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Malleus Draconia: The Enigmatic and Powerful Presence in Twisted Wonderland

by Theo Ponthieux

Twisted Wonderland has enchanted fans with its darkly whimsical take on classic Disney characters and a captivating storyline full of magic and mystery. Among the many intriguing characters is name Malleus Draconia, who stands out as a powerful and enigmatic figure with a fascinating backstory.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of Twisted Wonderland, focusing on Malleus Draconia's character, relationships, and impact on the story. Prepare to journey through a twisted realm of magic and mayhem as we explore the depths of Malleus Draconia's character. And don't forget to visit Sugoi Mart for all your Twisted Wonderland collectibles and merchandise needs!


What is Twisted Wonderland?

What is Twisted Wonderland?

Twisted Wonderland is a popular Japanese mobile game developed by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan, featuring stunning character designs by Yana Toboso, the creator of Black Butler. The game takes place in the magical world of Night Raven College, a prestigious school where the player, known as MC (Main Character), must navigate the challenges and mysteries of this enchanted academy.

Furthermore, Twisted Wonderland's universe is filled with unique reinterpretations of classic Disney characters, reimagined as students attending Night Raven College. The story follows the player's journey as they interact with these characters, forming bonds and unraveling the secrets of the magical world they find themselves.

Who is Malleus Draconia?

Who is Malleus Draconia?

Malleus Draconia is one of the main characters in Twisted Wonderland and serves as the head of the Diasomnia Dormitory at Night Raven College. He is a powerful and enigmatic figure, possessing immense magical abilities and a commanding presence. Malleus Maleficarum is known for his Roi du dragon-like features and is often referred to as the "Dragon of the West" due to his fearsome reputation.


Malleus's Background and Family

Malleus Draconia hails from the Valley of Thorns, a mysterious and secluded region home to powerful magical beings. His grandmother, known as the "Witch of Thorns," is a legendary sorceress with an intimate connection to the infamous Disney villain, Maleficent. This connection has led many to speculate that Malleus may be related to Maleficent, although this has not been confirmed within the game's storyline.


Malleus's Appearance

Malleus's Appearance

Young Malleus has pale skin and is rather tall. This man has cool-black hair, usually mid-length, with thick bangs and two longer sections on his sides that dangle over his shoulders. Additionally, he has a tiny cowlick on the top of his head. His hair's bottom ends turn a dark turquoise hue. He has lengthy eyelashes and brilliant green eyes with vertical slit pupils. He frequently wears what looks to be modest dark eyeshadow, and his lips are a shade darker than his skin. His most distinctive traits are his long, black horns on top of his head and pointed, elf-like ears.

In addition, Malleus wears a somewhat different dorm uniform than the other Diasomnia students because he is the house warden. The most obvious differences are Malleus's cape, larger coat, and long gloves. In addition, Malleus sports heavy green makeup while dressed for class. The gear comprises a small garrison cap, two silver aiguillettes, black combat suspenders, belts, jodhpur pants, black gloves, heeled knee-high boots, and an all-weather black coat with neon green and silver decorations.


Malleus's Personality

Malleus's altered perception

Malleus is a complex and multifaceted character, embodying both a regal and commanding presence and a genuine curiosity about the world around him. Despite his fearsome reputation, Malleus shows signs of kindness and compassion, possessing a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect those he cares about. Moreover, Malleus is said to have a naïve and childish side to him, as he grew up isolated from the outside world in Briar Valley, and despite enjoying time alone from his concerned and watchful attendants in exploring abandoned buildings, he shows signs of loneliness and a desire to connect normally with others.


Malleus's Magical Abilities

Malleus's Magical Abilities

As the head of the Diasomnia Dormitory and a descendant of the most powerful mages, young master Malleus possesses a wide range of magical abilities. His powers include but are not limited to casting powerful spells, manipulating the elements, and summoning enchanted creatures to do his bidding. Malleus's magical prowess is so great that he is considered one of the most powerful magicians and students at Night Raven College.

Furthermore, Malleus possesses a superhuman strength that he can cracked coconuts with his bare hands. He also has the ability to fly and breathe fire since he was an infant. Other than these natural powers and powerful aura, Malleus also loves to play string instruments that he was once commended in the Fairy Gala event.


Malleus's Relationships and Interactions

1. MC (Main Character)

Malleus's Relationships and Interactions

Malleus forms a close bond with the player, known as MC, throughout the game. Despite his initial wariness, Malleus's relationship with MC deepens as they interact and work together to overcome the challenges and mysteries of Night Raven College. This bond is further strengthened by MC's unique ability to understand and empathize with Malleus's struggles and experiences, making their connection a key aspect of the game's narrative.

