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  • Choco Daifuku

    "Choco Daifuku"

    Ever wonder what Mineta's Pop Off Quirk would feel like? We imagine it's as soft and squishy as this Daifuku! It's a delicious marshmallow ball filled with sweet milk chocolate.
  • Triple Mochi Dango

    "Triple Mochi Dango"

    Dango is a round shaped traditional Japanese sweet. Here's a triple mochi dango set that allows you to have a taste of Japan's traditional sweets.
  • Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki

    "Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki"

    This is a Taiyaki chocolate snack featuring a strawberry flavor.
  • Sakeru Gummy Grape

    "Sakeru Gummy Grape"

    These gummy are unique in that they are almost cheesestring-like! Just pull strips off and nibble these sweet gummies to your hearts content! This one is grape flavor! You might...
  • Umaibo: Cheese Flavor

    "Umaibo: Cheese Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation was designed to taste like cheese, a staple flavor when it comes to chips and puffs.
  • Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits

    "Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits"

    What's better than regular buscuits? Well, Pikachu-shaped ones, that is! These yummy snacks can be enjoyed out of the box, or even in milk as a type of cereal, or...
  • Super Long Sakeru Gummy Grape

    "Super Long Sakeru Gummy Grape"

    You might recognize this candy from the famous Long Long Man commercial!These gummies are unique in that they are almost cheese string-like! Just pull strips off and nibble to your...
  • Umaibo: Tonkatsu Sauce Flavor

    "Umaibo: Tonkatsu Sauce Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like the sauce that is poured over deep-fried pork cutlet - tonkatsu! A definite must if you...
  • Black Thunder Main

    "Black Thunder"

    Black Thunder is one of Japan's most popular chocolate candies! Here we have the classic Black Thunder bar, which is loaded with chocolate on top of chocolate, and a loud...
  • Ramune Pellets

    "Ramune Pellets"

    Gobble up as much Pac-Dots as you can with these little ramune flavored candies! Originally featured in the November 2018 Japan Crate.
  • Fluffy Choco Taiyaki

    "Fluffy Choco Taiyaki"

    Here's a new flavor of the Taiyaki snack that we all love.
  • Super Mario Gummies

    "Super Mario Gummies"

    Power up with these Super Mario ramune and cola flavored gummies! EachåÊone featuring an awesome Super Mario character! If you're lucky, you might even get a gummy based on one...
  • Umaibo: Corn Potage Flavor

    "Umaibo: Corn Potage Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like corn potage - creamy corn soup which tastes oh so yummy during the colder seasons. A...
  • Sold Out

    "Pringles: Mystery Flavor"

    Though not originally a Japanese brand, Pringles develops special edition that can only be found in Japan! This special edition is packed with chips of a mystery flavor, as the...
  • Koala March: Pokemon Cheesecake

    "Koala March: Pokemon Cheesecake"

    Koala March is a chocolate biscuit that is loved by everyone due to the cute shape and sweet chocolate filling. Here's a collaboration with Pokemon and comes with a cheesecake...
  • Sold Out

    "UCC COFFEE Cafe Au Lait Evangelion EVA2020"

    UCC Milk Coffee Can 250g (EVA2020) is designed with the characters from "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version". This is a limited-edition drink perfect for the fans of Shin Evangelion. Get one...
  • Mintia Sakura

    "Mintia Sakura"

    This mint features a sakura flavor that will freshen your breath and make it more cherry blossomy.
  • Morinaga Haichu Mini 66G

    "Hi-Chew Mini Pouches"

    You can enjoy four flavors (grape, kiwi, pink grapefruit, lemon) in one bag. Because it contains many small pieces, it is a fun choice to eat small pieces, eat two...
  • Umaibo Yakitori Flavor

    "Umaibo: Yakitori Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like yakitori, which is grilled skewered chicken - a favorite for all!
  • Pepsi Refresh Shot

    "Pepsi: Refresh Shot"

    Pepsi is one of the most beloved soda brands worldwide. This is Pepsi Refresh Shot, a soda drink that can boost your energy in no time with extra carbonation and...
  • Pureral Gummy Apple

    "Pureral Gummy Apple"

    These soft apple gummies are made with apples sourced from Aomori, a region known for the best apples in Japan. Enjoy the taste of the finest apples blended with a...
  • Sold Out

    "Hi-Chew: Okinawan Shikuwasa Flavor"

    Hi-Chew is a staple candy in Japanese, infusing delicious fruit flavor into a chewy treat. This limited flavor is originally a limited edition found only in the tropical islands of...
  • Saucy Katsu Bites

    "Saucy Katsu Bites"

    Katsu is a favorite of many Japanese food lovers and is usually enjoyed with rice. With this snack you can enjoy pure katsu in these bites and each bite is...
  • Jagariko Cheese Flavor

    "Jagariko Cheese Flavor"

    Jagariko is one of the most popular potato chip snacks in Japan, except it's not shaped like a chip, but rather very similar to French fries! The sticks in this...
  • Sold Out

    "Hi-Chew Premium: Peach"

    Hi-Chew Premium is a higher end kind of the classic candy, and here we have a variety that is made to taste like sweet peaches.
  • Kajuu Gummy: Peach

    "Kajuu Gummy: Peach"

    Kajuu gummies are small, but filled with loads of fruity flavor! This pack is filled with gummies that taste like peaches.
  • Umaibo: Teriyaki Burger Flavor

    "Umaibo: Teriyaki Burger Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favourite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like a burger coated in teriyaki sauce. Hmm...yummy!
  • Umaibo: Shrimp Mayonnaise Flavor

    "Umaibo: Shrimp Mayonnaise Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like shrimp and mayonnaise, a popular Japanese flavour combination. Hmmm...yummy!
  • Boss Rainbow Canned Coffee

    "Boss Rainbow Canned Coffee"

    Crafted by Suntory, Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend is an addicting can coffee with a rich aroma and flavor. With one can, you'll feel like you've had your double shot of...
  • Umaibo Takoyaki Flavor

    "Umaibo: Takoyaki Flavor"

    Umaibo is one of Japan's favorite dagashi! This variation is designed to taste like takoyaki, which is grilled dumplings with octopus in the center.
  • Melon Cream Soda Taiyaki

    "Melon Cream Soda Taiyaki"

    Here's a new flavor of the Taiyaki snack, Melon Cream Soda flavor.
  • Pokemon Wafers Chocolate

    "Pokemon Wafers Chocolate"

    Here's a chocolate wafer snack featuring Pokemon, and even comes with a collectible sticker featuring different Pokemon! Get yours now.
  • Sold Out

    "Pringles: Tom Yum Flavor"

    Pringles in Japan has a lot of exclusive flavors. This is a Tom Yum flavor released in Japan.
  • Sold Out

    "Black Thunder: Honey Butter"

    Black Thunder is one of Japan's most popular chocolates, known for its delicious crunch. Here's a limited flavor that blends honey and butter with the trademark chocolate.
  • Sold Out

    "Fettuccine Gummy Peach"

    These sweet strips of gummy are well liked for their sweet and sour taste! This particular flavor is peach! Yum! •Recently featured in the May 2019 Japan Crate.
  • Pretz: Crispy Chicken Flavor

    "Pretz: Crispy Chicken Flavor"

    Pretz is a breadstick snack from Glico, the makers of Pocky. This variety is made to taste like yummy savory chicken!
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