All you Need to Know about Mega Charizard Y

All you Need to Know about Mega Charizard Y

Have you ever imagined your orange Fire- and Flying-type Charizard transforming into a black Fire- and Dragon-type behemoth with noticeably enhanced strength is indescribably exciting? Mega Evolution gives you a chance to briefly go beyond the typical limits of Evolution, unlike regular evolution, which is permanent and has some pretty great advantages.

Mega Evolutions and Mega Evolved Pokemon were included in the most recent update to Pokemon GO, and players can now catch Mega Evolved Pokémon in the Mega Evolution raids that are presently available. One of the current aspects of these raids is the Mega Evolutions for the three Kanto starters. Charizard stands out as a special case because it has two distinct potential Mega Evolutions that can arise in Pokemon GO, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. Read on and learn everything you need to know about Mega Charizard Y!


What is Mega Evolution?

What is Mega Evolution?

Mega Evolution is a process where a Pokémon's CP is increased briefly throughout the eight-hour. The Pokemon's health doesn't change. It's important to keep in mind that some Pokémon momentarily change type when Mega Evolving when choosing a lineup for a Mega Raid Battle. The Dragon and Flying Mega Altaria, for instance, develops into the Dragon and Fairy Mega Altaria. Two probable Mega Evolutions for the Fire-and-Flying-type Charizard are the Fire-and-Dragon-type Charizard X and the Fire-and-Flying-type Charizard Y.

In essence, Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO strengthens your Pokémon and activates specific perks that last as long as your Pokémon is Mega Evolved. However, you will need to complete numerous raids of the same Pokémon before you have enough energy to Mega Evolve, and most Mega Evolutions alternate between raids.

Whether or not you manage to capture the Mega-Evolved Pokémon, you will still receive Mega Energy for that Pokémon at the end of a successful Mega Raid. Inviting friends and carefully choosing your lineup is important because the sooner you destroy the raid boss, the more Mega Energy you'll gain. During each successful raid, you can anticipate earning between 150 and 250 Mega Energy, depending on how swiftly you destroy the Raid Boss. This Mega Energy is also rewarded for several Field Research and Timed Research Activities.


Who is Mega Charizard Y?

Who is Mega Charizard Y?

This Mega Raid is not one you should miss because it is also the simpler to complete of the two. Mega Charizard Y is a challenging foe that you can anticipate encountering in Mega Raids. After you defeat him, he will give you Charizard Mega Energy, which you can use to Mega Evolve your own Charizard.

The Mega Evolution of Charizard, known as Mega Charizard Y, which evolves using a Mega Stone, was formally introduced during the Pokémon Direct on September 4, 2013. Its exclusivity to Pokémon Y was made known during the Japanese showing of Mega Pokémon Origins. Mega Charizard Y is a Fire and Flying type with access to Fire, Flying, and Dragon-type moves. As Mega Charizard Y enters a battle, the weather transforms to Strong Sunshine thanks to its Drought Ability. However, Mega Charizard Y is a dual fire and flying-type Pokémon, just like a regular Charizard. This implies that while it resists ground, fighting, bug, steel, fire, grass, and fairy-type moves, it is vulnerable to rock, water, and electric-type attacks.

Although Mega Charizard Y may not be as well known as Mega Charizard X, it is the more powerful variation in Pokemon Go because of how the user's stats are translated. Mega Charizard Y is actually among the best Pokemon in the game in terms of sheer DPS. It's a shame it lacks any Flying Type Charged Moves because they would be a nice inclusion. This is the preferred option when Fire-type attackers are required—as long as Mega Energy is accessible. In fact, Mega Charizard Y will have the second-highest DPS, max hp, max cp, and the best target's accuracy among the Flame Pokémon-DPS Mega Evolutions. It will lag behind Mega Blaziken a little bit, but it also has a greater TDO and a unique sub-typing to set itself out, which also means a unique secondary type boost. In general, Mega Charizard Y is unlikely to ever lose favor.


