A Helpful Guide on How to Say I Love You in Japanese

A Helpful Guide on How to Say I Love You in Japanese

Expressing your love should not be hard, especially for your loved ones. Even your passionate love must be said, as it is a nice way to bloom a relationship more. If you want to add something special to those sweet three words, you can learn to say I Love You in Japanese. Japan is known for expressing its love in such a special way. People have the right phrases, depending on how they feel and the expressions they want to show. If you are up for the experience and don't want to settle for the English phrase I Love You, explore the information below.

Japanese couple taking a selfie during Cherry Blossom in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by Romeo A.

4 Common Ways on How Japanese People Say I Love You

There is more than one excellent way to say I Love You in Japanese. All phrases are unique on their own. Because of that, it is worth your time and effort to discover the most common phrases to say I Love You in Japanese. After all, they are not just light and basic remarks. In Japanese culture, such affectionate words have deep meaning and are a treasure, especially if you have a Japanese partner. So, they are unquestionably delightful to hear. Here are some of the most common romantic phrases to say your love in Japanese:

1. Aishiteru (愛 し てる)

If there is one most literal way to say the english word I Love You in Japanese and express love, it is undeniable the phrase Ai shiteru (愛 し てる), which is pronounced as aye-shee-teh-ru. Since it literally means those three loving words, it is also one of the most famous phrases. Undoubtedly, this Japanese line expresses dear love because it has the kanji character ai (愛). Ai refers to love. Hence, you can tell deep and serious love in Japanese by saying Ai shiteru (愛 し てる), just like in TV dramas. However, if you don't want to have too serious mood, you can casually express it by saying aishiteru yo (愛してるよ).

Japanese Couple Wedding, Photo by Kristin Wilson

Due to this Japanese's line profound meaning, it is not popularly used by younger Japanese. Even with the cultural differences, you must remember not to say Ai shiteru yo carelessly as it is a big deal. No one says it without thinking deeply and feeling the real emotions, as this phrase means. Meanwhile, if you like it really formal, you can say I Love You in Japanese in a formal version with ai shiteimasu (愛しています / あい しています ). Technically speaking, it is the most rarely used way because expressing love in real life is better in a more casual way, considering your tight bond with the person. Conclusively, Ai shiteru is more suitable for married couples.

2. Suki Da (好き だ)

If you are not ready to say ai shiteru yo, saying Suki Da is a simpler way to declare your romantic feelings. With a literal translation of I Like You in the English sentence, you can have a good start by saying Suki Da to the one you value and care about. Additionally, this phrase to say your feelings in Japanese is also known as suki desu 好き です in formal situations—a way to show your passionate and romantic interest in dating someone. In a simpler term, the word Suki (好き / すき) can also have a direct translation that means such as like, adoration, or love.

It is a word for Japanese who are not completely expressive and a little shy in showing pleasant feelings. Basically, it is a simple and natural yet tender word. At the same time, this one word can have many expressions since many different endings for emphasis are added to the word, creating variants. Hence, it is a poetic ideal phrase.

Here are some: 

  1. suki yo (好きよ) – a more feminine phrase

  2. suki da yo (好き だ よ) – a more masculine phrase

  3. suki desu (好きです) – more polite yet gender-neutral phrase

  4. suki (好き) – casual and more feminine

  5. suki da (好きだ) – more masculine

Couple in love in Japan, photo from Freepik

3. Daisuki da (大好き だ)

Daisuki Da has a more profound and stronger meaning than Suki Da. Yet, it means a literal way to declare that you like someone. Interestingly, it is also used to declare enormous affection not only for someone and friends but also for things, places, activities, etc. The first character, which is 大 (dai), primarily differs this phrase from Suki Da. However, it is a whole lot more serious term.

Interestingly, Japanese people tend to add different endings to the phrase. Hence, there is daisuki yo and daisuki da yo (大好き だ よ). The daisuki yo is for Japanese girls to say, while the term second one is created in a more masculine manner. So, it is for Japanese men to speak. Meanwhile, daisuki desu is a polite version.

Japanese couple in Fukuoka on the top of Hakata Station, photo by Romeo A.

4. Suki yanen (好きやねん)

To declare love and express affection in any foreign language might initially get you nervous. That's why you can start by saying your love in Japanese in slang and fun way. Showing your love verbally by saying Suki yanen will create a bubbly yet direct mood.

Like other phrases to say your love in Japanese above, you should only say this one to someone you're romantically interested in or want to date. Simply put, these words are not for friends and family members but only for significant others. Once you are familiarized with declaring your love in this new language, you can use them to show affection in everyday life, just like in Japanese dramas. How sweet!

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Wrapping Up: Express Your Romantic Love in the Japanese Language

Declaring love is always a special moment. So, it's no wonder it will be more memorable and remarkable if you learn the Japanese language so you can show your love in the Japanese way. That's why it will surely be helpful if you learn how to say those words sweeter in a way that you can have a deeper relationship with the person you want to say them to.

On the other hand, if someone makes a love confession in Japanese, and you feel the same way, all you must do is to start speaking like a Japanese person and simply say Watashi mo (私も / わたし も), which means "me too." This moment with super sweet lines makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, just like your partner. At the end of the day, whatever phrase you use, either aishiteru wa, 好き だ よ, or 大好き だ よ or anything you like, the more important thing is your genuine feeling toward them.

Cute japanese couple out on a date with rose flower, via Freepik

Sugoi Mart is here to help you relay your feelings as you learn Japanese ways of showing love and affection. After all, there are lots of Japanese studies about love that can help you become more fluent so you can communicate better with your partner. Visit the website for more variety of products perfect for the younger generation who are crazy in love!

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