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  • Seafood Sara Udon

    "Seafood Sara Udon"

    Use these ultra thin and crunchy noodles to make our own seafood sara udon! Add a mixed stir fry of vegetables and seafood over these crispy noodles to spice up...
  • Mini Bunashimeji Mushroom Udon

    "Mini Bunashimeji Mushroom Udon"

    The perfect side soup to compliment your meal! The udon noodles are kneaded with whole grain and mixed with a bonito and seaweed broth full of bunashimeji mushrooms, carrots, and...
  • Banshu Hoso Udon

    "Banshu Hoso Udon"

    These thin udon noodles are the perfect match to the Kamatama Udon Sauce featured in this crate! Combine the two together for 3 tasty meals. Try it with: fish, tempura,...
  • Kamatama Udon Soy Sauce

    "Kamatama Udon Soy Sauce"

    Kamatama udon is a classic way to enjoy noodles. The warm noodles are tossed in sauce, dashi, and egg. Now you can make 3 servings of it! Just add an...
  • Chikkoi Udon with Yuzu

    "Chikkoi Udon with Yuzu"

    A refreshing cup of udon with soft noodles and a Japanese style soup containing salmon, kelp, and soy sauce. Yuzu is added into the mix for a bright and citrusy...
  • Cold Tanuki Udon

    "Cold Tanuki Udon"

    In the summer it’s common to eat chilled noodles rather than hot dishes. Enjoy slurping these refreshing chili pepper and crunchy tempura seasoned udon noodles. Try it with: egg, sesame...
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    "Kumamon Wakame Sesame Udon"

    Kumamon presents this Wakame Sesame Udon! These noodles are thick and raw, basically meaning they pack an extra fresh and authentic taste. The broth is a tasty umami flavor composed of...
  • Sanuki Udon

    "Sanuki Udon"

    The town, Sanuki (Kagawa prefecture), is quite well known in Japan for a variety of dry noodles. Use this pack with this month‰ۡó»s udon soup base to make your own...
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    "Hayanie Udon"

    Udon noodles are typically made simply from wheat and salt. The flat and fine shape of the noodle allows for shorter cooking time and is ready in only 5 minutes...
  • Hiyamugi Noodles

    "Hiyamugi Noodles"

    Hiyamugi noodles are made like udon noodles but are thin, light, and somen-like. These noodles are great pair with the Umakaramiso Udon Sauce included in this month. Try it with:...
  • Udon Dappe

    "Udon Dappe"

    Yuzu is a citrus fruit that looks similar to a lemon. Popular as a flavor in many Asian cuisines, the yuzu soup is partnered with white soy sauce to help...
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