Origin of Mega Charizard Y

Origin of Mega Charizard Y

Charizard is a bipedal, draconic Pokémon. Its underbelly, which extends from its chest to the tip of its tail, is cream in color. Its predominant color is orange. It has two horn-like protrusions from the back of its rectangular head, small blue eyes, a long neck, and slightly elevated nostrils. Two fangs are seen in its upper jaw when its mouth is closed. Its back sprouts two broad wings with blue-green undersides, and the top of the third joint of each wing has a protruding appendage that resembles a horn. Charizard searches the skies for formidable foes to face off against, and as it gets to experience. Also, Charizard's fire burns hotter as it evolves. Charizard's fiery breath has been known for having such great heat and creates intense blue flames which unintentionally start forest fires while melting enormous glaciers and rocks.

Charizard, the last evolution of the Gen I Fire-type starter, has not one but two Mega Evolutions. The more effective Mega Charizard Y is the one between the two. It's the strongest Fire-type in the game, to put it simply, and as a Mega, it will strengthen other Fire and Flying kinds on the field. In addition, Charizard has two Mega Forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. Both evolved Charizard Pokemon have shorter snouts, white eyes with vertical slits, and dazzling undersides that reach the lower jaw.

As Mega Charizard Y, it adopts a sleeker shape while retaining its natural coloring. It has three pointed horns on the back of its head, the middle one being longer. Its snout has larger teeth and a ridge on the nose. Its neck is shorter, but its torso is longer and thinner. Longer digitigrade feet are present on it. Its hands are less developed, and its fingers are exceedingly short and not separated from one another. The wings on its back grow larger, lose the wing finger that normally passes through its membrane, and finally develop ragged edges, but the wings on its wrists get smaller. Its tail has three smaller spikes near the tip, which now has a longer flame, and a larger spike at the base of the tail burns. It is claimed that Mega Charizard Y can fly with better skill than a jet fighter.


Mega Charizard Competitive Battling Style

Mega Charizard Competitive Battling Style

Mega Charizard Y belongs to the Overused (OU) tier in competitive fighting. Mega Charizard Y is one of the tier's toughest wall breakers because of its Drought ability, which grants its Fire Blast Burn attacks a 50% boost. It breathes fire and can use Focus Blast, Dragon Breath and Fire Spin to deal with bothersome defensive Pokémon like Heatran that would otherwise wall it and Sun Beam to cover the Water-types that can withstand one of its Fire Blast attacks. The only Pokémon that can transform into Mega Charizard Y without fear of being quickly knocked out are a select few, such as Mega Altaria and Latios.

Those Pokémon that wall Mega Charizard Y can be more readily taken care of thanks to Pursuit support or stall-breakers that are capable of placing great pressure on those defensive Pokémon. Mega Charizard Y is not entirely centralizing, though, due to a few issues. It only has basic 100 Speed, half its max hp, and a significant weakness to Stealth Rock, making it vulnerable to many quicker opponents. Moreover, Mega Charizard Y is now simple to pressure, which might cause a team's momentum to vanish.


How to Defeat Mega Charizard Y

How to Defeat Mega Charizard Y

The Pokémon Mega Charizard Y can use both Fire and Flying attacks. To get an advantage in this raid encounter, use this Pokemon's three main weaknesses—attacks of the Rock, Water, and Electric types. As a result of Mega Charizard Y's double vulnerability to Rock-type attacks, they are preferred in this battle. This Pokemon is, unfortunately, susceptible to seven different types of attacks. As a result, it's best to stay away from Pokemon that use attacks of the Ground, Fighting, Steel, Fire, Fairy, Bug, or Grass types. Attacks of these types will drastically reduce Mega Charizard Y's damage compared to attacks of other types.

Additionally, it is important to take advantage of Mega Charizard Y's dual vulnerability to Rock-type attacks for this Raid encounter. The damage you deal in this battle will be maximized if you put together a team of Pokemon that is primarily of this kind, giving you the best chance of winning. Here are some Pokemon to best counter Mega Charizard Y.


