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    "Marukawa Spicy Cola Gum"

    Spice things up with this refreshing soda flavored gum by Japanese snack maker Marukawa.
  • Furukawa Grape Gum

    "Furukawa Grape Gum"

    Each piece of this original gum looks like a little grape. Tastes like one too!
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    "Ramune Sour Grape"

    Ramune, everyone's favorite Japanese soda, in fizzy candy form! Now in a new sour grape flavor.
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    "Donguri Apple Candy"

    Sweet green apple flavored hard candy. Get to the center to uncover the chewing gum hiding inside!
  • Aobe Gum

    "Aobe Gum"

    This is no ordinary gum! Chew on the soda flavor for a while and stick out your tongue. What's new? Or was your tongue always like that?
  • Transformation Glass Card gum

    "Transformation Glass Card gum"

    This cute gum features the adorable San-X duo, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma! Enjoy this soda flavored gum when you need something sweet to tide you over. •ÈÀPreviously featured in the May...
  • Star PreCure Gum

    "Star PreCure Gum"

    Star Twinkle PreCure is a popular anime series full of cuteness and magic! Each piece of juicy strawberry gum has a character on it. Who did you get? •ÈÀPreviously featured...
  • Lotte Salt and Ume Gum

    "Lotte Salt and Ume Gum"

    This is a salt and ume flavored gum that can supply you with Sodium during Summer.
  • Lotte Memory Chewing Gum

    "Lotte Memory Chewing Gum"

    This is a chewing gum containing ginkgo leaves extract, which claims to bring positive effect in terms of sustaining your memory.
  • Acuo Chewing Gum

    "Acuo Chewing Gum"

    This is a chewing gum with a minty flavor, that can provide you with a instant fresh feeling.
  • Sour Long Gum Mini Cola

    "Sour Long Gum Mini Cola"

    Experience the shake, pop and fizzle of a cola drink in this long cola chewing gum! It's extra chewy and stays sweet for a long time so you can enjoy...
  • Grape Gum

    "Grape Gum"

    Made by Coris, this Sonomanma grape gum contains three grape gumballs. One of the three is sour. Test your luck with some friends to see who gets the sour grape!...
  • Ninja Sword Gum

    "Ninja Sword Gum"

    The God Eater squad let you borrow a sword to fight off the Aragami! They said once you defeat one, your sword stores their energy that becomes a sweet treat....
  • Donguri Gum Cola

    "Donguri Gum Cola"

    A classic candy store staple in Japan, pop this cola candy when you're in the mood for something fizzy and chewy as you're left with a gum center to chew...
  • Doraemon Marble Gum

    "Doraemon Marble Gum"

    Round marble-like gum has had a history of over 50 years in Japan. They are iconic for their box packaging. This one features Doraemon with soda-flavored gum! •ÈÀPreviously featured in...
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    "Akabe Kurobe Gum"

    Watch this gum magically transform your tongue color to a bright red color or black color! Originally featured in the October 2018 Japan Crate.
  • Lifeguard Gum

    "Lifeguard Gum"

    Not ready to handle the entirety of All Might's Quirk? Take in bits of the One For All Quirk in a pocket- sized form. Each piece of gum will release...
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