Pokemon Galar Region Blind Box Complete Set

Pokemon Galar Region Blind Box Complete Set

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Here's the latest Pokemon desktop blind box collection featuring the Galar Region. Perfect for keeping your desk clean. Each Pokemon figure is used for a different purpose:

- Pikachu Gigantamax: Multi-Tray
- Grookey: Pen Stand
- Scorbunny: Hanko Stand
- Sobble: Multi-Tray
- Wooloo: Card Stand
- Yamper: Glass Stand
- Sirfetch'd: Sticky Note Stand
- Galar Ponyta: Multi-Tray

This is the complete set, so you'll get all 8 figures. Grab yours now!

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Pokemon Galar Region Blind Box Complete Set

Regular $74.99



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Pokemon Galar Region Blind Box Complete Set — Sugoi Mart


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