Japanese kids meals are called “Okosama lunch” (おこさまランチ)in Japan.

Many kids meals in Japanese family restaurants includes toys. The restaurant we went to today is called Gusto.

Gusto has little kids meals which include Anpanman's (Japan’s #1 children’s character) toys, and ones that let you play Gacha Gacha!

We wanted this Cinamoroll toy:

But, the Cinamoroll toys weren’t available yet….

That’s because the day we went was July 17th. がーん。。(OH NO!)

But today’s toys are so kawaii!

ドキドキ・・(Doki Doki)

We got these toys! So cute!


A week later we came to Gusto again. Because we really want cinamoroll toys! We found it!

And challenge again.

ドキドキ・・(Doki Doki)


Two same items・・・

But so cute!! かわいい!!

This is the accessory case with key.

There was a note pad inside. There were other items like this. All are cute!

There are many cute toys that are limited to the kids menu of family restaurant in Japan.

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