History of Fanta Japan

History of Fanta Japan

Japan is known for its numerous distinctive and delectable flavors. It has a ton of gummy fruit flavors, unique Pocky flavors, and strange ramen flavors, and Fanta, a fizzy soda beverage, is no exception. There are many different soda brands available. However, there is no denying that once you've had a Fanta, there is no turning back.


What is Fanta?

What is Fanta?

Fanta is a tasty carbonated soda well-known for its amazing fruity flavors. Most of the flavors of Fanta are based on the nation in which they are sold. But one flavor takes the spotlight: their original orange taste became the most popular worldwide, but the Japanese take Fanta flavors to the next level.

Although the traditional orange Fanta is also available in Japan, there is a notable difference in flavor. In Japan, unlike in the United States, Fanta contains both actual fruit juice and extract. The distinctive Japanese flavors that elevate fruitiness are orange, grape, and melon, which you can purchase at your neighborhood konbini or Japanese convenience store. Here are more Japanese flavors you can enjoy!


History of Fanta

History of Fanta

The brand name "Fanta" is derived from the German word "Fantasie," which means "imagination." You might wonder why this popular fizzy drink has a name with German routes. Well, Germany is where Fanta was first developed. During the Second World War, trade between Germany and the Allies nations was prohibited; as a result, the Coca-Cola Company could not import the syrup necessary to produce Coca-Cola.

Thus, Fanta was created in its place. The primary ingredients of the original Fanta beverage were apple fiber and a cheesemaking byproduct. Despite having a yellow color, the beverage had an orange flavor.


Fanta Orange

Fanta Orange

The original Orange Fanta flavor was developed in 1955. It swiftly gained a solid reputation and is credited with 150+ fruity flavor innovations throughout several countries. Fanta Orange is an orange-flavored beverage with a significant proportion of orange juice. Depending on the country, it may contain a specified percentage of natural orange juice, orange juice concentrate, or another sort of orange, like a tangerine.

After a few years since its introduction in Italy, this fantastic Fanta taste has become a huge favorite with practically everyone who tries it, creating a huge cult following. As a result, it inspired other nations to invent various Fanta tastes to contribute. Because of Fanta Orange's long-term success, it has 150+ flavors available worldwide after gradually adding new flavors to its lineup in most nations. Its popularity would be different if this Orange flavor had been created in the first place. Here are some authentic flavors in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.


Best Japanese Fanta Flavors

1. Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa

 Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa

Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa is one of the rarest Fanta flavors in existence. One of the tropical islands in southern Japan, Okinawa is home to the Shikuwasa fruit. This fruit is a green citrus with a tart flavor reminiscent of tangerines. These are incredibly uncommon in Japan because they are not sold at retail establishments outside of Okinawa.


2. Fanta Japan Mystery Blue

Fanta Japan Mystery Blue

Fanta Mystery Blue is a captivating beverage thanks to its delectable mystery flavors, which are somehow unique with its blue liquid color. This "mystery" carbonated beverage is indeed fun to drink and has a consistent liquid blue color and enigmatic fruit flavors. Once you've had this cool beverage, you will surely have a blast on your tongue.


3. Fanta Melon Soda

Fanta Melon Soda

You'll never taste a green soda quite like this Fanta Melon Soda. This product has a strong melon flavor that is properly balanced with the right amount of carbonation, making it very different from typical Fanta soda. Many people enjoy how sweet and fresh this is. It's so widely available that you can purchase it in many Japanese stores.


4. Fanta White Peach

 Fanta White Peach

You may enjoy the crisp flavor of white peach with Fanta White Peach, a carbonated beverage from the Fanta Japanese line. This rare flavor of Fanta tastes very different in Japan with its white color and tastes deliciously of peaches. It smells like candied peaches and has a cute bubblegum pink pattern! This Fanta flavor is a seasonal beverage often introduced in the summer and fall.


5. Fanta Grape Yogurt

Fanta Grape Yogurt

Fanta Grape Yogurt is another fruity, slightly yogurt-flavored Japanese Fanta beverage. This unusual creamy grape drink has yogurt and white grape flavors. The carbonation complements the ideal balance. This Fanta flavor looks beautiful with the misty white rain.


6. Fanta Premier Lemon

Fanta Premier Lemon

The Fanta Premier Series is a line of less sweet sodas than the usual varieties, making them suitable for those who prefer a less sweet beverage. The Fanta Premium Lemon is a new citrus flavor in the lineup. It uses nigiri lemon juice and lemon peel essence, is not overly sweet, and is ideal for those seeking an authentic experience. When you drink it right away, the sweet and tangy flavors of the lemon mix together, and the crisp flavor fills your mouth.


7. Fanta Japan Youth Sweetie

Fanta Japan Youth Sweetie

Fanta Japan Youth Sweetie is the ideal drink for all seasons. This new limited-edition flavor carbonated beverage has the delicate sweetness and reviving acidity of sweet tea, a type of citrus fruit. Sweetie is a flavor frequently used in candies, and many people may associate it with happy memories of their youth or school. It is ideal for renewing oneself during breaks from studying or working, as well as for spending priceless time with friends and family, thanks to its whimsical name and package design that bring back memories of those carefree days.


The above-mentioned Fanta flavors are excellent Japanese flavors that you can buy in stores for a limited time and are definitely worth trying. All of the fruit-flavored beverage options from Fanta go great with your favorite snack. Whatever variety you choose, Fanta's delicious flavor will keep you focused on what things you're doing. Any fan of soda who wishes to visit Japan and experience its distinctive yet delicious flavors must definitely try these Japanese Fanta flavors. Check out these flavors in the Sugoi Mart soda collection and place your first order now!


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