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Digimon Dim Card 'Dynasty of the Evil' + Dim Card Case

Digimon Dim Card 'Dynasty of the Evil' + Dim Card Case

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These cards are exclusively made for the Digimon Vital Bracelet! By inserting it into the bracelet, you can add areas, missions, and Digimons. Here's the latest Dim Card expansion, Dynasty of the Evil, featuring the Demon Realm and showing Wizardmon on the card. With the Dynasty of the Evil expansion also comes a pocketable Dim Card Holster case that holds 5 Dim Cards, along with their card frames, holding the Dims on one side, with the frames on the other.

Note: Once you use a Dim Card on a Vital Bracelet, that particular Dim card is locked to that device, so you cannot use it on another device.

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