Hange Zoe: Attack on Titan 14th Commander

Hange Zoe: Attack on Titan 14th Commander

Attack on Titan initially captured viewers' attention with its gripping man vs. monster story. This anime has changed in genuinely unexpected ways, raising the bar for narrative complexity and demanding character growth. The Attack on Titan manga is now over, and after providing years of amusement, the anime will likewise soon come to an end. That said, grand gestures and astonishing spectacles abound in the series' concluding episodes, emphasizing how far every Attack on Titan character has come. Toward the end of Attack on Titan, a few characters stand out as the most interesting ones, and Hange Zoe is no exception!


What is Attack on Titan?

What is Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan is arguably one of the best anime series to come out in the last ten years, thanks to its unexpected plot twists, action, and adventure, as well as its moving lines and capacity to let viewers sympathize with the characters. The plot revolves around human survivors of Attack on Titan who reside in a city circled with towering walls on the island of Paradis, where they are comparatively safe from the giant, man-eating titans that prowl outside its boundaries. The populace is content to live safely and prosper within the fortified city, despite widespread corruption and the truth about the titans being unknown to them.

All of this is altered when two unique titans, the armored titan, and the colossal titan, show up and decimate the outer wall maria, leaving a sizable portion of the human population vulnerable to attack. The military police must fight to keep the titans at bay while learning about their origins if they are to defend the final stronghold of humanity on Paradis while a third of the walled city perishes. The military's Scout Corps, whose duty is to conduct surveillance and titan eradication outside the walls, is what we follow from this point of entry. Attack on Titan's scale and breadth drastically alter as the last remnants of titan menace fades, and startling new information sheds insight into their intentions.


Who is Hange Zoe?

Who is Hange Zoe?

Hange Zoe is a major supporting character characterized as a Titan Freak and is recognized for having a "Mad Scientist"-like mentality in the anime series Attack on Titan. She is a Squad Leader from the Survey Corps and deeply involved in research on Titans, and regarded as something unnatural as a result. After Erwin Smith perished in the Survey Corps' suicide charge against the Beast Titan, Hange became the Survey Corps' 14th commander Hange's intelligence, scientific fascination, and strategic skills make her one of the 14th Survey Corps' core members. Aside from her extensive knowledge of Titans due to her detailed examination of them, she also has created a variety of weapons to combat them. Her sharp wit and curious mind are hindered by her moody, volatile disposition, which won't tolerate time wasters.

She is energetic and emotionally expressive, and Levi frequently calls her out for being strange. She is also capable of acting quickly, rationally, and decisively in critical circumstances because of her capacity to remain composed and level-headed, which is why she was a good choice to succeed Erwin as commander of the scouting legion. She is skilled at devising a strategy for the unit to follow and can solve complex challenges because of her intelligence and understanding.


Hange Zoe Appearance

Hange Zoe Appearance

Hange sported a square, thick-rimmed pair of glasses that were secured to their head with bands to prevent them from falling off during battle. But outside of missions, Hange wears oval-shaped glasses instead of her trademark square ones, which are constantly fastened to her head with an elastic band. On occasion, Hange was depicted dragging their glasses up over their forehead, frequently to convey seriousness or rage. She has brown eyes, medium-length hair that is always done up in a ponytail with bangs, and hair that is fairly disheveled to reflect her busy attitude. She is also quite tall for a woman in the series.

Moreover, Hange typically sports the Scout Regiment uniform, including a shirt underneath and the green regimental cloak. When not in uniform, Hange typically wore a black coat, black slacks, and a white button-up shirt. Additionally, Hange currently has a black eye patch covering her left eye after sustaining an eye injury in the Return to Shiganshina arc from the explosion brought on by Bertold Hoover, who previously held the Colossal Titan before Armin Arlelt.


Hange Zoe Story

Hange Zoe Story

Hanji Zoe is introduced as a member of the team tasked with transporting Eren to his military hearing in front of the military's top brass. She watches Levi beat up Eren with the rest of the Scouting Legion present, and once the tribunal is over, she checks on his condition, notices that the gap where Eren lost his tooth earlier is quickly closing. Hanji starts educating Eren on earlier experiments later when Eren and the Special Operations Squad are at the former Scouting Legion headquarters. Viewing Eren's Titan hand later earned an overly-excited response from Hanger, shattering the tension between Eren and the Special Operations Squad.

Hange rushes over to Eren in a fit of ecstasy and touches his Titan arm, burning their own hands on the exposed muscle. Hange comes to the conclusion that Eren's Titan abilities only become active when he has a specific goal in mind, like protecting his buddies from a cannon, after discovering a teaspoon being held in his Titan's arm. Hange also reasoned that this transition must be tied to the Titan's nature and have a valid explanation.

Later, Eren's Titan is used by Hange for experimental purposes. His body has started to fuse to the Titan while Hange and Mikasa attempt to liberate him from it. Hange asks Moblit Berner to sketch it while Mikasa cuts Eren out and declares the experiment to be over. Once Eren regains consciousness, Hange recounts to him the contents of the experiment. Initially, Eren had control of his Titan and was able to respond to commands, but soon, for no apparent reason, Eren began to grow pained. Despite these setbacks, Hange is upbeat that they would be able to learn important details regarding Eren's adaptability and limitations.


