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Riddle Rosehearts

Disney Twisted Wonderland is an innovative and enjoyable anime-based role-playing game. The game is called "twisted" since it features "twisted" male renditions of popular Disney characters. Warped characters can be found in well-known Disney movies, including The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, and others. Like many other RPGs, this one features a character collection as part of the gameplay. The game should debut with a huge cast of Disney Twisted Wonderland characters to ensure a smooth experience, and one significant character is the head of Heartslabyul, Riddle Rosehearts. Read on to know more about everything you need to know about Riddle Rosehearts of Twisted Wonderland. 


What is Disney Twisted Wonderland?

What is Disney Wonderland?

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a "Narrative Adventure Japan Role Playing Game." What is referred to as "visual novels" in other countries are known as "adventure" games or "ADV" in Japanese version. Adventure games include text-based games and RPG style battles. On occasion, your character could be able to navigate directly through a menu or on a map. Twisted Wonderland contains both turn-based RPG and rhythm game aspects, although calling it either one would be seriously inaccurate. You'll spend most of your time reading. Similarly, listening to the characters' voices is important because the main story is voiced entirely narrating a magical adventure in every Disney Twisted Wonderland episode. In fact, the most recognizable Disney villains are represented by youthful magic students in the game's short stories. In fact, the classic female villains of your favorite Disney films, outside of Scar, Jafar, and Hades are now portrayed by charming young men.

The game overview was co-produced by Walt Disney Japan and the Japanese animation studio Aniplex. The narrative of the game has the player's selected name for the game's main character being transported through a magic mirror into a magical school named Night Raven College. They are unable to return to their reality, so the headmaster in disguise provides them with a world altogether unlike they never been before. The character designs are based on seven different Disney villains (Queen of Hearts, Scar, Ursula, Jafar, The Evil Queen, Hades, and Maleficent) and is made to reside in the academy as an errand boy even though they have no memory of how they were summoned or how to return to their original world. There are seven dorms (little mermaid scarabia dorm, seven dwarfs ignihyde dorm, aladdin pomefiore dorm, hercules diasomnia dorm, ramshackle dorm, and king octavinelle dorm) present in Disney's Twisted Wonderland, which is one of the first things you'll notice. Each of these dorms has a theme based on the character inspired by Disney villainsand a representation of the classic Disney movies they are from. The game features seven distinct dorms, one of which is the Heartslabyul, led by Riddle Rosehearts.


What is Heartslabyul Dorm?

What is Heartslabyul Dorm?

Heartslabyul is one of the seven dormitories of Night Raven College in the game titled Disney Twisted Wonderland. The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland is the inspiration for the Heartslabyul Dorm. It is well known for having a lengthy list of rules that all its students must abide by. Every member of Heartslabyul has a facial mark that resembles one of the four playing card suits: the heart, spade, diamond, or clover, except for the current house warden. These markings are present above or beneath one eye in most Heartslabyul students, albeit their sizes and placements differ. These card symbols can be seen in their dorm attire and their coffin-shaped symbol on the game's loading screen.

Moreover, Alice in Wonderland-inspired visual themes may be seen on the dorm uniforms. The vests are embroidered with crowns, which serve as a stand-in for the Queen herself, and all four playing card suits, which represent the Queen's card soldiers. A white rose is also painted red on the uniform's jacket. This alludes to the scene where three card soldiers accidentally plant white roses in the Queen's garden and try to cover it up by painting it crimson. The typical dorm outfit also features a chessboard pattern. This could be an allusion to chess, which frequently appeared in Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

Compared to the other dorms, it boasts the main characters. While the game's first chapter is devoted to the story of the Heartslabyul dorm and as the MC develops a deep friendship with two of its residents, the Heartslabyul dorm may serve as the game's central focus. The chapter focuses on the MC adjusting to college life, becoming friends with Heartslabyul members, and assisting the dorm's oppressive leader.


Who is Riddle Rosehearts?

Who is Riddle Rosehearts?

Riddle is a fair-skinned, youthful-appearing, and a serious-minded student who is much shorter than most of his contemporaries. He is a second-year student and the leader of Heartslabyul, based on the Red Queen. He is quite severe and conceited, strictly enforcing the hundreds of pointless dorm rules. Riddle unleashes his potent special magic known as "Off With His Head" if a rule is breached. Riddle was brainwashed as a child due to his mother's rigid and authoritarian upbringing. Riddle believes he is helping the youngsters by strictly enforcing the dorm regulations, but over time he begins to see how unreasonable he is.

Additionally, appearance-wise, Riddle's hair is cut short in the back and a little longer around his face, and it is a neutral red hue. Two noticeable hairs on the top of his head fall forward and form a heart shape as his bangs bend downward. His eyes are blue-gray, and he frequently has a serious expression on his face.


Riddle Rosehearts Background

Riddle Rosehearts Background

In appearance, Riddle was raised in the Queendom of Roses, where he was also born. Although his mother is more well-known, both of his parents are magicians. He doesn't seem to get along with his parents, though. Riddle's mother raised him and taught him how to become a proficient magician starting at a young age. She had total control over every aspect of Riddle's life, including his nutrition, wardrobe, and social circle. His mother focused specifically on Riddle's study schedule, reminding him that studying is the most important task to do and that playing is a pointless pastime.

