5 Japanese Beauty Products To Make Life A Little Easier!

5 Japanese Beauty Products To Make Life A Little Easier!


Saborino Morning Mask

Imagine taking the title of this blog post and putting it into the form of a face mask. Well, that’s this face mask! It was made to make the start of your day just that much easier. The Saborino Morning Mask is an all-in-one face mask that cleanses, tones, and primes your skin for makeup in just 60 secs. A simple “one and done” mask to use during a rushed morning.


Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC

Photo Credit: DHC Care

This oil based cleanser doubles as a gentle face wash and a trusty make up remover (that includes mascara sis). It’s a best seller in Japan for being a non-drying but effective face wash that’s rich in olive oil, rosemary leaf oil, and vitamin E.


Liese Hair Styling Sheets

Photo Credit: Liese Hair Styling Sheets

Pony-tail days, messy bun days, hide it all in a hat days… You name it and I’m all about it because I really can’t be bothered to wash, condition, blowdry, and style my hair most of the time tbh. These hair styling sheets are a convenient hair styling fix that are made to refresh, restyle, and moisturize your hair. A “I have clean, good smelling, styled hair” dupe. Ah, I love a good dupe!

Perorin Foot Peeling Mask

Photo Credit: Sosu

If you also hate being hunched over trying to grate off dry skin from your feet then these peeling masks are the easy solution for the smoothness you seek. Let your feet soak in the mask for an hour and within 5-7 days you’re feet will be peeling like a lizard, and I mean that in the most satisfying way!


Steam Eye Masks

Photo Credit: Kao

These eye masks will soothingly warm up over your eyes with a lavender aroma for extra relaxation vibes. They’re portable and require no preparation so you can use them whenever, wherever. A quick escape I often use after a long day or on a flight when I feel like I need to leave the planet for a bit.

It’s really just the start of all the amazing and convenient beauty products in Japan. If you really want to dive in and explore more click here!

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