"30 days of Japan": The all year round Advent calendar by Sugoi Mart

"30 days of Japan": The all year round Advent calendar by Sugoi Mart

Ever heard of an advent calendar not just for days of December leading up to Santa Claus arrival, watching life versions of the nativity scene or Christmas eve, but anytime or any holiday you want? Well, I have good news for you! Celebrate each day with Sugoi Mart's 30 Days of Japan Calendar, an "All Year Round Advent Calendar."

Make your day count more special with our advent calendar full of surprising boxes filled with a range of Japanese goods. Start your countdown of days full of surprises with Sugoi Mart's 30 Days of Japan Calendar, an "All Year Round Advent Calendar." Enjoy a variety of gift each day, not only before blowing Birthday candles or countdown of days leading up to Christmas day and even any other holidays or occasions but in every box of Sugoi Mart's 30 Days of Japan Calendar, an "All Year Round Advent Calendar."

The Advent Calendar has 30 little boxes, each containing a unique item from the various official licenses, and brands that we all love, including Pokemon, Demon Slayer, Kit Kat, Star wars, Disney, and many more. Look no farther than this special collection if you want to experience Japan each day like no other.


Sugoi Mart advent calendar
Sugoi Mart is launching one of the best advent calendars, a brand-new product that is a fantastic gift for your children, an "All year round Advent Calendar" called 30 Days of Japan Calendar. It will be a mix of everything we sell on the site for $150 in an extremely cool Lofi design where consumers will open 1 product each day to find out what their daily surprising present is. It might be any flavor of Kit Kat, chocolates, munchies, Pokemon plushies, a Tamagotchi, or anything else! Open each box while playing an energizing and thrilling carol sung by your favorite artist for a more fun and exciting experience of opening the advent calendar.


What will you get for $150?

There are numerous items you can buy for $150. You can spend your money whatever you choose, but your $150 will be well spent at Sugoi Mart. If you spend $150 on our items, you will receive these thrilling and surprising popular products that are ideal for children present in any celebration or season long holiday. You can try to collect a variety of uncommon goods and various products each day leading up to an authentic Japanese experience from Sugoi Mart, such as:


We all know that chocolate is high in nutrients that can benefit your life. It's one of the greatest antioxidant sources available, made from the cocoa tree's seed. Epicatechin and catechin are two long been common, as well as anthocyanins and phenolic acids, that are particularly abundant in chocolate. All of these chocolate substances assist in reducing cellular inflammatory response, enhancing cognitive function, and enhancing immunological and cardiovascular health. If you spend your 150 dollars to us, there's high possibility that you will get these amazing chocolate products. Who knows, not only Christmas cookies or any limited edition product, you would get the best chocolate ever!

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Candy is renowned for its dedication to dependability and position as a pioneer in the delivery of premium ingredients. Not all candies are bad for you. Contrarily, the body need carbohydrates in order to produce the energy required for movement and activity. To avoid the negative effects that could emerge from their excessive use of sweets, people should rationalize their consumption of sweets, especially youngsters. If you spend $150 with us, there's a good possibility you'll receive candy-filled products or even candy canes that successfully passed the country selection and quality control standards.


A plush toy, usually referred to as a stuffed toy, is a doll-sized toy having an exterior made of a textile and a flexible filling inside. In addition to offering comfort, stuffed animals can benefit children and adults in other ways, both mentally and physically. Stuffed animals can help kids establish and maintain healthy sleeping patterns. They go by many names, including plush toys, plushies, stuffed animals, and if you spend $150 with us, you'll get a variety of well-known plush toys, including ones from the Pokémon series. Your kids will be delighted once you get the this limited edition product.

