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  • Pokemon Pikachu Ceramic Hot Pot

    "Pokemon Pikachu Ceramic Hot Pot"

    A cooking device for all Pokemon fans! This ceramic hot pot, or nabe in Japanese, is made to cook your favorite ingredients with your favorite soup, making an amazing dining...
  • Giga Takoyaki Maker

    "Giga Takoyaki Maker"

    This special grill will enable you to cook up some giga-sized takoyaki! AC100V, Power consumption: 800 W
  • Baby Castella Maker

    "Baby Castella Maker"

    Castellas are little cakes originally from Portugal, but perfected in Japan. Now with this, you can make your own miniature sized treats! Voltage: 100W
  • Taiyaki Maker

    "Taiyaki Maker"

    Cook up some taiyaki, or grilled pancake-like treats in the shape of fish usually filled with sweet stuffing like anko or custard! Rated voltage: AC100V, Power consumption: 760W, Rating Frequency:...
  • Rice Maker Mug

    "Rice Maker Mug"

    A unique mug that you can use to enjoy your drinks, but you can actually use to cook a batch of white rice. To use, prepare 150g of uncooked white...
  • Onsen Egg Maker

    "Onsen Egg Maker"

    This portable onsen egg maker is great for making soft boiled eggs with no batteries or appliances required.To use, place 2 eggs onto the egg stand and place inside the...
  • Ultimate Tamagokake Gohan Maker

    "Ultimate Tamagokake Gohan Maker"

    Tamagokake Gohan is a quick and easy meal that inolves cracking a raw egg over a fresh hot pot of white rice. 1. Set an egg.2. Break an egg pressing...
  • Ultimate Natto Mixer

    "Ultimate Natto Mixer"

    An automatic stirrer for your delicious batch of natto! The main unit can use two modes by the mode switching knob. [Ultimate mode] It is a mode that can make...
  • Ultimate Mayonnaise Maker

    "Ultimate Mayonnaise Maker"

    In Japan, mayonnaise is usually enjoyed with a wide variety of foods including fried chicken, yakisoba, and okonomiyaki. With this mayo maker, now you can become the chef of your...
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    "Ryoubi Flowing Somen Machine"

    Nagashisomen, or flowing somen, is a past time that involves taking cold somen from a flowing water source, dipping them into your soup bowl, and enjoying on the spot. It's...
  • Kurofune S Flowing Somen Machine

    "Kurofune S Flowing Somen Machine"

    Nagashisomen, or flowing somen, is a past time that involves taking cold somen from a flowing water source, dipping them into your soup bowl, and enjoying on the spot. It's...
  • Personal Yakitori Grill

    "Personal Yakitori Grill"

    Yakitori is a Japanese pastime that involves dining on barbequed skewerd chicken! Here we have a personal-sized girll that's great for parties. Body size: about 5 x W31 x D10...
  • Yakiniku Grill

    "Personal Ishi Yakiniku Grill"

    Throw a Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) party right at home with this portable hot grill set! This portable Yakiniku grill utilizes a stone plate, which heats up with electricity and makes...
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    "Ramen Maker"

    Starving for some instant noodles? This ramen maker is portable and makes it easy to make instant noodles from the comfort of your desk! Size approx width 22cm x 18.5cm...
  • Kaiten Sushi Train

    "Kaiten Sushi Train"

    Lovers of conveyor belt sushi now can enjoy the experience at home (with a fun twist) with this kaitenzushi train set. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Main body size...
  • Cake Cup Maker

    "Cake Cup Maker"

    Cup cakes are a favorite treat for any party. This small sized contraption makes it easy for you to make cup cakes. Size: 17.2 ΓŒΓ‘ 10.6 ΓŒΓ‘ 23.9 cm, Power...
  • Atsuatsu Tabletop Oden Nabe

    "Atsuatsu Tabletop Oden Nabe"

    Oden is one of Japan's beloved comfort foods usually enjoyed in the winter. With this nabe, or pot, you can make your own oden creations from the comfort of your...
  • Kushikatsu Maker

    "Kushikatsu Maker"

    Kushikatsu is fried food which is served on a skewer. Here we have a portable kushikatsu maker which enables you to fry your own at home for mealtime or for...
  • Doushisha Mokumoku Quick Smoker

    "Doushisha Mokumoku Quick Smoker"

    Here we have a portable smoker that's easy to carry and easy to use! Size (approx.) (W x D x H): 6.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches (15 x 15...
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    "Takopa Biyori Takoyaki Maker"

    Now you can have your own takoyaki party at home! This takoyaki maker let's you cook 18 balls at once. Size: (approximately) width 28 ΓŒΓ‘ depth 28.5 ΓŒΓ‘ height 7...
  • Sold Out

    "Jounetsu Kakaku Kakigori Maker"

    Summer time means kakigori, or shaved ice! With this kakigori maker you can create your own delicacies as if you were at a Japanese summer matsuri!
  • Peyoung Yakisoba Maker

    "Peyoung Yakisoba Maker"

    Peyoung is one of Japan's premiere instant yakisoba brands. Now you can prepare your own yakisoba with Peyoung's personal yakisoba maker. NOTE: noodles sold separately [Exterior dimensions] Approx. W 1.2...
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