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Sugoi Mart Sakura Lucky Bag

Sugoi Mart Sakura Lucky Bag

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The new Sakura sensation has arrived! 🌸

Following the incredible demand for our Deluxe Sakura Lucky Bag, we've cooked up something special just for you: a fresh Sakura Lucky Bag that's just as amazing but easier on your wallet!

This version features exclusive Sakura-themed bento boxes, adorable plushies, delicious cherry blossom snacks, and more.

Plus, every bag comes with an exclusive Sugoi Mart Sakura Mouse Pad to add a touch of spring to your desk!

Limited Time OFFER! 📢

Enjoy 25% OFF a selection of limited edition Starbucks Sakura Tumblers when you buy a Sakura Lucky Bag! How? Just add the lucky bag to your cart, and pair it with your favorite Starbucks items in the pop-up ❤️


Exceptional Value 💸

Every bag is a steal, filled with spring-themed treasures that far outvalue the cost.

Quick to Go ⏰

Following the footsteps of last year, these Lucky Bags are expected to be a sensation. Stock is limited, so grab yours before they're all gone!

Unboxing Joy 📦🎉

Delight in the surprise of unboxing Sakura-themed mystery items that promise to make each bag a unique discovery and a celebration of the season.

*Please note: Ordering multiple units at once may result in duplicates. Yet, our ever-evolving selection ensures each new purchase brings fresh surprises.

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Sugoi Mart Sakura Lucky Bag

Regular $59.00



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Sugoi Mart Sakura Lucky Bag – Sugoi Mart


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