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  • Mike Popcorn Tokyo Mix Caramel And Cheese

    "Mike Popcorn Tokyo Mix Caramel And Cheese"

    Mike‰۪s Popcorn is a very popular snack in Japan and one of their most popular flavors is called the Tokyo Mix. It‰۪s the ultimate popcorn gem that combines flavorful cheddar...
  • Chocorooms Truffle Cocoa and Vanilla

    "Chocorooms Truffle Ice Cream Cocoa and Vanilla"

    Chocorooms, or Kinoko no Yama, is a yummy mushroom-shaped chocolate biscuit snack. Here we have an edition made to taste like Truffle Ice Cream with Cocoa and Vanilla.
  • Fritley Mike Premium Banana Juice Flavored Caramel Popcorn

    "FritoLay Mike Premium Banana Juice Flavored Caramel Popcorn"

    This Premium Banana Juice Flavored Caramel Popcorn snack is as unique as they come! It's recommended to try chilled as well, by putting in the fridge shortly before eating!
  • Koikeya Consomme Flavored Hash Brown Chips

    "Koikeya Consomme Flavored Hash Brown Chips"

    Try these Koikeya Consomme Flavored Hash Brown Chips, a different take potato chips! Consomme is a common Japanese snack flavoring that is salty and full of flavor! The thick, savory,...
  • Calbee Potato Chips Gokunou Sour Cream Onion

    "Calbee Potato Chips Gokunou Sour Cream Onion"

    These Calbee Potato Chips Gokunou Sour Cream Onion are salty and have a slight sour taste. The crackers have a perfect crunch! Limited-time flavor, available only in Japan! Grab yours...
  • Yamayoshi Sea Urchin Flavor Chips

    "Yamayoshi Sea Urchin Flavored Chips"

    This delicious Yamayoshi Sea Urchin Flavored Chips feature a lovely umami flavor that comes from sea urchin. It's savory and salty without being overly fishy, and the chips have the...
  • Kit Kat Mini Hokkaido Melon

    "Kit Kat Mini Hokkaido Melon"

    Treat yourself with these Hokkaido Melon Kit Kats! Exclusively sold only in select stores in Japan, these KitKats are made from melon and mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido prefecture in Japan....
  • Kit Kat Mini Japanese Strawberry

    "Kit Kat Mini Japanese Strawberry"

    The sweet, tart, and refreshing taste of Japanese strawberry are gently wrapped in white chocolate, and coated around the crispy wafers. It is a limited Kit Kat edition only available...
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    "Kit Kat Grape Kyoho Japan Limited Edition"

    Kit Kat Grape Kyoho is one of the Kit Kat's limited edition varieties in Japan. It is made from pure flavors and real fruit.
  • Bourbon Mochi Mochi Chocolate

    "Bourbon Mochi Mint Chocolate"

    Bourbon Mochi Mochi Chocolate has mochi ganache wrapping with mint flavored fresh cream and condensed milk. You can enjoy the soft, fluffy texture of mochi and the cream filling. Grab...
  • Oreo Mint Cream

    "Oreo Mint Cream"

    Oreo is one of the most famous cookie brands in the world and here is their mint flavor with a rich, minty cream flavored filling.
  • Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

    "Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich"

    Try this Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich — a bite-sized cocoa powder cookie with white mint chocolate filling. Each box comes with 12 delicious cookies!
  • Dars White Chocolate Mint

    "Dars White Chocolate Mint"

    The Dars White Chocolate Mint is the perfect snack for white chocolate lovers! Morinaga, one of Japan's oldest and most popular confectionery brands comes out with white chocolate bites filled...
  • Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint

    "Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint"

    Try two different varieties of chocolate mint flavors in one pack with this Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint! Find out which one variety is your favorite. The chocolate chip mint...
  • Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks

    "Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks"

    Enjoy the perfect combo of minty freshness and rich sweet chocolate with these Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks! These short stick snacks are delicious and fun to eat!
  • Collon Cream Chocolate Mint

    "Cream Collon Chocolate Mint"

    Try these Cream Collon Chocolate Mint cookies! Released by Glico as one of their new Collon cookie flavors. Light, crispy, chocolate cookie filled with chocolate mint mousse-cream filling. The bite-sized...
  • bourbon sylvaine chocolate cake in white background

    "Sylvaine: Chocolate Cake"

    Chocolate cake with a fluffy texture. A cake with Western sake is sandwiched with cream, and chocolate is luxuriously coated. An authentic cake that you simply can enjoy the deliciousness...
  • mondley's japan oreo crispy vanilla mousse in white background

    "Oreo: Crispy Vanilla Mousse"

    The familiar cookie was thinned to a thickness of 3mm and sandwiched with vanilla cream that was smooth and stylish sort of a mousse. Perfect for sweets lovers. Grab yours...
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    "Torte Cookie Can: Sanrio Characters"

