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  • Demon Slayer x Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba

    "Demon Slayer x Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba"

    In collaboration with Demon Slayer to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the the first Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba released in 1976, Nissin just released this limited and special packaging featuring...
  • Haneya Izumo Buckweat Soba

    "Haneya Izumo Buckweat Soba"

    Here's some buckweat soba made in collaboration with the famous Haneya soba store from Izumo. Izumo's soba are famous due to their unique blackish color and high aroma!
  • Myojo Cup Okinawa Soba

    "Myojo Cup Okinawa Soba"

    Here's a delicious soba with traditional Okinawan flavors, characterized by the dashi (fish soup stock) taste and the chewy noodles!
  • Maruchan Okinawan Soba Cup

    "Maruchan Okinawan Soba Cup"

    We have this limited Okinawan flavored soba cup! The chewy noodles mixed with stewed pork spare ribs​, bonito flakes and sprinkled with red pickled ginger makes this a unique flavor...
  • Myojo Spiiiiicy Abura Soba

    "Myojo Spiiiiicy Abura Soba"

    Here's the extremelly spicy abura soba from Myojo! Sprinkle with spicy rich soy sauce, chili mayonnaise, and spicy fried balls this soba is delicious, rich in flavor and guaranteed to...
  • 7-11 Premium Duck Broth Soba

    "7-11 Premium Duck Broth Soba"

    7-11 in Japan has their own product lineup featuring quality snacks, home goods and food etc. Here's a bowl of instant soba featuring a rich duck broth!
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    "UNIQLO x NISSIN HEATTECH Donbei Pork Stock Ankake Soba"

    The instant noodles collaboration between giant apparel brand UNIQLO and NISSIN, featuring an intense pork flavor soba with ankake-thickened ginger soup stock, which is inspired by the retailer’s signature HEATTECH...
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    "Hamaya Okinawa Soba"

    Hamaya is a famous restaurant located in Okinawa, Japan, and is well known for its soba! Here's an instant version of their famous soba.
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    "Mamiana Spicy Oil Meat Soba"

    Mamiana is a famous ramen shop in Japan. This is their spicy oil meat instant soba.
  • 2020 Survival Kit

    "Sugoi Mart Survival Kit"

    Sugoi Mart's survival kits are now available for a limited time. Each box contains around 14-17 items ranging from meal kits, instant ramen/soup, and other fun surprises. You'll get: 2-3 delicious meal...
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    "Soba Soup"

    This is a rich dashi soup stock made with bonito and soy sauce. You can easily make soup for your noodles by boiling the dashi stock in hot water. Warm...
  • Nissin Donbei Sesame Soba Noodles 105G

    "Nissin Donbei Kamodashi Soba"

    It has a delicious texture and is sweetened with Shimonita green onion, and is characterized by a refined sweet soup with a slightly sweet taste that is delicious with the...
  • Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba 100G

    "Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba"

    This Nissin-no-donbei Tempura Soba has a Shichimi flavor (a Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients) and comes with a delicious Tempura inside.
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    Enjoy a classic soba dish with this bowl flavored with shrimp, green onion, and chili peppers. This bowl will satisfy your taste for something warm and umami during the cold...
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