Get "Crunky" with Ray!

Get "Crunky" with Ray!

In North America, getting "crunk" is a verb to party. In Japan, "Crunky" is a popular chocolate treat that might as well be related to a party (in your mouth). This well-known chocolate in Japan can be enjoyed in different ways, check it out:

Rice puff chocolate malts, mini chocolate bar, regular-sized chocolate bar

Let's take a look at just a handful of the flavors that Crunky has to offer as chocolate malt balls.

JC Member Ray is going to taste test these and give his input on what they taste like and which one he thinks is THE BEST.

Roasted Almond

"This isn't as salty as you'd think, considering it has almonds. This flavor in particular tastes really similar to 'Crunch,' the American chocolate bar. It doesn't have that hard crunch feel, considering it's a malt.


"From the moment you open the package, the scent is really strong and you can really smell the strawberry. But when you bite into it, you can sort of taste the strawberry flavor. It certainly isn't overpowering, but it has that nice strawberry aftertaste."

Bitter Dark Cookie

"This can be compared to dark chocolate, but it's not really all there. It's still sweet in some way and the cookie crunch really gives it much more of a harder crunch than we expected with the roasted almond Crunky."


"The original Crunky is your traditional milk chocolate flavor, you simply can't go wrong here. It has the mildest crunch of them all."

And now for Ray's choice of flavor when it comes to Crunky malt balls is...

Cookies & Cream

"This tastes like your standard cookies & cream snack. In comparison to the other Crunky chocolates, this one also wasn't as crunchy as you'd expect. This ones my favorite because who doesn't like cookies & cream?"

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