    A lively design featuring five characters, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kiki Lara, Cinnamon, and Pompompurin. By assorting 5 sorts of cookies, you'll enjoy a spread of cookies. It's a great...
  • lotte almond chocolate brown sugar white background

    "Lotte Chocolate Almonds with Brown Sugar and Kinako"

    Almonds coated in chocolate, brown sugar and kinako! Kinako is a rich and flavorful powder of roasted sesames which is commonly added to deserts in Japan to add a mellow sweetness and...
  • lotte ghana tokuno gateau chocokate white background

    "Lotte Ghana Tokuno Gateau Chocolate"

    Lotte Ghana Tokuno Gateau Chocolate is one of the most delicious chocolates in Japan. It is perfect for chocolate lovers and sweets lover. It is made of pure chocolate and...
  • morinaga ramune haichu in white background

    "Morinaga Ramune Hi Chew"

    The best-selling candy that encapsulates the sweetness and freshness of traditional Japanese soda. Perfect for those people who finds a carbonated drink with a twist! Available here, grab yours now!...
  • e size polippy chocolate in white background

    "Polippy Chocolate Sticks"

    It is delicious peanuts in a crispy snack and coated with mild chocolate. Perfect for those people who love sweets. Grab yours now!
  • tirol mochi choco delicious blue pack white background

    "TIROL Mochi Choco Flavor"

    It is bitter and smooth chocolate. It has a pure taste that you will never get bored of. The package shines brightly to form a more wintery look.
  • gran blue fantasy x love live characters wafer sachet in white background

    "Gran Blue Fantasy x Love Live! Twin Wafers"

    Gran Blue Fantasy x Love Live! Twin Wafers, where you'll enjoy the charm of this anime. With the theme of cute characters at Gran Blue Fantasy. Grab yours now!
  • one piece wafer 5th samurai no kuni luffy and ace white background

    "One Piece Wafer 4th Samurai No Kuni Luffy and Ace"

    The latest within the wafer series, where you'll enjoy the charm of One Piece. With the theme of fierce fighting at marine ford. Grab yours now!
  • bandai one piece wafer 3rd saurai no kuni white background

    "One Piece Wafer 3rd Samurai No Kuni"

    The latest within the wafer, where you'll enjoy the charm of One Piece. With the theme of fierce fighting at Wano. Grab yours now!
  • meiji mini sort white background

    "Meiji Mini Sort"

    It is a small confectionery assortment that you can enjoy 5 kinds of deliciousness. This is perfect for the kids seeking for deliciousness! Grab yours now!
  • delicious moist chocolate in white background sachet

    "Chocolate Soaked Umaibo"

    This one is especially rare. You'll be really surprised at how good the chocolate is for being such a cheap snack. In summer the chocolate would melt so it's only...
  • lotte bt21 chocolate wafer in white background

    "Lotte BT21 Chocolate Wafer"

    The Lotte BT21 Chocolate Wafer is a delicious wafer made from pure chocolate. Wafer with crisps and sweetness is a perfect combination ever! What are you waiting for? Grab yours...
  • calbee toumorico roasted corn in white background

    "Calbee Toumorico Roasted Corn"

    This crisp and crunchy snack is made with natural grilled corn. The flavor of the corn is all the yumminess this snack needs; there's no added sugar here! Until recently,...
  • calbee sapporo potato barbecue flavor triple orange white background

    "Calbee Sapporo Potato Chips: BBQ Flavor"

    Calbee is Japan's most well known potato chip manufacturer. Try this waffle potato chip with the savory taste of beef and chicken BBQ. Made from Sapporo potatoes.
  • saku saku chee pillow shaped crackers in yellow cup white background

    "Saku Saku Chee"

    Bite-sized crispy doughs that will give you a cheesy explosion! This yellow pillow-shaped snack is filled with cream sauce made from cheddar, gouda, camembert and mozzarella. Indulge yourself in this...
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    "Doritos Wasabi Soy Sauce Flavor"

    Using authentic "wasabi" spice from Hokkaido, a famous mark fo Japanese ingredients, comes a new savory taste using soy sauce that complements with fragrant tortilla chips. Launching with a gorgeous...
  • Sold Out

    "Cookies And Cream Popcorn"

    Cookies And Cream Popcorn is a crispy popcorn topped with cocoa biscuit crunch and vanilla flavored paste. Perfect in coffee breaks and while binge-watching movies or TV series. Try this...
  • tirol chocolate purple potato tart colored plastic in white background

    "Tirol Chocolate Purple Potato Tart"

    Pretend you're in Okinawa with these chocolate square that taste like Okinawa’s local purple potato (beni imo) tart snack. These chocolates are a part of the Chiroru Japan Local Tour...
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