Only real Pokemon trainers get their hands on Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bags.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Check out what you could collect!:

You can score 10 Pokemon collectible items from the following categories:
- Plushies
- Eco-friendly items
- Collectible Pokemon Cards from Japan
- Stationery
- Home Goods
- Chocolate Eggs
- Candy
- Blind Boxes
- Figures

Wanna know the difference between the Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag and the Pokemon Lucky Bag? The Deluxe comes with higher value items overall with chances at larger plushie(s) and a shot at winning larger prizes!

All items have been carefully hand-selected to ensure you’re copping legit items.

(∩ᄑ_ᄑ)⊃*・。*・:≡( ε:)

Better check your email, cause we’re gonna be emailing select Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag peeps to win a GIANT Snorlax, a Nintendo Switch, a $100.00 gift card to our store, or other dope prizes!