Top Sakura Products That Hit the Shelves in Japan

by Marine Tranier

Pink-themed goodies are taking the spotlight on shelves this February, but it's not for Valentine's Day. Cherry blossom-flavored treats are trickling into stores nationwide. It's a bit early, considering they usually bloom in Tokyo from March to April. However, we are more than ready to start fangirling early. Get a peek at some of the seasonal releases below.

Sakura season is highly waited internationally for all the delicious snacks it brings to the shelves.

Introduction: The Blossoming Appeal of Sakura Products in Japan

Each year in Springtime, the Sakura trees (also known as cherry blossoms) bloom, signifying new life and vitality. These stunning pink flowers only stick around briefly, hence why they also represent death in Japanese culture. Locals and visitors will plan their trip around the cherry blossoms, ensuring they view the flowers in bloom for the few short weeks they last.


Viewing Japanese cherry blossoms is so popular there's a whole ritual surrounding the event known as hanami (which translates to flower viewing). This flower viewing includes spending time with loved ones under the blooming trees and enjoying various sakura-themed snacks and drinks like cherry blossom candy, sakura tea, and more. These cherry blossom items are typically only available for a few months and often use real sakura cherry blossoms or sakura blossom essence.

Sakura Lindor chocolates from Lindt are a very seasonal release and come with a cute pink packaging.

Top Brands releasing Sakura merch

Of course, top brands want to participate in offering Sakura-themed merchandise, including Disney, Sanrio, and Pokemon. Each brand provides its own take on cherry blossom items, from plushies to stationery, reusable grocery bags, makeup storage bags, and more. In Disney's case, they offer pink plushies of popular characters like Stitch, Eeyore, and Mei. Sanrio and Pokemon each have various merch available with pink accents or sakura flowers, all inspired by the cherry blossom holiday. Below are a few examples of these adorable items.


Disney Sakura 2024 Pooh Plushie Pencil Case

An adorable Winnie the Pooh Sakura-themed pencil case that look like a plushie. 

This Disney Sakura Pooh Plushie Pencil Case is a cute way to celebrate the holiday and keep pencils organized. It features Winnie the Pooh in a light pink color and covered in cherry blossom flowers. Your pens and pencils can be stored inside Pooh via a zipper on his back.


Disney Sakura 2024 Mascot Blind Box


Collect your favorite Disney mascots, like Roo, with this Sakura-themed 2024 Mascot Blind Box. Each mystery box includes a surprise mascot. Purchase multiples to see how many characters you can collect.


Disney Sakura 2024 Stitch Tissue Box Cover


Celebrate Sakura season with this adorable Stitch Sakura Tissue Box Cover. It's pink (like the sakura trees), soft, and an easy way to store your tissues.


Starbucks Sakura Merch and Nestle Starbucks coffee

Starbucks in Japan is one of the top places to find sakura-themed items. You'll even find drinks available with sakura syrup to go along with the cherry blossom season. If you'd prefer to have an item that lasts longer than a sakura Starbucks drink from a cafe, consider purchasing sakura-themed glassware, like this Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo Pink Sakura Glass. This glass is handcrafted using traditional techniques, and while it represents the flowers blooming, you don't have to save it for sakura season. It's great for year-round usage.


You can also recreate Starbucks drinks at home this sakura season with Nestle's line of Starbucks at-home coffee blends and latte mixes. These convenient coffee offerings are infused with cherry blossoms, offering a delicious floral taste. You'll find various options, including drip coffee, that you can incorporate into your morning routine.

Sakura-themed Anime Merch

Sakura-themed items don't stop at Disney characters and Starbucks drinks; there is also anime merchandise made specifically to celebrate cherry blossom season. For example, this Hatsune Miku Sakura Noodle Stopper Figure is decked out in pink and even has cherries as earrings. This sakura-themed anime stopper is the perfect helper for cooking instant noodles. Simply place Hatsune Miku on top of the noodle cup to allow the noodles to steam and soften.


Sakura Muji

Muji is a popular brand in Japan that is famous for its simplistic items, which include stationery and apparel. They also offer foods that are simple but delicious. During Sakura season, they release several cherry blossom goodies, like this Muji Sakura Latte, a sweet floral latte mix. They also have food items like this tasty Muji Sakura Jelly, which features a pretty jelly flower inside. This treat is made with cherry blossom essence and has a delicate sakura flavor design.

Muji Sakura Jelly is made with cherry blossom essence and has a cute sakura petal design.


