The Art of Pocky: Creative Recipes and DIY Snack Ideas

by Marine Tranier

Pocky is a delicious Japanese sweet snack that's comprised of a biscuit stick dipped in chocolate or other flavored coatings.It was initially invented to make snacking on the go easier, as the biscuit handle ensures fingers stay clean while eating Pocky. While you can sit and munch on Pocky as-is, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this delightful sweet treat. You can even make DIY Pocky at home. Continue reading to learn about the many uses of Pocky.


Introduction to Pocky: A Global Snacking Phenomenon


Pocky offers many different flavors to try


This snack, developed by Glico, has undergone a few changes since its invention. Originally, Pocky was meant for young women who wanted a snack on the go. It started with a thin biscuit stick completely covered in chocolate. It was quickly discovered that covering the entire biscuit sticks with chocolate made for a messy snack, so Glico shifted to a partially covered stick. This look is now the snack's signature. This treat was first launched in Japan (which is likely why Pocky is so popular in Japan) and then spread to other areas of Asia. Once Pocky started gaining popularity, Glico began producing other Pocky flavors, like almond and strawberry.


It wasn't long before Pocky was a hit in various Asian countries. After that, Pocky sticks spread outside Asia to Europe and North America. This spread of snack availability came with a few benefits, including new audiences for Pocky and new flavors. Since then, it has continued to rise in popularity. Now, you can find it in many grocery stores in North America. It also remains a popular snack in Japan; it even has its own holiday (November 11).


Exploring the World of Pocky Flavors: From Classic to Exotic

Pocky launched special editions that are flavors from different regions of Japan


Part of the appeal of Japan's iconic stick snacks (Pocky) is the many available flavors, as there are over 50 in various countries (including limited edition options). The options range from standard (including the original Glico Pocky chocolate cream) to exciting options like matcha green tea, strawberry, and cookies & cream. Expect options from fruity to decadent (like milk chocolate and dark chocolate).


Luckily, Sugoi Mart has quite a few options in its Pocky Collection to enjoy, including classics and more exotic flavors. Here are a few must-try flavors on Sugoi Market.


Pulpy Strawberry: This flavor features real bits of strawberry for a boost of fruity flavor. These dried strawberry pieces are combined with a creamy coating for a delicious, sweet snack.


Strawberry Pocky you can find on Sugoi Mart!

Tasty Butter: This new Pocky flavor features a delightful chocolate-coated biscuit stick with a buttery taste, making this snack feel even more decadent.


Tasty Butter Pocky you can find on Sugoi Mart!


Almond Crush: Here's a sweet treat for those who love almonds. This option features crunchy bits of almonds combined with creamy chocolate for a unique bite.


Almond Pocky you can find on Sugoi Mart!


Giant Yubari Melon: Hokkaido is renowned for its milk products, but it also has some of the most delicious cantaloupe options. These Pocky sticks feature a Hokkaido Yubari melon flavor, highlighting Japan's unique fruit offerings. Another unique characteristic of this pack is the size of the Pocky sticks - they're giant! Usually, a Pocky pack contains 20 sticks; with this option, you get 15 large biscuit sticks.


Melon Pocky you can find on Sugoi Mart!


Luxurious Pocky: Milk Chocolat and Butter: Pocky now has a luxurious line with a more decadent flavor than regular Pocky. This flavor has fermented butter and more chocolate than the original Pocky, helping create a richer taste.


Milk and Chocolate Pocky you can find on Sugoi Mart!

DIY Pocky Magic: Crafting Your Own Chocolate Sticks at Home


You can make your own Pocky at home


If you can't find Pocky at your local store or feel like being creative in the kitchen, you can easily make Pocky at home. The store-bought version of Pocky includes ingredients like whole milk powder, a mixture of vegetable oils, vegetable oil shortening, cocoa butter, etc. You can make these chocolate sticks (or any flavor you like) with simpler ingredients at home.


Here's what you'll need:

  • Flour

  • White sugar

  • Baking powder

  • Cold salted butter (or salt + unsalted butter)

  • Milk

  • Vanilla

  • Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, dried fruit or nut pieces (other topping ingredients)

  • Coconut oil




  1. Combine the flour, sugar, and baking powder in a food processor and pulse until combined.

  2. Add in cold butter and continue pulsing until the mixture resembles sand.

  3. Slowly add in milk and vanilla until a dough forms.

  4. Roll out dough into a large, 1/4-inch thick rectangle. Slice into thin sticks.

  5. Bake the sticks on a greased cookie sheet for about 15 minutes at 350F.

  6. Allow to cool completely.

  7. Mix the chocolate chips of choice with coconut oil and microwave in 30-second intervals until melted.

  8. Dip the baked sticks in the melted chocolate and sprinkle on dried fruit, chopped nuts, cookie pieces, etc.

  9. Lay dipped cookie sticks on a lined cookie sheet. Put in the fridge for a few minutes once the sheet is filled to let the chocolate harden.

