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  • Sakura Cream Mochi Daifuku

    "Sakura Cream Mochi Daifuku"

    Cherry Blossom is in season! Daifuku is a small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling, mostly sweet red bean paste. This Sakura Cream Daifuku comes with a sweet, creamy Sakura-flavored...
  • Kit Kat: Sakura Mochi Flavor

    "Kit Kat: Sakura Mochi Flavor"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special bundle is packed with Kit Kats that taste like sakura mochi - a rice cake infused with...
  • Tirol Sakura Mochi Choco

    "Tirol Sakura Mochi Choco"

    Tirol Choco is a brand of fun, bite sized chocolates that kids love. Here we have a special flavor - sakura mochi! The chocolate contains sakura mochi, as well as...
  • Sakura Bite-Size Warabi Mochi Gift Box

    "Sakura Bite-Size Warabi Mochi Gift Box"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! Warabi mochi is a kind of bracken starch jelly that is originated from Japan. This is a Sakura-flavored warabi mochi gift box featuring...
  • Seasonal Sakura Mochi

    "Seasonal Sakura Mochi"

    Sakura season is here and with it, Japan is seeling soft, delicious mochi for the celebration. Contains 10 pieces.
  • Sakura Furoshiki Manju

    "Sakura Furoshiki Manju"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is almost here! This gift box is being packaged with a Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth. This is a Manju (dumpling) snack gift box featuring...
  • Mochi Mochi Chocolat: Milk Tea

    "Mochi Mochi Chocolat: Milk Tea"

    These delicious treats mix the luxurious taste of truffle chocolate with the Japanese taste of mochi, combining into these delectable and rich mini bites! On top of it all, this...
  • Tokyo Fruit Melon Mochi

    "Tokyo Fruit Melon Mochi"

    This special gift set has Melon flavored mochi exclusive to Tokyo. Contains 10 pieces.
  • Hershey's Matcha Choco Daifuku Mochi

    "Hershey's Matcha Choco Daifuku Mochi"

    Released as a Japan exclusive chocolate matcha series from Hershey's, here we have a pack of special matcha daifuku (a type of mochi) stuffed with a marshmallow and chocolate cream....
  • Sold Out

    "Sakuragido Sakura Daifuku"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! Daifuku is a small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling, mostly sweet red bean paste. This is a daifuku snack featuring a Sakura...
  • Tokyo Fruit Banana Choco Mochi

    "Tokyo Fruit Banana Choco Mochi"

    Craving banana choco? This gift set contains delicious banana and chocolate flavored mochi from Tokyo. Contains 10 pieces.
  • Spring Sakura Cake Gift Box

    "Spring Sakura Cake Gift Box"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! This is a Sakura flavored cake gift box featuring the shape of the Sakura petals. Contains 8 pieces.
  • Tokyo Fruit Strawberry Milk Mochi

    "Tokyo Fruit Strawberry Milk Mochi"

    Strawberry and milk is one of the best flavor pairings that will never get old. Combined into mochi, this special set will curb your cravings for soft and sweet delicacies. Contains...
  • Sold Out

    "White Peach Urara Mochi"

    This mochi is filled with white peach flavor. Who knew peach and mochi could make such a sweet pairing! Contains 10 pieces.
  • Kirby Sakura Mochi Plushie

    "Kirby Sakura Mochi Plushie"

    The pink puff from Nintendo - Kirby - is here! Here is a plushie inspired by a classic Japanese delicacy - sakura mochi. Size: approx W11x D13 xH8cm
  • Chewy Sakura Mochi Candy

    "Chewy Sakura Mochi Candy"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! This is a Sakura Mochi with a extra chewy texture and even has sakura petals baked into each bite. Contains 210g, and comes...
  • Sakura and Sakura Leaf Mochi

    "Sakura and Sakura Leaf Mochi"

    Tis the Season for Sakura! This mochi gift box not only features Sakura flavor, it also uses Sakura leaf extract to further boost sweetness and freshness. Contains 10 pieces.
  • Sakura and Sweet Bean Mochi

    "Sakura and Sweet Bean Mochi"

    Cherry Blossom season is here! This gift box contains mochi snacks featuring Sakura and Sweet Red Bean flavors. Contains 12 pieces.
  • Cinnamoroll Mochi Chocolate: Caffe Latte Flavor

