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One Piece has not slowed down at all since it started serializing in 1997. One Piece has grown to be one of the world's most significant and well-known manga and anime series. Its success can be attributed to the fantastic plot. Oda has taken his audience on a memorable voyage that won't soon come to an end by chronicling the epic journey of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. The manga series includes around 80 volumes as of this writing and nearly 840 chapters. The anime, which has matched the length of the manga, has approximately 800 episodes, eight TV specials, and 13 theatrical releases. The series is among the best-selling manga of all time and has received high praise from critics; featuring Monkey D. Luffy, a young guy with aspirations of ruling the pirates. Read on and learn everything you need to know about Monkey D. Luffy during the Wano Arc.


What is One Piece?

What is One Piece?

One Piece is an animated series created by Toei Animation that airs on Fuji Television and is based on the same-named manga. Since its premiere in October 1999, it has aired over 1000 episodes (along with 15 theatrical films, a large number of additional TV specials, and OVAs), and it has been released in more than thirty different nations. The story is all about the journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his ragtag Straw Hat crew to become The King of the Pirates and find the legendary One Piece. The last Pirate King, Gold Roger, hid the legendary treasure known as One Piece at the end of the Grand Line, a chain of islands cut off from the rest of the world by windless oceans. 

Following Shanks' footsteps, Luffy and his group cross the Grand Line to get to One Piece while experiencing great adventures, resolving sinister mysteries, and overcoming strong opponents. Luffy's motivation for being a pirate is a reason for pure wonder. The notion of an exciting journey, meeting interesting new people, and discovering One Piece is what keeps the fans watching. 


Who is Moneky D. Luffy?

Who is Moneky D. Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy, often known as "Straw Hat" Luffy, is the main character of the One Piece manga series and a fictional character created by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy was raised in Foosha Village and is the son of Revolutionary Army leader Monkey D. Dragon and the grandson of Marine hero Vice admiral Monkey D. Garp.

When Luffy initially made an appearance, he was a little child who had accidentally eaten one of "Red Hair" Shanks's Devil Fruits, turning him into rubber. When "Red-Haired" Shanks introduced himself to Luffy, he gave him the straw hat that has since come to symbolize him as a pirate, promising to see him again after he has achieved greatness. In addition to being raised by Curly Dadan on Dawn Island, Luffy made friends with the late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary Chief-of-Staff Sabo and adopted them as brothers.

Luffy has fought out against a number of world forces, including the Marines, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Cipher Pol, World Nobles, and even the Four Emperors of the Grand Line, starting with the most dangerous pirates in the East Blue. In the majority of these battles, Luffy emerged victorious. Prior to the breakup of the group, he also defeated or formed alliances with seven of the eleven known former or present Warlords.

As a result of his propensity for winning over supporters, Luffy was unwittingly chosen to be the head of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, a group of seven pirate crews that have sworn to assist him anytime he needs it. The press dubbed him the "Fifth Emperor of the Sea" after hearing about this and his exploits against the Big Mom Pirates, though many notable individuals at first thought this was exaggerated. However, after defeating Kaidou during the Raid on Onigashima, Luffy was officially recognized as one of the Four Emperors by the World Government along with Buggy, replacing Kaidou and Big Mom.

Luffy bounty

Moreover, Luffy has advanced significantly in his life as a pirate, and his bounty is a clear indication of this. After taking down the most formidable pirate captains of the East Blue, he earned his first bounty of $30,000,000, which was raised to $100,000,000 after he took out Crocodile in Arabasta. His bounty was raised to $300,000,000 following the attack and escape of Enies Lobby by his gang. Together with Zoro, Luffy was one of the eleven "Super Rookies," pirates who simultaneously crossed the Red Line with bounties of more than 100,000,000 just before the Summit War. This was due to his enormous bounty upon reaching the Sabaody Archipelago. Two years after the war, with a 400,000,000 bounty, he entered the New World and started directly opposing the Emperors and their allies. After the Dressrosa Arc, his bounty increased to 500,000,000 and later reached 1,500,000,000 after the whole world learned that he was Sabo's brother, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet existed, and the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc. Lastly, his bounty was raised to 3,000,000,000 after he led the Raid on Onigashima and vanquished Kaidou.


Luffy's Appearance

Luffy's Appearance

Luffy has a slender build, round black eyes, and black, shaggy hair. He gained the nickname "Straw Hat Luffy" for his unusual straw hat, which Gol D. Roger, a renowned pirate, first gave to the young "Red-Haired" Shanks. He is wearing a red vest with no sleeves, blue shorts with cuffs, and sandals. Luffy also got a scar with two stitches behind his left eye to show Shanks that he was tough and not afraid of pain. He was brutally wounded by Akainu during the Summit War of Marineford, leaving a large scar on his chest that was like an X.