  10. Repeat until all the homemade Pocky sticks are coated and set.

  11. Enjoy!


If you're still in the creative mood after making DIY Pocky, you can grab a DIY candy kit at Sugoi Mart. These kits are fun for kids, adults, and those of all ages. You can make candy houses, hamburgers, sushi, and more with these kits. You won't have to purchase the ingredients separately since everything comes with the kit!

Pocky-Inspired Desserts: Creative Recipes for Every Occasion


Craft your own dessert using Pockys from Japan

Find recipes to make your own Pocky dessert


Now that you have bundles of DIY Pocky and store-bought Pocky, what can you do with them? Pocky isn't just a snack; it's also a great option for creating desserts. For example, you can use Pocky to create cake pops by having Pocky be the stick. Or, use it for chocolate-dipped fruits, again, instead of using a paper stick. This is one treat that also works well as a cake decoration. It can be added to the top of cakes to create fun designs, like sweet spiders or flowers. Additionally, Pocky can be displayed around the outside of the cake as a design. Turn Pocky into a delightful flower on top of a dessert "dirt cup." The options are endless with Pocky!

Savory Twists: Reinventing Pocky as Party Snacks


Pocky is every occasion: from daily to party


Perhaps you're not a big sweets person; if that's the case, you can still incorporate Pocky into savory recipes. If you're making DIY Pocky, this is an easier feat as you can adjust the flavoring. Skip the chocolate, fruit, and nut coatings when using homemade Pocky. Instead, use savory seasoning blends like taco seasoning. Or, use Pocky with dips, like ranch, nacho cheese, spinach artichoke, etc.


If you're using store-bought Pocky, you can still mix the sweet flavors with savory items. For example, Pocky makes a great addition to a charcuterie board. Or, add it to a trail mix for a pop of sweetness (instead of M&Ms or add both!).


Healthier Alternatives: Making Pocky with Substitute Ingredients


Perhaps you do your best to avoid ingredients like hydrogenated palm oil, artificial flavors, or additives like soy lecithin. If so, you'll want to stick with DIY Pocky, as you can use alternative ingredients. Instead of palm oil, you can use sunflower oil or canola. Swap the soy lecithin with almond flour. As opposed to using artificial flavors in Pocky, consider adding vanilla, chocolate liquor, or other natural flavoring agents.


The Science of Pocky: Understanding Ingredients and Nutritional Info


Of course, there are reasons for adding ingredients like fatty acids, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and other items into Pocky. Fatty acids are created when certain vegetable oils reach high temperatures (like when the biscuits are baked). They are beneficial to consume, as the body can use them as a source of energy if no glucose is available. Baking soda also has benefits, including helping the biscuits rise. It can also help athletes or those who work out regularly as it potentially delays fatigue so you can perform better in the gym.


Other ingredients in Pocky also have potential health benefits to them, like lactose. When we consume lactose, it turns into glucose, a primary energy source in the body. Even soy lecithin, an emulsifier or flavor protector, has potential benefits. Some possible benefits of consuming soy lecithin include better immunity and cholesterol, improved ability to deal with stress, and better brain function. As you can see, Pocky is not just a tasty snack; it also comes with some excellent potential health benefits due to the ingredients used.


Mikado: Europe's Take on Pocky and How It Compares


Mikado is the European version of Pocky

When hunting for Pocky in Europe, you'll need to look for it under a different name - Mikado. Once Pocky went global and began selling its products in areas outside of the US, it eventually reached France. Here, it was sold under the name Mikado instead of Pocky. It has quite a similar appearance and size, and you'll even find a lot of the same flavors, like milk and white chocolate.


While Mikado offers some of the same flavors as traditional Japanese Pocky, you'll also find unique options only available in Europe, like Mikado Daim. This flavor is made with crunchy caramel bits and is created with a Swedish chocolate bar. You'll also find other exciting flavors, including an option with a chocolate mousse coating or one with refined salt flakes.


Another difference is the size of the pack; the European version of Pocky has 75g of biscuits, while the Japanese version has 70g per box. Of course, the packaging is also different since each is sold under a different name.


Conclusion: Celebrating Pocky's Versatility and Sugoi Mart's Selection


One of the most popular Pocky of Sugoi Mart is Strawberry Pocky


Pocky's perfect balance of sweet, creamy coatings on buttery biscuits makes it easy to see why this has remained a popular snack in Japan and worldwide. While this snack is great on its own, its versatility as a culinary ingredient is limitless. Pocky can be easily used to decorate cakes, turn them into fun, sweet snacks, or add to the snack table at gatherings. At Sugoi Mart, you'll find unique, fun flavors that will help keep your snacking cravings at bay. From luxurious Pocky options to classic flavors, Sugoi Mart has it all.


Those who want a more savory Pocky should reach for Pretz. This is the original snack produced by Glico that was then used to create sweet Pocky flavors. It comes in various flavors, including ripe tomato, Hokkaido butter, salad, and more. This is also a versatile ingredient that you can add to snack mixes, charcuterie trays, and more. Satisfy sweet and savory Asian snack cravings at Sugoi Mart, an online Asian market with items ranging from drinks and foods to toys, games, anime-themed items, and more.


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