Other Muji sakura items include cakes, cookies, daifuku mochi, steamed buns, and other tasty treats.

Muji releases a wide range of Sakura-flavored products each year.

Cherry Blossom Candy: Sweetness in Bloom

A favorite snack during hanami is cherry blossom candy, which comes in a wide variety of options. You'll see everything from hard candies to soft mochi bites and sakura blossom gummies, all made with a delicious sakura taste. There are also items like the Miyabi Sakura Chocolate Box 11 Pieces, a chocolate box with a beautiful sakura design on the outside and sakura-themed chocolates inside. This sakura candy box is filled with an array of chocolates with various flavors, including matcha, kinako (roasted soybean powder), and sakura. Every year, you can also expect a new sakura Kit Kat flavor on the market, so keep your eyes peeled for yummy Japanese Kit Kat options.

Cherry Blossom Matcha Pocky

The bitterness of matcha mixed with the sweetness of cherry blossom. It's a match(a) made in heaven. This tasty cherry blossom matcha Pocky features crispy biscuits dipped in creamy matcha and chocolate coating. They're made with cherry leaf extract powder for a bittersweet floral flavor. This unique taste combination is ideal for those who want to partake in sakura treats but don't want an overly sweet snack.

Sakura Latte

Imagine drinking a sweet cherry blossom latte under a sakura tree. Perfection. With the Tea Boutique Instant Sakura Latte, you can craft the perfect sakura latte in only a few minutes. Mix these instant sakura latte packets with water, milk, or non-dairy milk, and enjoy. They can even be turned into a hot or cold drink. Each packet creates a deliciously sweet, floral latte that tastes like freshly bloomed cherry blossoms.

Sakura Latte is a deliciously sweet hot beverage.

Sakura Cola

This pretty pink Kimura Drink Sakura Cola offers a unique way to indulge in the taste of cherry blossoms. While sipping the drink, you'll notice a floral aftertaste that offers a more sophisticated drinking experience. With its delightful taste, this sakura cola is also a great option for cocktails and mocktails.

One of Sugoi Mart's best sellers is the vivid pink-colored Sakura Cola from Kimura.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Syrup: Versatility in a Bottle

With Monin Sakura Syrup (250Ml), you can add the flavor of sakura blossoms to drinks, snacks, food, and more. Turn your daily latte into an elevated cherry blossom beverage with a drizzle of this syrup. It's also excellent for making sweet treats, including baked goods, mochi, and gummies. Add it to homemade chocolate for an elegant flavor. Also comes in a 700Ml version.

The delicious Monin syrup also comes in the Cherry Blossom flavor.

Sakura Tea: A Sip of Spring

Sakura tea has an important role in Japan since it signifies new beginnings. It's typically only consumed during sakura season or special events like weddings. Traditional cherry blossom tea is made by pouring hot water over pickled sakura flower blossoms, leading to a tangy, slightly sweet floral tea.


Instead of pickling sakura blossoms at home or hunting down a pack of these flowers, there are now more convenient ways of enjoying the blossoms in tea form. For example, to craft a quick latte, you can add Yamasan Kyoto Uji Sakura Latte Powder Drink into hot or cold water. Or, you can brew a cup of Sweet Sakura Green Tea, which offers a delicious bittersweet combo of sakura flowers and green tea.


We are also jumping into this pastel pink petal pit feet first with Lipton Sakura Tea (12 bags)! Its light and sweet flavor makes for a perfect springtime drink!

You can try the unique Cherry Blossom flavor with the Lipton Sakura Tea.

Sakura Lucky Bag on Sugoi Mart

There are other ways to enjoy the Sakura season, like Sugoi Mart's Sakura Lucky Bag. You'll find various cherry blossom-themed items in the lucky bag, from plushies to toys, games, and more. Each bag is packed with mystery items you can unwrap and enjoy while viewing the blossoming sakura trees. This limited edition item will only be available later this spring, so grab one before they're gone!

The Sugoi Mart Sakura Lucky Bag is brimming with cherry blossom exclusive goods from Japan.

Conclusion: Embracing Sakura Season Through Flavorful Delights

Japan's cherry blossom season is surely one to celebrate, especially as it reminds everyone how quickly life moves. While you may not be able to join in on hanami in Japan, you can still enjoy the sakura blossoms through the products noted above. As you look at local spring flowers blooming, you can taste sakura goodies and enjoy your own version of hanami.


We'll be updating the list as we encounter more Sakura goodies! Stay tuned for more releases and some opportunities to grab these items on our Social Media!


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