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Astro City Mini Arcade Console

Astro City Mini Arcade Console

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For the 60th anniversary of the SEGA corporation, the company launched the Astro City Mini Console! Astro City was the leading Arcade Machine from the 90s in Japan and is now being revived as a mini console. Equipped with a 4-inch monitor, joystick, and 6 button, you can enjoy the excitement of a game center in the palm of your hand! The set comes with a USB cable (for power) and a HDMI cable.

The Astro City Mini contains 37 games, including the world's first 3D fighting game Virtua Fighter! See the list below for all the titles found in the console:

- Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (with Stella)/ Alien Storm / Alien Syndrome/ Altered Beast / Arabian Fight / Bonanza Bros / Columns / Columns II / Cotton / Crack Down / Cyber Police ESWAT / Dark Edge / Dottori Kun / Fantasy Zone / Flicky / Gain Ground / Golden Axe / Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder / My Hero / Puyo Puyo / Puyo Puyo 2 / Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R / Puzzle & Action: Tant-R / Rad Mobile / Quartet 2 / Scramble Spirits / Sega Ninja / Shadow Dancer / Shinobi / Sonic Boom / Space Harrier / Stack Columns / Thunder Force AC / Virtua Fighter / Wonder Boy / Wonder Boy in Monster Land / Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Note: All games are in Japanese! So you might need to brush up your Japanese skills!

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