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All you Need to Know about Shiny Mimikyu

by Theo Ponthieux

Pokemon types have been a mainstay in anime world, but their number has increased greatly. Due to Pikachu popularity, most people only have knowledge of the electric type of Pokemon. However, there are actually 18 different kinds of Pokémon, including Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Ice, Bug, Steel, Dragon, Flying, Fighting, Dark, Fairy, and Ghost.

That said, Ghost-type Pokemon are among the most adored ever, from the original Pokemon like Gengar to Mythical Pokemon like Hoopa. In the first generation, there were just three Ghost-type Pokemon: Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Nowadays, there are 44 Pokemon of the Ghost type in the Pokemon franchise, making them some of the rarest and most valuable Pokemon. One of the most powerful Ghost-type and everyone's favorite little creepy Pokemon is Mimikyu.


What is a Ghost-Type Pokemon?

Ghost-Type Pokemon

The Ghost Pokémon type was the eeriest and most enigmatic of all Pokémon types released in the anime. It was a peculiarly different element from the typically joyful Pokémon universe. Ghost-type Pokemon stand out from the hundreds of other pocket monsters thanks to their unusual talents or strange histories. Since then, Ghost has grown into a complete type, albeit one that is still uncommon, and is armed with many competitive advantages. This type of Pokémon is frequently associated with terror, the night, and death. They typically haunt abandoned houses, cemeteries, funeral homes, and dark places untouched by sunlight.

Additionally, Ghost-type Pokémon are notoriously mischievous, pulling pranks on people just to see their faces and responses. Every Ghost Pokémon will have a greater ability to fool a human the more terrified it is. At worst, some Pokémon of the Ghost type might act in a homicidal manner. Due to their status-altering techniques, Ghost-type Pokemon are undoubtedly some of the sneakiest creatures in the franchise, and some Pokemon are more challenging in combat than others. However, Ghost-types can, of course, have their own set of vulnerabilities, and they can be countered, just like every type in the series. Indeed, Ghost-type Pokemon is possibly a fascinating Pokémon type, with scary natures and many eerie hypotheses.


Who is Mimikyu?

Who is Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a fictional character from the Pokémon television series. Megumi Mizutani created it for the Pokémon Sun and Moon video games in 2016. Due to its appearance mimicking a cloth worn as Pikachu's disguise in the series, it is known as the "Disguise Pokémon." Mimikyu is one of the creepiest and prettiest Pokemon of all time, but don't be fooled by its cartoonish smile or little size; when it wants to be, it can be very dangerous. The greatest benefit of Mimikyu is its dual Ghost/Fairy typing, which gives it access to various attacks that can deal with practically any Pokemon type. Its Ghost/Fairy typing also enables it to execute potent same-type attack bonus moves on all other types of Pokemon for at least neutral damage. However, Mimikyu doesn't have a lot of HP to its name after its disguise is removed.

While some Ghost-type Pokemon have sinister backstories, Mimikyu's is just downright miserable. This little lonely Pokémon of the Ghost and Fairy types is keen to make friends, but rumors suggest that it makes people sick having some mysterious disease. Due to the popularity of the Pikachu costume, Mimikyu thought that adopting a pokémon's rag-fashioned disguise would help it make friends with humans. Unfortunately, this endeavor just makes the disguised form look creepier. Mimikyu was once believed by mankind to be nothing more than a ghost wearing and hiding beneath an old rag.


Mimikyu's Physical Look

Mimikyu's Physical Look

Mimikyu is a diminutive Pokémon that stands 8 inches (0.2 m) tall, and its "body" was created to resemble Pikachu. The disguise's general design does resemble Pikachu, although its skin is beige-gray rather than yellow. It has a wood "tail" that is grayish-brown in color. The sole features on the disguise's "face" are some shoddy rendered cheeks, eyes, and a zigzag mouth. The costume's body has beady black eyes visible in the lower portion of its outfit, which is actually Mimikyu's eyes.

Mimikyu said to have a dark shadowy mass and terrifying appearance beneath the cloth with two glowing eyes, but its actual appearance is unknown what it looks like in its entirety because catching a glimpse of it instantly sends one into catatonic shock or even a painful death. In fact, a gust of wind revealed what hides under this Mimikyu's rag to a passing Trainer, who went home and died painfully that very night. Also, a scientist died of a mysterious illness when he peeked under Mimikyu's old rag for research. Mimikyu is just about the size of its disguise's torso in reality, as there doesn't seem to be anything organic appearance beneath an old rag. It was formerly believed to be just a ghost dressed in ragged linen due to its look until it was recently identified as a Pokémon species.


Mimikyu's Behavior

Mimikyu's Behavior

One well-known Mimikyu from the anime has been shown to possess a tremendous, borderline pathological hatred for every Pikachu, especially Ash's Pikachu. It's possible that not all Mimikyu feel this way, and it's conceivable that various Mimikyu feels differently towards Pikachu. In one episode of the anime, Meowth was temporarily rendered catatonic after Jessie's Mimikyu removed its rag underwater and revealed its true appearance to him. He was able to live since he only had a glimpse of Mimikyu's real form through the water.

However, most Mimikyu is not malicious and merely wish to make friends with people. As a result, they disguise themselves as Pikachu to appeal to the public's affection. Also, Mimikyu can evade attacks thanks to the cloth it is wearing. Even if the rag is destroyed, Mimikyu will maintain its cover to conceals its terrifying appearance. However, they will reveal one or both of their hidden claws to defend themselves when threatened. It will, nevertheless, spend the entire night as if its life depended on it, stitching its cloth or fix its broken neck all night. Mimikyu often has trouble fixing the rag correctly, which causes it to frequently shed internal tears. Then, out of concern that its true identity may be exposed, Mimikyu will mercilessly seek revenge against the person who caused it harm. Unforgiving, Mimikyu will pursue the offender with all the effort until it loses its own life doing so. As long as Mimikyu is alive, it will never forget the person who harmed its rag.