2. Lilia Vanrouge

Lilia Vanrouge

Lilia Vanrouge is a close friend and confidant of Malleus Draconia, as well as the vice dorm head of Diasomnia. Lilia is a mischievous and enigmatic figure who has known Malleus since he was a child, and the two share a deep bond of trust and loyalty. Lilia often serves as a mentor and guide for Malleus, helping him navigate the complexities of Night Raven College and the world beyond the Valley of Thorns.

3. Silver


Silver is a fellow student of Night Raven College and a member of the Diasomnia Dormitory. As one of Malleus's closest friends, Silver shares a mutual respect and admiration for Malleus's strength and leadership. The two often work together to protect their dormitory and uphold the values of Night Raven College.

4. Sebek Zigvolt

Sebek Zigvolt

Sebek Zigvolt is another member of the Diasomnia Dormitory and a fiercely loyal follower of Malleus Draconia. Sebek's unwavering devotion to Malleus is a testament to the latter's charisma and ability to inspire loyalty in others. Sebek often serves as Malleus's bodyguard and protector, using his considerable skills as a fighter to defend his leader.


Malleus's Love Interest and Popular Shipping

Malleus's Love Interest and Popular Shipping

In the game's current storyline, Malleus has not shown any explicit romantic interest in any character. However, fans have speculated on potential romantic pairings for Malleus, including the possibility of a romantic relationship with the game's protagonist, MC.

One popular ship among fans is Malleus Draconia x MC, as the two characters share a close and meaningful bond throughout the game. Additionally, some fans have explored the potential romantic pairings of Malleus with other characters in the Twisted Wonderland universe, including Lilia Vanrouge, Silver, and Sebek Zigvolt. It's important to note that these pairings are based on fan speculation, and the game's developers have not confirmed any romantic relationships for Malleus at this time.


Malleus's Connection to Maleficent's

Malleus's Connection to Maleficent

Given Malleus's dragon-like features and his grandmother's intimate connection to the infamous Disney villain, Maleficent, many fans have speculated that Malleus may be related to the iconic horned bastard character. While this connection has not been confirmed within the game's storyline, it adds a layer of intrigue and mystery to Malleus's character.

In fact, if Malleus were to be revealed as a descendant of Maleficent, this connection could have significant implications for his character development and the overall narrative of Twisted Wonderland. The revelation could serve as a catalyst for Malleus to confront his heritage, exploring the darker aspects of his magical lineage and the potential consequences of his powers.


Malleus's Age and Personality Traits

Malleus's Age and Personality Traits

While Malleus's exact age is not explicitly stated in the game, he is assumed to be a teenager attending Night Raven College. As a student at the prestigious magical academy, Malleus's age can be estimated to be between 15 and 18 years old.


Is Malleus a Yandere?

A yandere is a character archetype in Japanese media that is characterized by an obsessive and often violent love for another character. Although Malleus exhibits strong loyalty and protective instincts towards those he cares about, he does not display the extreme possessiveness or dangerous tendencies typically associated with Yandere characters. Therefore, it would not be accurate to classify Malleus as a yandere.


Malleus's Impact on Twisted Wonderland's Story

Malleus's Impact on Twisted Wonderland's Story

As the head of the Diasomnia Dormitory and a central figure in the Twisted Wonderland universe, Malleus Draconia plays a significant role in the game's narrative. His relationship with MC serves as a driving force in the story, with the two characters working together to uncover the mysteries of Night Raven College and confront the challenges that arise throughout their journey.

Furthermore, over the course of Twisted Wonderland, highly respected Malleus undergoes significant character development as he learns to navigate the complexities of the magical world and forge meaningful connections with other characters. His interactions with MC, in particular, help Malleus to grow and evolve as a character as he learns to trust in others and embrace the full extent of his powers.

Also, Malleus's enigmatic and powerful presence contributes to the dark and absolutely beautiful atmosphere of Twisted Wonderland, embodying the game's themes of magic, mystery, and the struggle between light and darkness. As a central figure in the game's narrative, Malleus's actions and choices profoundly impact the story's trajectory and the experiences of the other characters.



Malleus Draconia is a captivating and complex character whose presence in Twisted Wonderland has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As we delve deeper into the magical world of Night Raven College, we eagerly await the revelations and character development that lie ahead for Malleus and the other intriguing characters that populate this enchanting universe. Be sure to stay updated with the latest developments in Twisted Wonderland and visit the Sugoi Mart Disney collection for all your Twisted Wonderland merchandise needs, including collectibles, apparel, and more, inspired by Malleus Draconia and the game's captivating cast of characters!


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Malleus Draconia: The Enigmatic and Powerful Presence in Twisted Wonde


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