Hange Zoe Abilities

Hange Zoe Abilities

The skills Hange possessed as a combatant were a tremendous benefit to mankind. Their unique technique of studying Titans produced an astounding quantity of data and analysis. Hange's qualities were recognized by their coworkers, especially by their commander Erwin Smith, who anointed Hange his successor. Hange's tenacity and thirst for knowledge frequently made it easier to learn new things. After being promoted, Hange would spend hours researching Eren Yeager and everything related to the Titans. Hange was repeatedly denied permission to resume Titan capture operations in the Survey Corps but was eventually successful because of the information left behind by Ilse Langnar. Hange displayed an impressive resolve under great pressure, as they could use their intelligence and wits combined with any means necessary to devise cunning plans and inventions.

It wasn't just the wit and intelligence of Hange that made them valuable. When using their vertical maneuvering equipment, they demonstrated excellent proficiency. Hange was frequently very close to Titans because of their love of them, and as a result, they had honed an impressive reaction time that allowed them to evade capture repeatedly. Their lengthy service in the Survey Corps had also helped them to master their equipment, and they were now adept at taking Titans out with their blades.


More Interesting Facts About Hange Zoe

1. Hange organized the first Expedition To Capture a Titan.

Hange organized the first Expedition To Capture a Titan.

With Hanji's obsessive interest in Titans, this isn't that shocking. Erwin Smith gave Hanji the go-ahead to lead the first Titan-capture expedition while Hanji was on a recon mission in the OVA that follows Ilse Langnar with the aim of doing research. Hanji and the others anticipated killing a specific Titan that had been spotted prowling the forests outside the Walls. Although Hanji and the team were unable to capture the Titan, they did discover a notebook that had been kept by a dead soldier named Ilse Langnar and contained vital information on the Titans.


2. Hange knew the Human-Titan Connection before knowing Eren's Titan Powers

 Hange knew the Human-Titan Connection before knowing Eren's Titan Powers

Eren Yeager reveals in Attack on Titan season three that every character in the series is descended from a race of human beings with the ability to transform into a Titan form such as the female titan, collosal titan, armored titan, jaw titan, beast titan, war-hammer titan, beast titan, and even normal other titans. But all this was already discovered by Hange upon reading the information in the OVA Ilse Notebook. During the recon mission, Hange found a notebook that the dead soldier named Isle had left behind. The Titan can speak, according to the notes. They were addressed as "People of Ymir" by the Titan, who then promptly chewed off their heads and hid the corpse in the tree.


3. Levi almost killed Hange.

Levi almost killed Hange

The dynamic duo wasn't always so close; in fact, Hanji came dangerously near dying at Levi's hands. Levi tries to kill Hanji in Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga adaptation because he thinks they could have unintentionally overheard a plot. Levi and the rest of the Survey Corp were out one night when this incident happened. When they decided to take a break, Hange arrived. His special operations squad was interested to learn what they knew, and desired to talk about the giant monsters that Levi had slain, but Hange didn't.


4. Hange's Gender is still a mystery.

Hange's Gender is still a mystery.

Hange identifies as a woman in the anime, and while the manga readers also think Hange is a woman, the author has not explicitly stated this. He asserts that gender does not define a character. That said, Kodansha, the production firm, has decided to respect the character by removing gender pronouns for Hanji. In light of the preceding, it is ultimately irrelevant how Hange's name is spelled because, as was already said, the author has given the fans free reign to determine Hange's gender.


5. Unknown Age

Unknown age

The AoT author has concealed more than only the background and gender of the mad scientist. All of the other characters' backgrounds, including their ages, have appeared to be verified, but Hanji's has not. The age of Hanji could be between 25 and 30. They might be close in age to Levi, who is currently in his early 30s, or they might be the same age. It's quite doubtful that they're around the same age as Eren and his friends because they're still teens. It would appear that Isayama prefers to keep Hanji's past a secret. It does improve their attractiveness as a person.


6. Hange's Origin is never revealed.

Hange's Origin is never revealed.

Little is known about Hanji's background prior to joining the Survey Corps. Hajime Isayama, the series creator, has kept that aspect of their life a secret. Fans appear to be familiar with the backstories of all the other important characters, including Levi. Given how understated Levi is, it seems a little fascinating that the author was ready to give viewers or readers a glimpse into Levi's past but not Hange's. Fans would learn more about the genesis of the mad scientist based on the excessively quirky demeanor Hange embodies.


7. Hange's Name can be spelled in two Different Ways.

Hange's Name can be spelled in two Different Ways.

Most anime characters have names that are spoken or spelled differently. Often, names, cultural spellings, and pronunciations, or even just plain mistakes, violate copyright laws. It appears that Hanji's name might be spelled Hange or Hanji. Also, there have been numerous variations of Hange Zoe, even though official goods and events hosted in Japan follow Kodansha's translation of names. It is frequently translated as "Hans Zoe," which has a more manly sound. Isayama seems to have no problem with how the person spells Hange's name.


8. Levi may be Hange’s Only Friend.

Levi may be Hange’s Only Friend.

Levi is only really fond of a few individuals, with the exception of Erwin and Levi's buddies from the underground district, that is, until Hange showed up. In fact, during one anime episode, we witness Levi and Hange laughing uncontrollably. It was strange because nobody had ever before seen Levi grin or even laugh. It is still a quality he has yet to show his followers much of up to this point. Additionally, he is always willing to hear what Hange has to say, particularly when it relates to Titan's research. Except for Erwin, of course, Levi is not one to listen to what others have to say, but Hange tends to have that impact on individuals.


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