5 Cute Souvenir Items at a 100 yen Shop in Japan

5 Cute Souvenir Items at a 100 yen Shop in Japan
Visiting Japan and need to bring back cute souvenirs for friends and family or even for yourself, but you just don't have the yenjamins (see what I did there) to fork over? No fear, the 100 yen shop is here!
Similar to dollar stores in America, Japan has its own versions;  "Daiso," "Can Do" and "Seria."
Here's what you can expect:
1.) Amusing Bottle Caps for Plastic Bottles
100 yen Shop in Japan
With just a quick and easy screw, these charming bottle caps transform your regular recyclable bottle into a drink you can sip on with a straw and in style.
You can find various designs as shown in the above picture (Left to right: A Japanese Bullet Train, Hello Kitty, a Bear, etc).
2.) Decorative Compact Cases
 100 yen Shop in Japan
Found in the toiletries section, this compact bag can be used versatilely. Specifically to this Can Do store, they had green and pink cases of adorable kittens and cats.
3.) Smiley Sponges
100 yen Shop in Japan
We feel like these sponges would get us excited about washing dishes. These smiley tiger and ducky sponges are super cute and will help make any cleaning job more fun.
4.) Nail Decorations
100 yen Shop in Japan
Step up your nail game with these various decorative styles. 2D and 3D Nail stickers, colorful balls and "fairy dust" powder. It's a great way to do an at-home make-over!
5.) Origami Paper
100 yen Shop in Japan
Colorful and shiny origami paper can be found at almost every 100 yen shop. Not the best at folding? Use it as scrapbook paper when you finally put together your memories of visiting the land of the rising sun!
Each 100 yen shop is different depending on which store and location you visit. We found these amazing items at an express 100 yen shop.
If you thought these items were awesome, imagine what you can find at a each 100 yen shop!
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