Mimikyu's Anime Appearance

Mimikyu's Anime Appearance

Mimikyu is a character in the anime Pokémon: Sun & Moon that Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket encounter. Jessie picked up on the cuteness and decided to grab Mimikyu. She threw Meowth at Mimikyu because she didn't have any offensive Pokémon yet, but it was resistant to Meowth's Fury Swipes. The unheard horrible things Mimikyu says terrify Meowth since he can understand them. Meowth removes Mimikyu's disguise as the two of them start to fight and are nearly killed when he sees the genuine Mimikyu. Jessie and James awakened Meowth, but they were forced to give up and hide when they heard Ash and his classmates approaching.

Ash attempted to use Pikachu's Iron Tail to catch Mimikyu, but it was useless due to Mimikyu's ability to disguise itself. Mimikyu then used Play Rough to defeat Pikachu. Team Rocket intervened before the conflict between Pikachu and Mimikyu got out of hand. When Pikachu attempted to defend himself against Meowth's Fury Swipes, Mimikyu stepped in. Mimikyu expressed a deep-seated hatred for Pikachu through Meowth, telling Team Rocket that it would aid them in their fight against the Pokémon. Later, when Team Rocket fights Ash Ketchum's Pikachu, it joins forces with them. Jessie's Mimikyu holds a bitter hatred towards all Pikachu and only dresses up as one since it is the thing it loathes the most, unlike most Mimikyu who cosplay as Pikachu so they can make friends like Pikachu. Mimikyu volunteered to battle for Team Rocket since it was a wild Pokémon and wanted to take on Ash's Pikachu. When it spots a Pikachu, Mimikyu becomes instantly agitated and fights despite Jessie's instructions.


Mimikyu's Video Game Appearance

Mimikyu's Video Game Appearance

The Pokémon video game franchise has been around for a while and produced many games. The games generally have the same basic structure, where the player takes control of a young Pokémon trainer on a mission to find and train Pokémon. The trainer moves across several areas, engaging in combat with other trainers and wild Pokémon while also gathering badges and other goods. Numerous platforms, including the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Switch, have seen the release of the games.

As a dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokémon, Mimikyu can be found in Pokémon Sun and Moon video games. When attacked, it alters its appearance. Once throughout combat, it can prevent damage from an enemy assault thanks to its ability "Disguise." Additionally, in both Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Mimikyu appears as a totem Pokémon that can execute an exclusive Fairy-type move that needs Mimikyu to know the move "Play Rough." Moreover, in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Mimikyu can be found in the Giant's Mirror area of the Wild Area during foggy conditions. Also, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Mimikyu can be found in the Tagtree Thicket woodland and close to ruins. Mimikyu also appears in a series of video games like Pokémon Rumble Rush, Pokémon Shuffle, Pokémon Masters EX, Pokkén Tournament DX, and Pokémon Go.


Best Pokemon Mimikyu Merchandise

Become a top Pokemon trainer with the aid of Sugoi Mart's Pokémon collection. No matter if you prefer Pokémon Go, Detective Pikachu, or the classic anime and video games, we have everything you need to become a true Pokémon Master. Grab your Poké Ball and go after all of your favorite Pokémon with our toys and collectibles. Find merchandise for all your favorite characters, including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Mimikyu collection is no different. Here are some of the best Mimikyu collectibles you'll definitely love.


1. Pokemon Nanoblocks: Mimikyu

Pokemon Nanoblocks: Mimikyu

Build models with incredible detail, astounding authenticity, and unequaled realism with this Pokemon Nanoblocks: Mimikyu. Mimikyu from Nanoblock's Pokémon Collection series stands approximately 3.1" tall and has 200 pieces. Bricks as small as 4mmx5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a perfect fit. You can fit this magnificent 3D image in the palm of your hand. Each set includes thorough step-by-step instructions. This kit has all the details one would anticipate and is enjoyable to assemble! This kit is regarded as an introductory level.


2. Pokemon Dolls: Mimikyu Plushie

Pokemon Dolls: Mimikyu Plushie

Although this Pokémon Dolls Mimikyu plush has created the best disguise, not everyone may be deceived. In any case, this cute Pokémon is eager to meet new people despite its rather eerie appearance. Because of its small size, the Mimikyu Pokemon Plush is portable and easy to carry. Additionally, you can use it as a present for a Pokemon enthusiast in your life. These are appropriate for everyone, especially children over the age of two. This Mimikyu Plush Pokemon has a yellow-colored veil. This one is adorable and a wonderful addition to your collection of Pokemon.


3. Pokemon Mimikyu Tote Bag

Pokemon Mimikyu Tote Bag

Let the adorable and quirky Pokemon Mimikyu help you carry just about anything you need with this practical, stylish, and eco-friendly Pokemon Mimikyu Tote Bag! When not in use, it can also be folded up for easy storage.


4. Mimikyu Kigurumi Cap

Mimikyu Kigurumi Cap

Here's a cozy hat designed to resemble Mimikyu the Pokemon! Anyone who wears this adorable, high-quality kigurumi cap will transform into Mimikyu. This Mimikyu hat is constructed from a warm, fuzzy cloth. The Mimikyu Kigurumi Cap is excellent for keeping your head warm and feeling cozy on chilly days.

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All you Need to Know about Shiny Mimikyu


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