Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

Sanrio's Little Twin Stars are celebrating their birthday on December 24th and Japan is kicking off their entire birthday month with some major collaborations. Check it out!

1.) Cafe Collab

Omotesando's Strawberry Cafe & Dining has created a special menu available from November 22, 2019 ~ January 8, 2020.

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!
Special Little Twin Stars Cafe menu by Strawberry & Dining Cafe

Kiki and Lala are in their cozy coats for this winter theme celebration. You can find their precious faces on a variety of foods that they offer such as pastas, stews, cakes, burgers, parfaits, floats, lattes and more!

What's special about this menu is that every visitor will receive a one (out of the 2) original Little Twin Stars placemats. If you order food item, you can get one (out of the 8) original Little Twin Stars stickers. If you order a drink item you can get one (out of the 8) Little Twin Stars original coasters.

And if that just isn't enough Kiki & Lala in your life, the cafe offers a variety of Little Twin Stars merchandise.

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

Exclusive merchandise available

From top left to right: tote bag, lunch tote bag, and 56mm pins
From bottom left to right: acrylic key chains, iPhone XS/X case, IC card sticker

2.) Candy Collab

Papabubble, a world famous hand-made art candy company in Barcelona, is giving Kiki and Lala a platform of their own. 

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

The twins are featured on the label wearing warm and fuzzy beanies catching a ride in a sleigh. 

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

3.) Ice Cream Collab

Cold Stone Creamery in Japan has come up with a Little Twin Stars theme for their 'Season Creations" this winter.

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

1. Kiki & Lala's Dreamy White Winter Ice Cream - A dreamy and fluffy winter wonderland made from rich milk ice cream topped with marshmallow, whipped cream and white chocolate chips.

2. Kiki's Fluffy Blue Vanilla - French vanilla ice cream and pastel marshmallow topped with star-shaped chocolate

3. Lala's Berry Cheese Peace Yogurt - Cheesecake and strawberry ice cream topped with star-shaped chocolate with a refreshing and fruity after taste

4.) Engagement Ring?!

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

Love The Little Twin Stars so much? Why don't you marry them. Well, actually you can. U-Treasure, a classy jewelry shop in Tokyo for anime and character lovers, supplies these Little Twin Star engagement rings.

Happy Birthday Kiki & Lala!

For 88,000 JPY ($804.00 USD), you can truly let these twin stars shine with that bling on your finger!

Find out our selection of Little Twin Stars goodies on our store. 

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