Advent calendar windows


Gachapon machines are quite common and are present all across Japan! Random gacha capsules containing adorable Japanese souvenirs are released by them. Discover what unusual toys are available, where to find them, and how to utilize gachapon machines by reading this article. Gachapon, which range in size from keychains and decorations to miniature furniture or food, make excellent mementos and open a door to a fun fantasy world. You can purchase a premium gachapon from us for $150 that your kids will genuinely enjoy.


insert a pic of the keychain

A keychain, also known as a key fob or keyring, is a thin metal chain or ring that can hold multiple keys. A keychain's length makes it easier to use an object than it would if it were attached directly to the keyring. To satisfy consumer demand, keychains come in a wide variety of designs. Keychains have developed into a powerful promotional tool in the marketing arsenal since they are inexpensive, incredibly practical, and available in a wide variety of types. There's a good probability that if you purchase our "30 Days of Japan," an advent calendar you'll receive classy keychains that your kids will likely find helpful on a daily basis. Undoubtedly the ideal present for all ages.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are spherical, single-use mixtures of oils and extracts that smooth and smell good that you can drop into the tub before taking a bath. The main components are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which interact once dissolved in water to provide the familiar fizzing sensation. A bath bomb changes the water in your bath to add emollients and softeners that moisturize and pamper your skin. The therapeutic components in bath bombs leave your skin soft, supple, and silky regardless of your skin type. Once you spend $150 with this advent calendar, you'll receive a lovely bath bomb that is beneficial for everyone, not just your kids.

Lofi design advent calendar


In general, a snack is any item consumed in between meals. There are several reasons why people choose to eat different flavors of snack like the well-know Japanese green tea matcha at least once throughout the day. Most frequently, our stomachs begin to growl a few hours after our last meal. People who struggle with blood sugar levels may benefit from snacks. Blood sugar levels will increase after a snack and then drop. Between meals, blood sugar levels can drop too much without snacks. Snacks like carrots with bean dip are examples of high protein, high fiber snacks. If you spend $150 on this advent calendars, there are many opportunities to receive treats if you buy this limited edition product.

Blind Box

A type of packaging known as a blind box conceals its contents. Everyone, including ourselves, is in the dark as to which toy is inside because they are completely identical. The blind box's positive mechanism is its capacity to surprise people with the unexpected. The drawback is that it might lead to addiction and impulsive conduct in users. Curated digital assets from well-known businesses, well-known NFT producers, and up-and-coming creators are offered in enticing Blind Boxes by Blind Boxes. Collecting packs of trading cards is comparable to the mystery box structure. Get your hands on way with this advent calendar for your children, it can create joy in the faces of the kids.

Trading Card

A trading card with a picture or pattern printed on it, is frequently one of a set that kids collect and trade. A variety of miniature, illustrated collecting cards that are released in sets; frequently, specifically, a card like this one that shows the stats and picture of a professional athlete. The game requires a lot of reading because each card has a unique instruction. It is crucial to the game that you pick the appropriate card. With advantages for improving reading comprehension, patience, critical thinking, and planning ahead, as well as for teaching social skills, fair play, and good sportsmanship at a young age. Your children would have the happiest holiday if you gave them this item. Unquestionably, this advent calendar is an ideal gift for everyone!

BTS Minifigure

This BTS small figure is a doll-like toy created to look like members of the never-ending emerging artist of this generation and one of the most popular boy band, BTS. The figurines may have items including clothing, tools, weapons, and vehicles. They can be articulated to hold a number of stances. Action figures are constructed by putting together plastic components that were originally hand-sculpted prototypes. The BTS Minifigure is another special feature of this advent calendar that will undoubtedly delight your kids. Would you get your bias? Who would know? This would be an exciting present and perfect to share in Instagram story!

Tamagotchi advent calendar

Hand Sanitizer

These days, hand sanitizer can be found everywhere, including in public restrooms, airports, malls, and offices. The little, transportable bottles have become a need for many people to keep in their purses or cars. Since the product's commercial launch in the early 1990s, there has also been an ongoing discussion about how safe and healthful it is to use. The sanitizer in this limited-edition product is also quite useful and pertinent at this time. This might be a wonderful holiday gift for your kid, friends, loved ones, or anybody else you care about. Let's spread the holiday spirit and share safety and love this holiday season.

The Bottom line!!!

This is certainly not a full overview, but we want to maintain the atmosphere and guarantee that each little box doors will be a surprise. We want everyone to experience excitement and love, may it be December, March or any months you'll like. This "All Year Round Advent Calendar" 30 Days of Japan, makes a wonderful present for the whole family and friends.

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