Celebrate Eevee Day!

Celebrate Eevee Day!

November 21st might be a regular day anywhere else, but as of last year (2018) the Japan Anniversary Society has officially made 11/21 Eevee Day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Official Eevee Day Announcement Tweet
A proud Eevee with the document officiating Eevee Day

But Why 11/21?

Eevee Day Explanation Tweet

The tweet above translates as “Today is Pokemon Eevee Day!” And explains why today is the Pokemon's special day.

Did you know in Japanese, Eevee's name is pronounced ee [ē] - bui [boo] which can be translated to 11/21.

The 11 comes from the sound “ee” as in “ichi” meaning “1,” and 21 comes from the sound “bu” meaning “2" or "futatsu."

Celebrate Eevee Day with Exclusive Eevee Swag

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