Riddle studied and was alone for the majority of his childhood as a result. Then one day, he noticed Trey and Che'nya outside of his house, and they invited Riddle to play with them there. At first, Riddle declined the invitation, but after some persuasion, he decided to join in. Riddle claims that playing with Trey and Che'nya together as a child was a lot of fun, so he would leave his study session early without his mother's knowledge to play with Trey and Che'nya. When Riddle got home, his mother violently rebuked and punished him. He pleaded and wept to his mother to pardon him, but she didn't hear him, so she made his study schedule even more strict than it previously was.

In addition to the rigidity of his schedule, Riddle forbade Trey and Che'nya from ever speaking to him and forbade them from entering his home. As time went on, Riddle became accustomed to the demanding and strict life he must endure, learning and obeying his mother. Riddle Rosehearts was accepted into Night Raven College a year before the game's start, and a week after starting classes there, he was appointed house warden of Heartsabyul.


Riddle Rosehearts Personality

Riddle Rosehearts Personality

Riddle is steadfastly committed to upholding discipline among his friends. According to the traditions of his hostel, he considers it his job to preserve the hundreds of bizarre regulations established by the Queen of Hearts. Because of his strong punishments for anyone who breaches the Queen's laws, regardless of how little they may seem, his other dorm residents might perceive him as scary and strict. He feels that obeying any written instruction or strange rules, whether it comes from the school, the teachers, or the Queen herself, will result in unneeded pandemonium.

Riddle strives for excellence in all facets of his life and is devoted to his academics at Night Raven College. He occasionally gets a little agitated, sometimes for no apparent reason, as when someone brings up his height. Because he believes that his views are always morally correct, he often attacks people who think differently than he does. Although Riddle's strictness initially appears to come from a position of entitlement, it is subsequently made clear that he feels compelled to behave in this way. Although he secretly wouldn't mind occasionally breaking the law, he was taught the hard way as a child that challenging the status quo would only make matters worse.


Riddle Rosehearts Skills and Magic

Riddle Rosehearts Skills and Magic

Riddle consistently places first in all of his classes, which is evidence of his high intelligence. Riddle's diligence and rapid parsing of lengthy books and writings are major contributors to his intellect. Also, he can distill many volumes into a handful of magical hashtags, demonstrating his familiarity with the subject and aptitude for identifying the most important details. He also has a strong memory, as evidenced by the fact that he could memorize all 810 of Heartlabyul's rules and solved crossword puzzles, a feat that not even third-years have achieved.

In addition, Riddle had grown up to be an extraordinarily skilled magician for his age, even overwhelming several of his upperclassmen as a result of receiving rigorous training from a young age. Riddle appears to be particularly adept at using fire magic, which is one of the three major elements. One of his signature spells is called "Off with Your Head!". It causes a heart-shaped collar to lock around the target's neck, securing their magic until Riddle removes it. Although the spell seems unbreakable, especially to novice magicians, it can be thwarted by protective magic or broken by a powerful enough target. Riddle is also one of the greatest fliers in his grade despite having ordinary physical strength, thanks to his mastery of magic, which allows him to perform sharp turns, spins, and take off and land rapidly.


Best Riddle Rosehearts Merchandise

Twisted Wonderland is one of the newest hits among Bishounen-based mobile games set in a parallel Disney-related universe. This Disney's entry into Japanese-inspired visual novels, Twisted Wonderland, has already attracted the interest of fans all over the world. It's hardly surprising that fans would want to purchase several merchandises given the variety of dorms, attractive character designs, and entertaining plot. Fortunately, there is gear available for this series. You may get the official stuff, whether you desire plushies, an acrylic stand, a scarf, a button, or a bag in the Sugoi Mart Disney Twisted Wonderland collection. Here are a few of the collections featuring Riddle Rosehearts.


1. Disney Twisted Wonderland Look Up Figure: Riddle Rosehearts

Disney Twisted Wonderland Look Up Figure: Riddle Rosehearts

This Disney Twisted Wonderland Look Up Figure: Riddle Rosehearts model has the cutest Little Rosehearts! Riddle Rosehearts, the dormitory leader of Heartslabyul, is the first newcomer to Twisted-Wonderland from the look-up series. All of the figures from the gaze up series are placed by your side and are perpetually looking up into your eyes. These characters feature movable heads that make it seem like they are always looking up at you. They are all positioned in sitting positions as well. The necks have a joint so that they can always look right at you. It has a size of about 11 cm tall. Because the other Dorm Leaders are also expected to join the series, make sure to collect them all now!


2. Disney Twisted Wonderland: Riddle Rosehearts Paper Theater

Disney Twisted Wonderland: Riddle Rosehearts Paper Theater

A 3D theater may be created using the Paper Theater paper craft kit by layering together laser-cut papers. It features numerous Disney and Japanese anime characters. Here is a stunning paper theater piece that features Riddle Rosehearts from the well-known Disney mobile title Twisted Wonderland! Make your own artwork now with this Disney Twisted Wonderland: Riddle Rosehearts Paper Theater.

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