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Pokemon GO Cards Booster Box

Pokemon GO Cards Booster Box

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Pokemon Go & Sword and Shield Dark collaboration card series. The box comes with (20) Pokemon booster packs, each pack contains (6) random cards. You might have a higher chance to get rare Pokemon cards from a Pokemon booster box!

Box Includes: (20) booster packs in (1) box. (6) cards in each pack. (120) cards in total.

Here's a list of cards you can possibly get in this booster box.

Click here if you're looking for individual packs.

• By purchasing the Pokemon GO booster box, you will receive (8) free packs in the box, compared to the price of buying 20 individual packs.
• Japanese Pokemon Cards and international Pokemon Cards use different materials. Japanese Pokemon Cards use thinner card stock and are thinner than international/English Pokemon Cards. Sugoi Mart only provides 100% authentic Japanese Pokemon Cards from official Pokemon Cardmakers.

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