The Year of Boba!

2019 was a huge year for boba, or tapioca as it is commonly referred to in Japan. Let's take a look at some of the bizarre products that have developed from this trend here in the land of the rising red boba!

1.) Boba Riceballs


We're guessing the consistency of this combination of rice, seaweed and boba is mega chewy. It's reported to be salty, so this isn't the typical way its usually seen served, which is usually enjoyed sweet.


Its surprising orange appearance is similar to fish eggs. From the misleading packaging, we thought of it to be its larger, blacker and rounder usual self. Boba lovers, would you give it a go?

2.) Boba Candy Galore

Daydreaming of boba, but you just want to keep it at your side to cure your instant craving? There are tons of boba candies available in Japan ranging from gummies, hard candy, milk tea chocolates and even mango and strawberry flavored chewies! Check out our store to get ahold of these right away!

3.) Boba Accessories


Here's a subtle way to shout out to the world your love for boba--- boba earrings! The image translates "Shown: caramel brown earrings."


One of our favorite quirky shops in Japan, Village Vanguard carries these hilarious "Sugary Magic" earrings; perfect for a boba date night out.

4.) Boba Popcorn

Just went you thought it couldn't get that cray...

Yep, boba in the form of popcorn by "Pop Smile," a leading manufacturer in Asia. Somehow, we think these might be more enjoyable than the boba rice ball.

5.) Boba Ice Cream

Lipton knows what's up with the trend. Towards the end of 2019 they released this boba-infused ice cream bar. It doesn't sound too far off the grid. We're guessing it tastes like a frozen tapioca drink. Do you think this is something you would definitely pick up in Japan?

It's only the start of 2020, but the demand for boba and boba trends are still developing. Hop on the trend and pick up some snacks at our online store!

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