1. Rampardos


Rampardos is a Rock type fossil Pokémon that was first found in Sinnoh in Gen IV. It is one of the best Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go, making it an obvious option for this Mega Raid. It takes regular damage from Dragon Claw while defending against attacks of the Fire and Flying types. Many players have at least one or two Cranidos, its first stage, which only needs 50 Candies to advance because it has been rather simple to hatch or catch. You'll want your Rampardos to be proficient in the moves Smack Down and Rock Slide.


2. Terrakion


Terrakion, one of the Legendary Swords of Justice, is a great option for this Mega Raid. Being a Rock and Fighting-type, it doesn't have any obvious flaws in battle and can withstand Fire-type blows from Mega Charizard Y. Despite being a Legendary, it has participated in raids frequently, and as a result, many players already have at least one powered up. Smack Down, and Rock Slide are the moves you'll want your Terrakion to be familiar with.


3. Tyrantrum


Tyrantrum is a long-extinct Pokémon from the Alolan region that only recently made its Pokémon Go debut during Adventure Week 2022. If you already have one powered up, it is a great counter in this raid. Rock and Dragon types are resistant to Fire and Flying damage, although Dragon types do extremely powerful damage when they hit. Tyrantrum's greatest move set for countering Mega Charizard Y is Rock Throw and Stone Edge.


4. Aerodactyl


Aerodactyl is an awesome choice in this battle, despite not being Mega Evolved. It has no obvious weaknesses in this fight thanks to its Rock and Flying-type, which protects it from Mega Charizard Y's Fire and Flying attacks. Due to the fact that they have been present since the beginning and have been heavily involved in numerous events, the majority of players also have at least a couple on their roster. You should make sure that every Aerodactyl you bring along for this Mega Raid is adept at Rock Throw and Rock Slide.


5. Golem (Alolan or Kantonian)

Golem (Alolan or Kantonian)

Whether it be the Alolan Rock and Electric type or the Kantonian Rock and Ground type, Golem is effective against Mega Charizard Y. Alolan Geodude has also been quite accessible since the Alolan varieties were introduced to Pokémon Go. You should train your Golem to know Rock Throw and Stone Edge if you're bringing either kind to the Mega Raid.


6. Omastar


Omastar, a fossil Pokémon from the Kanto area of Gen I, performs admirably in this conflict. There is really no good reason not to have at least one or two of these Pokémon in your roster, given that they have been mentioned in a lot of events, are simple to acquire or hatch, and can even be Shadow Pokémon. It takes less damage from Air Slash, and much less from Mega Charizard Y's Fire-type moves because it is a Rock and Water type. The moves you need are rock throw and rock slide.


7. Gigalith


Another great choice for this raid is the Unovan Pokémon Gigalith. It provides protection against Fire and Flying damage because it is a pure Rock type. You might already have one at your disposal despite the fact that its first stage isn't extremely common, it does benefit from Trade Evolution, and it has appeared in a few events. If so, you should teach your Gigalith the moves Smack Down and Rock Slide.


8. Tyranitar


Tyranitar, a pseudo-Legendary of the Rock and Dark types from the Johto region of Gen II, is a logical pick for this raid. Tyranitar has always been a crucial component of any squad for a serious player, in addition to Larvitar, who has been easily accessible during tournaments like Community Day. It can do quad damage with Smack Down and Stone Edge and resists attacks of the Fire and Flying types, like the majority of the counters in this area.


9. Rhyperior


The Mega Raid's top non-Shadow opponent is the Rock and Ground type Rhyperior. Rhyperior, the final evolution of Gen I's Rhyhorn, could be developed and powered up using a variety of candies before events and Community Day were taken into account. It is immune to attacks of the Fire and Flying types and has no weaknesses Mega Charizard Y may exploit. If you don't have the Elite TM or the Community Day-exclusive move, Stone Edge can be utilized instead. The ideal move set for this fight is Smack Down and Rock Wrecker.


10. Mega Aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl is the best Pokémon to use in this battle, if at all possible. This Flying and Rock type will strengthen all other Rock types on the field and deal more damage to Mega Charizard Y than any other opponent. It has no weaknesses that Mega Charizard Y can take advantage of and is resistant to damage of the Fire and Flying types. You should teach your Giant Aerodactyl the techniques of Rock Throw and Rock Slide.


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