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Digimon Pendulum Z Nightmare Soldiers

Digimon Pendulum Z Nightmare Soldiers

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The original Digimon virtual pet was released on June 26, 1997. This revolutionary pocket-sized device allowed users to raise and digivolve their very own Digital Monsters to battle against friends. In 1998 the first Pendulum was launched, packed with new features like shake-based Pendulum training, Jogress digivolutions, and Mega, a digivolution surpassing even Ultimate! Shaking the device can alter your Digimon's attacks, making battles even more exciting!
Forwarding a few years later, Digimon Inc. launched the new Pendulum Z series! The brand new Digital Monster virtual pet. As with the first release of the series, it is equipped with a pendulum sensor and jogress function, and contains more than 100 Digimons! Grab yours now and level up your favorite Digimons!

Note: Requires 1x CR2032 battery (included)

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