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Super Mario Air Hockey

Super Mario Air Hockey

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We have a Super Mario Air hockey edition! Have fun with your friends or family with this unique product! You can enjoy the game battles just like in an arcade.

There are 4 ways to play this game:

1) The traditional air hockey we all know
2) Players position their air hockey strikers however they want in their defensive zone and the other player has to try and score. If you're defending you're are not allowed to move your strikers, so position them well.
3) Normal air hockey game however, there are 3 different pucks and each represents a different score. Therefore, whoever manages to have a higher number of points wins.
- Stars = 3 points
- Triangle = 2 points
- Circle = 1 point
4) You can set up targets on the goal line, and try to hit them. A different and fun way to practice you precision.

Required batteries: AA 2x2 (sold separately)

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