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Pokemon Cards Game: Sword & Shield Family Pokemon

Pokemon Cards Game: Sword & Shield Family Pokemon

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Here's one of the most complete Pokemon sets containing 180 Pokemon TCG Cards and other good stuff! Perfect for anyone that wants to learn how to play the game and get started in Pokemon TCG. The set includes:

- Cinderace V Pre-constructed Deck (60 Cards)
- Pikachu V Pre-constructed Deck (60 Cards)
- Tyranitar V Pre-constructed Deck (60 Cards)
- Pokemon Coin / Damage Counters / Poison and Burn Markers
- Deck Band Holder
- Playmat
- Battle Guide
- Instruction Sheet
- Damage Counter Case
- Card Box

Here's a card list (1,2,3) for all the potential Pokemon cards from this set. Gotta catch'em all! Click 画像表示 for the pictures of the cards!

Note: Japanese Pokemon Cards and international Pokemon Cards uses different materials. Japanese Pokemon Cards uses a thinner card stock and are thinner than international/English Pokemon Cards. Sugoi Mart only provides 100% authentic Japanese Pokemon Cards from official Pokemon Card makers.

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