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Glico Sweet Snack Set

Glico Sweet Snack Set

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Who doesn't love some tasty sweet snacks?! Here's the perfect set to try some of the most famous Japanese sweet snacks. A part from the wide range of snacks it also comes in a unique pack shaped as a parfait. Grab yours now!

Note: Snacks vary from each order however this is a list of some potential snacks:
- Pritz Roast Flavor
- Pritz Butter Flavor
- Bisco
- Bisco Chocolate
- Bisco Mini Pack Coffee
- Bisco Mini Pack Almond
- Cream Colon Milk
- Cream Colon Strawberry
- Friend Bakery Chocolate Cookie
- Sunao Butter
- Sunao Chocolate Chip & Butter
- Sunao Cream Sandwich Lemon & Vanilla
- Daily Fruits
- Okaradakara Cheese Cake
- Glico Almond

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