Over most of the series, Luffy wears the same attire. Depending on the environment of an island, Luffy will frequently change his attire, but after the adventures on that island are complete, he will go back to wearing his signature red vest and blue shorts. Despite this, he occasionally sports additional random objects on his person in addition to his regular attire, which he wears in various colours. Although at first, the straw hat was prone to falling off his head easily, prompting Luffy to either put it aside or have someone hold onto it during battles, he now wears it through absolutely everything, no matter where he is. After the Arabasta arc, Nami added a string strap to the hat, allowing him to wear it around his neck while fighting.

Luffy Appearance after timeskip

However, a few things have altered since the Timeskip. His training has caused him to become somewhat taller and noticeably more muscular. He has a somewhat larger neck, more noticeable deltoids, and a more defined chest, which reveals the X-shaped scar that then-Admiral Akainu gave him. His typical outfit is largely the same as it was two years earlier, except Luffy now wears a long-sleeved, open red cardigan with four buttons and a yellow sash tied around his waist instead of a vest.


Luffy's Personality

Luffy's Personality

With great ambition and a voracious appetite, Luffy is characterized as a carefree, joyful, and bright guy who frequently thinks with his stomach and comically overeats. Even though Luffy has a lighthearted and humorous personality, he possesses an unbreakable sense of resolve, optimism, and commitment and will go to any lengths to defend his friends and comrades. Luffy is prepared to put his life in jeopardy even though he is aware of the danger so he can rule the pirates and defend his straw hats crew. He is a capable and trustworthy captain who never jeopardizes the safety of his crew or himself out of ignorance. He has an incredible strength to match it, as well as considerable courage to support it. He has demonstrated to be unconcerned about his inability to swim ever since eating the devil fruit, just like his brother.

Moreover, even though Luffy doesn't seem like a very smart guy, he frequently has an impressionable point of view and is easily amazed by the seemingly trivial details. But because of the simple and uncomplicated way he sees the world, he is occasionally the only one who can see beyond the circumstances and understand what needs to be done. Luffy rarely gives thought to the effects of his actions, acting in accordance with his moral convictions at the time, even if it results in a strong force's reprisal.


Luffy's Devil Fruit

Luffy's Devil Fruit

The Gomu Gomu no Mi or Gum Gum Fruit is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that transforms its possessor into a Rubber Human by giving their body rubbery qualities. It is a violet, spherical fruit with a stem protruding from the top and swirls that resemble a curved "S." Overall, it has a Yubari King-like appearance. Prior to being reclassified by the World Government, it was first known as the Hito Hito no Mi and was categorized as a Mythical Zoan-type fruit that enables the person to transform into the fabled "Sun God" Nika and acquire his traits and ridiculous power. Yet, only the Five Elders are aware of this, and no account of its real nature has ever been found. The fruit was sought after by the World Government for more than 800 years until it was recently taken by Shanks and his team. Then, twelve years ago, it was unintentionally consumed by the series' protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy.

Additionally, the rubber-like qualities of the Human-Human fruit are transferred to the user's body. They are supposed to be the epitome of the Warrior of Freedom (Nika), bringing smiles to people's faces everywhere and being only constrained by their imagination. The rubber body of the fruit substantially strengthens upon awakening, granting them greater freedom. It was dubbed the world's most absurd power by the Five Elders. The World Government is adamantly attempting to get rid of Luffy because of all these facts.

The main advantage of the fruit, as shown by Luffy, is that it permanently imbues the user with the characteristics of rubber, allowing them to move like that material even after being rendered inert. The Gomu Gomu no Mi's properties are perpetually active, unlike those of most other Devil Fruits, leaving the user's body permanently rubbery. The user gains almost total immunity to blunt force trauma, making him virtually impervious to hand-to-hand fighting, blunt weapons, bullets, and even cannonballs, which will all simply bounce off his skin.

Furthermore, the user is protected from electrical assaults because rubber has inherent insulating qualities. The same qualities may also confer some resistance to underwater pressure, enabling the user to engage in combat when submerged in a deep ocean setting. In addition to making them resistant to injuries caused by such, the user's capacity to stretch and twist like rubber to great lengths also gives them the ability to bounce off hard surfaces or reach others who are far away from their position.

In terms of offense, stretching enables the user to greatly extend the range of an assault, transforming it from a devastating close-range attack into a devastating mid-range or long-range attack. Luffy has demonstrated a limited ability to move in mid-air by holding onto something with an extended limb and pulling himself away from what might have been a lethal attack. With this, Luffy has access to a number of airborne and jumping attacks that would not have been favourable to most other people.


Other Facts about Monkey D. Luffy

1. Luffy is one of the most powerful pirates


Despite having an ordinary build, Luffy is a powerful fighter who can compete with the majority of brawlers in the One Piece story. He became one of the most notorious pirates in the world thanks to his inventive use of his Devil Fruit, and due to his family history, he has the potential to one day have a significant impact on how the world is shaped.