    "Cinnamoroll Mochi Chocolate: Caffe Latte Flavor"

    Cinnamoroll is here collaborating with popular chocolate Mochi Mochi Chocolat to deliver us this soft and chewy caffe latte experience.
  • Traditional Tasty Sakura Mochi

    "Traditional Tasty Sakura Mochi"

    Don't miss out on Cherry Blossom season! This is a mochi gift box features traditional Sakura flavor. This snack gift box provides you with the most traditional Sakura flavors only...
  • Melon Choco Daifuku Mochi Omiyage

    "Melon Choco Daifuku Mochi Omiyage"

    Omiyage are snacks and candies meant to be gifts that are shared with everyone! Daifuku is a type of mochi that's often paired anko, fruit, or other sweet enhancers. This...
  • Sakuragido Sakura Monaka

    "Sakuragido Sakura Monaka"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! Monaka is a Japanese sandwich snack with a sweet red bean paste filling. This is a Sakura flavored Monaka snack that features a...
  • Miyabinoka Assorted Mochi

    "Miyabinoka Assorted Mochi"

    This gift set contains 4 different kinds of flavor mochi - matcha, strawberry, black sesame, and kinako (roasted soybean flour). Contains 24 pieces.
  • Tokyo Strawberry Choco Daifuku Mochi

    "Tokyo Strawberry Choco Daifuku Mochi"

    Daifuku is a traditional mochi snack with various fillings. This gift set contains chocolate daifuku mochi with strawberry cream filling. Size: 16 pieces.
  • Sakura Flower Ohagi Mochi

    "Sakura Flower Ohagi Mochi"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! Ohagi mochi is a Japanese sweet made from glutinous rice and sweet bean paste. This set contants Sakura flavored Ohagi mochi. Contains 12...
  • Doutor Cafe Au Lait Mochi

    "Doutor Cafe Au Lait Mochi"

    Doutor is a famous cafe in Japan, and now they just released a mochi snack featuring their cafe au lait flavor.
  • Sakura Ori Mochi

    "Sakura Ori Mochi"

    Cherry Blossom season is the season you can't miss! This wrapped up Sakura flavor mochi, which is also called Orimochi in Japanese, is something you can't miss out on tasting!...
  • Sold Out

    "Calpis Mochi"

    Calpis, or Calpico as it's known in some places outside of Japan, is a unique dairy drink that is loved by kids. Here we have an exclusive mochi candy that...
  • Sold Out

    "Milky Mochi"

    Milky is famous for its candy and its mascot Peko-chan, and now they also have a mochi featuring their classic milky flavor. Get them while they're still around!
  • Seasonal Sakura Manju

    "Seasonal Sakura Manju"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! Manju is a traditional Japanese snack that often features a rice flour wrapping and a sweet bean filling. This is a Sakura Manju...
  • Sakura Gaufrette Cracker Gift Box

    "Sakura Gaufrette Cracker Gift Box"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom is coming! This is a Sakura-flavored cracker gift box, with each piece individually packed to make it easier to share with friends. Contains 8 pieces.
  • Sold Out

    "Disney Daruma 2020 Mochi Omiyage"

    Disney is here with their 2020 collection! Here we have mochi in a cute box with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as darumas. BTW did you know mochi is often eaten...
  • Spring Sakura Mochi

    "Spring Sakura Mochi"

    The Season of Cherry Blossom has arrived! This is a Sakura-flavored mochi gift box contains white bean paste. This gift set comes directly from Japan during the Cherry Blossom season....
  • Sakura Kuzu Mochi

    "Sakura Kuzu Mochi"

    Hello, Sakura season! Kuzumochi is a traditional Mochi made from Kuzuko, a special fermented wheat starch in Japan. This gift box contains Sakura-flavored Kuzumochi. Contains 15 pieces.
  • Sold Out

    "Shibuya Petit Chocolat Mochi"

    This soft mochi is filled chocolate flavor, making for a very luxurious experience. Contains 10 pieces.
  • Shikamaro-kun Choco Banana Mochi

    "Shikamaro-kun Choco Banana Mochi"

    This choco banana flavor mochi set features an adorable deer character named Shikamaro-kun. This set is special to Nara prefecture, an area famous for being occupied by deer. Contains 24...
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