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Pokemon 25th Anniversary Edition Promo Card Pack

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Edition Promo Card Pack

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For the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, the company is launching this special and unique anniversary edition promo card pack.

There are 25 rare cards to collect!

This pack contains: 1 reprint card, all holos and with the 25th stamp on the card.

Don't miss this amazing set and the chance to get the 25th Anniversary Charizard! This is a super limited promo card pack that is only available in Japan during the celebration of the 25th Anniversary!

Click here to see all the possible cards. Get yours before it's gone!

Note: Japanese Pokemon Cards and international Pokemon Cards uses different materials. Japanese Pokemon Cards uses a thinner card stock and are thinner than international/English Pokemon Cards. Sugoi Mart only provides 100% authentic Japanese Pokemon Cards from official Pokemon Card makers.

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