He has shown outstanding talent in all three categories so far, making him a skilled user of all varieties of Haki. There are three different types of this power: Armament Haki, an armor-like force that can increase defense and the force of attacks, negate a Devil Fruit user's defense, and allow physical contact and damage; Observation Haki, a sixth sense that can read a person's movements and detect their presence; and Conqueror's Haki, which can knock out weak-willed individuals or nearby animals. Despite this, Luffy's greatest asset is his charisma, which has also helped him win over many allies. These allies are essential if Luffy succeeds in becoming the Pirate King.


2. Luffy has a unique body structure.

Luffy rubber body

Luffy's entire body is essentially made of rubber. Because Luffy lacks normal human muscles and bones and instead possesses rubber muscles and bones, his organs nonetheless operate normally. He can then stretch his bodily parts because rubber is elastic, which is how he typically likes to fight.

Luffy adapted his combat style deftly to work with the mechanics of his body, and with his stretching, he emerged as the most deadly character in East Blue. As Luffy saw his skills' limitations, he created two new strategies. One was when he began blowing into his muscle bones, enlarging them to enormous proportions, and the other was when he used the flexibility of his body to speed up his blood flow, boosting his speed and power.


3. Luffy is a seeker of freedom.

After meeting in Luffy's hometown of Fuusha Village, a small windmill village on Dawn Island, Shanks gave Luffy the idea to become a pirate. Luffy was immediately inspired by Shanks' way of life and made the decision to join the pirates in order to experience the same level of freedom. After learning about Gold D Roger's exploits and way of life, Luffy came to the conclusion that he, too, wanted to one day hold the title of Pirate King and began his voyage. Luffy just wants One Piece because he thinks the Pirate King is the freest man in the world, unlike other pirates who want the title for fame or wealth.


4. Luffy is a natural enemy of God.

The D clan's members are viewed as God's inherently hostile rivals. The Celestial Dragons are referred to as God in this instance. The Celestial Dragons are descended from tyrant rulers that ruled the planet eight hundred years ago and were driven by a desire for dominance. They have continued to govern from the "Empty Throne" ever since. Luffy is one of the modern-day bearers of the name D, which dates back to the Void Century and beyond. Although Luffy is distinctive in his own right, he has a lot of traits with other D family members. Narcolepsy, innate charisma, leadership abilities, a voracious appetite, and, most significantly, a tendency to smile in the face of death are some of these characteristics. His thirst for freedom will bring about the glorious dawn that the world has been waiting for, even if he may not be aware of it yet.


5. Luffy has a fun way of recruiting crew team

Straw hat pirates

Due to the individuality of each Pirate Captain in One Piece, each one approaches employment in a different way. While some crews are primarily interested in hiring big men, others are seeking individuals with practical skills. Luffy, as usual, devised his own special conditions, which essentially said, "I'm Luffy. I believe you're fantastic. Join my team."

This approach to recruiting crew mates has produced the quirky and charming Straw Hat team, which consists of people, a reindeer, and a reanimated skeleton. It is obvious why Luffy's crew will go on to control the New World because they are all highly talented people in their own right. They all seem to have a fantastic eye for talent.


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One Piece Bandai Figuarts Wano Luffy Figure

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2. One Piece 1000 Pieces Wano Puzzle

One Piece 1000 Pieces Wano Puzzle

One Piece 300 Pieces Luffy Puzzle

One Piece 300 Pieces Luffy Puzzle


Here are fantastic One Piece puzzle games to assist you if you want to boost your brain with some good mental games. You can improve your fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, memory, and task completion with One Piece 1000 Pieces Wano Puzzle or One Piece 300 Pieces Luffy Puzzle. Enjoy!


3. Character Rubik's Cube: Luffy

Character Rubik's Cube: Luffy

With a brand-new product line called The Charaction CUBE, the popular series' characters and designs are combined with the well-known Rubik's Cube puzzle! Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece is one of the newcomers to the cast. While maintaining functionality as a Rubik's Cube puzzle for you to enjoy in your collection, the design is straightforward but still represents Luffy's classic design in adorable chibi detail. The Character Rubik's Cube: Luffy is great to collect, play with, and display!


4. Paper Theater Ball: One Piece

Paper Theater Ball: One Piece

Fans of 3-D paper crafts and puzzles will like Paper Theaters, which call for patience as well as skill to assemble the components. The character Luffy from the well-known One Piece anime is featured in this Paper Theater Ball. By stacking numerous layers of paper that have been carefully cut with a laser, the Paper Theater Ball Series is a paper craft kit that produces eye-catching movie sceneries that are then presented in a glass capsule ball. Enjoy this Paper Theater Ball: One Piece!


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