Mister Donut Launches Pokemon Limited Edition Donuts for Pokemon Sword & Shield Release

by Mayah Mostafa
Pokemon Donuts make a comeback on the Mister Donut shelves this winter with three fire flavors and designs.
Mister Donut Pokemon Donuts

From left to right: Pon De Monster Ball, The Pikachu Donut, and Pikachu's Tail.
Pictures courtesy of Mister Donut

Pon De Monster Ball design has taken a new shape; a play on “Pon De Ring,” which is Mister Donut Japan’s signature 8-ring donut. It carries the same great flavor of strawberry-chocolate and white-chocolate with a new design. The hole is filled by an illustrated button to complete the look of the classic Pokeball.

The Pikachu Donut was re-released this year being that it was a high demand item last year. The donut is coated with banana-flavored chocolate and has a fluffy-airy texture stuffed with a light whipped cream.

Pikachu’s Tail is a French Cruller that is coated with a banana-flavored chocolate and two lines of dark chocolate resembling the stripes on Pikachu’s back. Stuffed with a sweet custard cream filling it also has a light and fluffy texture.

Mister Donuts

This year’s theme is “Partychu with Mister Donut,” The JC Team took a trip (to what the locals call) “Mis Do” where the windows were decorated with adorable Pokemon drawing Pokemon fans worldwide to join in on the party!

Unfortunately, Pon De Monster Ball and The Pikachu Donut were in such high demand at our trip to Mister Donut on the morning of the release day. Lucky for the JC Team, we got our hands on the newest design and item that Mister Donut launched for this year’s Pokemon donut campaign: Pikachu’s Tail.
Mister Donuts Pokemon Donuts & Pokemon Plate

The donuts come inside an adorable Christmas box that shows Pikachu and his friends having a donut Christmas Party. In addition to this year’s Pokemon merchandise that comes along with a Pokemon donut set, we were able to get a limited edition Pokemon plate that boasts the newest Pokemon: Grooky, Scorbunny and Sobble alongside the classic Pikachu. Follow us on Instagram @japancrate to find out how you can win this limited edition Mister Donut Pokemon Plate straight from Tokyo, Japan to your door. Details to be released soon!

If you find yourself in Japan from November 15 until the end of the year, do-nut miss out on these items! Gotta catch em-- I mean eat em all, POKEMON!

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