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Small Fried Shrimp Soup Soba

Small Fried Shrimp Soup Soba

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Savor a hot bowl of soba this winter with bits of dried shrimp! Hot soba like this one is usually served as a noodle soup in a bowl of hot tsuyu (dashi soup stock and a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar) as a soup base. It's a thinner version than the dipping sauce used for cold soba. For a busy day, take this one to go for a quick lunch at work.

Try it with: sliced green onion, chili powder


1. Open the lid halfway and pour in the hot water up to the line inside the cup.

2. Wait 3 minutes.

3. Peel off the lid, stir, and enjoy!

•ÈÀPreviously featured in the January 2019 Umai Crate.

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