker look. This combination of attractive, minimal designs is one way to differentiate Japanese stationery from versions made elsewhere. Often, these creative tools include softer colors, clean lines, and elegant designs that are both functional and attractive. They bring joy to users yet allow you to stay on top of your workload, creative tasks, homework, etc.

Conclusion: Why Japanese Stationery Makes the Perfect Gift

One of the best parts about Japanese stationery is that it's quite versatile. You can use the pages to draw, write, create, take notes, etc. Because of this versatility, along with the quality and designs available, it makes the perfect gift for stationery enthusiasts and creatives in general. Stationery is the ideal practical, thoughtful, and useful gift that your loved ones can use everyday.

Japanese stationery is ravishing any Bullet Journal aficionado.

If you're unsure which stationery best fits your loved ones (or your) needs, consider purchasing an Inku Crate. While it's no longer available as a subscription, you can still get an assorted Inku box from the Sugoi Mart pop-up shop with various stationery goodies, including planners, pens, stickers, and more. As a bonus, you'll notice a discount on the original price when purchasing the Inku Crate at the pop-up shop. Those who are into arts and crafts can grab buildable papercraft dioramas at Sugoi Mart. These also make great additions to a stationery-themed gift. Whatever your creative needs, you'll find great options at Sugoi Mart.

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