Halloween 2022 at Universal Studios Japan

by Theo Ponthieux

Halloween is increasingly popular among Japanese. It appeared in 2000 when Tokyo Disneyland held its first Halloween party. The triumph came, and other theme parks followed suit. This Halloween is arguably the most important event on the calendar and can come on September 31st.

What is USJ known for?

Universal Studios Japan was the first Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia. The theme park first opened in the Osaka Bay Area in 2001 and has since grown to become Japan's second most visited amusement park after Tokyo Disney Resort.

There are musement rides that range in difficulty - from kid-friendly carousels to thrilling roller coasters and simulators based on popular films such as Spiderman, Back to the Future, Terminator 2, and Jurassic Park.

Aside from rides, the theme park offers numerous opportunities for visitors to take photos with mascots of well-known characters such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, and the Muppets. Every day, a variety of performances, including a night procession with illuminated floats, are also presented.

How is Halloween different in Japan?

Halloween 2022 at Universal Studios Japan

Halloween is widely known differently in Japan than in other cultures, and costumes and celebrations are important. Halloween was a preferred holiday in Japan for adults who enjoyed partying and dressing up. Other Halloween traditions were ignored.

What is the true meaning of Halloween?

Halloween 2022 at Universal Studios Japan

Halloween may be a contraction of All Hallows’ Eve, a vacation observed on October 31, the evening before All Saints’ (or All Hallows’) Day. Over time, Halloween evolved into everyday activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning Halloween costumes, and eating treats.

Does Japan have Halloween parties?

Halloween has become increasingly celebrated around the world over the past decades, and Japan is not an exception to the current. However, in every country, Halloween is customized to suit local interests, and this has made Halloween in Japan an awfully unique celebration, especially in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese also have Halloween parties. They call it street parties, where people wear costumes and gather on the famous streets in Japan.

How do Japanese dress during Halloween?

Kawasaki Halloween 2017: Celebrate Halloween in Japan, Spooky and Diverse!

Nightclubs, theme park bars, and street parties in Japan are all clothed in various frightening outfits. Popular clothing may be funky to sexily creepy. Traditional costumes include witches, wizards, demons, and black cats, but many Japanese dress up as favorite characters from video games or television shows. Everyone dresses as anime or manga characters instead of ghosts or monsters in Ikebukuro, a very important center of the Japanese anime culture.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Japan

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights was originally known as Universal Studios Fright Nights in 1991. It is a Halloween-themed event held at Universal Studios theme park IN Osaka, Japan, each year. In 1991, the event was known as Universal Studios Fright Nights and began as a three-night event at Universal Studios Florida. The following year, it was renamed Halloween Horror Nights and promoted as the "second annual event." It has since evolved into an event featuring themed haunted houses and scare zones on select nights from early September to late October.

Zombie de Dance was one among two park-wide roaming scare zones of street zombies that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights. It absolutely was a collaboration with the dance group "The J Soul Brothers." Since returning to Universal Studios Florida in 2006, the Halloween event has been held yearly, except in 2020, when it had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making it the primary year that Halloween Horror Nights wasn't held since its inception. The event later resumed its 30th year in 2021.

Halloween in Japan: Traditions and Where to Travel

Japan to celebrate Halloween with parades | The Japan Times

Halloween has remained popular among Japanese tourists. It rose to prominence in 2000, when Tokyo Disneyland hosted its first Halloween celebration. The victory arrived, and plenty of more themes followed the lead. Halloween has evolved into an annual event. However, Halloween in Japan isn't a copy of the American version.

Japanese theme parks are key places that are placed on a spooky theme during Halloween. Universal Studios Japan and plenty of theme parks offer some unique experiences that enable people to enjoy Halloween in Japan. Various Halloween events occur in these parks for the yearly celebration.

How is Halloween celebrated in Japan?

The most popular Halloween activity in Japan is wearing Halloween costumes, and there are numerous Halloween street parties and costume parades.

On Halloween night, you can find people dressed as Japanese anime and manga characters, which are the most popular theme; traditional monsters, characters from computer games, TV shows, and films, as well as cute and sexy outfits.

Trick-or-treating is one aspect of Halloween that does not exist in Japan. Halloween events are primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults who want to have a good time and party all night, so requesting candy isn't very appealing. Nonetheless, there are some special events for teenagers in international schools where trick-or-treating may be included to demonstrate how popular Halloween is in other countries.

Halloween Street Parties

Halloween in Japan is principally celebrated through street parties where people wear all types of stunning costumes and party into the first hours. Parades and costume contests are among the favorite ways in which Japanese people tend to celebrate Halloween.

If you're puzzling over celebrating Halloween in Japan, there's a wonderful place to begin. In Japan, the festival takes place in famous places like park areas or squares. There are annual big Halloween parades in Roppongi Hills, which regularly transform into massive street parties. Another of the simplest parties happens at Shibuya, Tokyo, where the Scramble Crossings Centre Gai is blocked, and the party continues till late at night! Street Party may be a fantastic opportunity to work out various costumes and have a good time during Halloween on a budget.

Halloween Treats in Japan

Though the Japanese don't "trick or treat," there are plenty of sweet things to eat on Halloween. The Japanese have adopted the tradition of carving orange pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns. There are also many limited-edition products available during Halloween. Restaurants and bakeries also serve popular orange, black, green, and purple desserts for their customers during Halloween.

Japanese Halloween trains

At Halloween, Japanese trains transform. On October 31st, Japan Railway's Tokyo-circling Yamanote Line has its annual underground Halloween celebration, known as the Yamanote Halloween Train or "Gaijin Train." Both sympathetic Japanese and foreign inhabitants of Tokyo are present at the celebrations.

What is Japanese Halloween called?


Obon, also known as Bon, is the Japanese meaning of Halloween. Halloween differs from Halloween in other countries in Japan. Halloween was first observed as an autumn harvest festival where rituals were performed to pay honor to the departed.

How should you spend Halloween in Japan?

Halloween is more geared toward adults who want to dress in costumes than merely for adults. October 31 is the principal party time, but you'll notice that the event runs throughout October through September. Tokyo, Osaki, and Kanagawa are major cities with Halloween celebrations such as parties, flash mobs, and parades.

Halloween in Japan can be enjoyed with family and friends, and often people are invited to home parties. Most come to party at nightclubs, bars, theme parks, or just outside.

Where can I buy Halloween costumes?

Don Quijote at Roppongi - Roppongi, Tokyo - Japan Travel

There are various styles of costume. Some wear traditional costumes like witches and wizards, ghosts, and mummies, whereas some wear costumes with their favorite manga/Anime characters. Any character from a TV program, movie, or game. Halloween costumes are sometimes a bit kawaii (cute) and a bit frightening for some people. In otaku areas like Akihabara in Tokyo, you may have an anime figure rather than a monster. Don Quijote and Daiso are two of the most popular places to buy costumes, make-up, and decorations. However, Halloween-themed merchandise can be found in stores all over Japan.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Scariest-Ever Universal Studios Japan Halloween Specials

Halloween Horror Nights is back with more terror and thrills than ever!

The park extends a warm welcome to visitors wearing various costumes. You might be asked to leave or denied access if you engage in certain activities that are forbidden for the protection and security of the Park's large majority.

For safety reasons, you may also be required to remove some of your clothing or accessories before entering.

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