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Digimon Vital Bracelet (White)

Digimon Vital Bracelet (White)

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This device is a wearable fitness tracker that also combines the famous Digimon virtual pet! Digimons evolve based on your activity, such as heart rate and steps done throughout the day!

How to launch the device:
1) Boot up the Vital Bracelet, input date and time and then insert a Dim Card. Boom, there you go! You have your first Digimon on the device!
2) You can insert another Dim Card to get a second Digimon. However, you can only raise two Digimons in the Vital Bracelet at the same time.

To increase the fun, connect your Vital Bracelet to the App "Vital Bracelet Lab App" via the NFC function and transfer your Digimons over to your phone. You can even battle against your friends in a PvP mode via the VS Memory card.

The bracelet is charged through a USB cable that comes with the Vital Bracelet. The battery life lasts up to 18 hours.

Set contains:

1x Vital Breath Digital Monster White Version
1x Impulse City Dim Card
1x VS Memory
1x Charging cable

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