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Shop a huge selection of Japanese chocolate from brands Meiji chocolate Japan, Japanese exclusive Kit Kat flavors, Black Thunder, Melty Kiss chocolate, and more.
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  • Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack

    "Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack"

    Kit Kats in Japan has tons of different exclusive flavors and amazing packagings. Ever wanted to try them all? Sugoi Mart is here with a brand new Japanese Kit Kat...
  • Choco Daifuku

    "Choco Daifuku"

    Ever wonder what Mineta's Pop Off Quirk would feel like? We imagine it's as soft and squishy as this Daifuku! It's a delicious marshmallow ball filled with sweet milk chocolate.
  • Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake

    "Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake"

    Kit Kat in Japan is back with another flavor: Cheesecake! Enjoy the pure combo of cheesecake and crunchy Kit Kat chocolate. Bag Contains: 8 pieces.
  • Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki

    "Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki"

    This is a Taiyaki chocolate snack featuring a strawberry flavor.
  • Kit Kat Japan Okinawa-Kyushu Purple Sweet Potato

    "Kit Kat Japan Okinawa-Kyushu Purple Sweet Potato"

    About this Kit Kat:• Kit Kat Japan exclusive local series Okinawa islands and Kyushu purple sweet potato flavored mini bars.• Enjoy delicious beni imo – a sweet potato that's native to...
  • Fluffy Choco Taiyaki

    "Fluffy Choco Taiyaki"

    Here's a new chocolate flavor of the popular Taiyaki snack that we all love.
  • Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits

    "Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits"

    What's better than regular biscuits? Well, Pikachu-shaped ones, that is! These yummy snacks can be enjoyed out of the box, or even in milk as a type of cereal, or...
  • Pocky: Pulpy Strawberry

    "Pocky: Pulpy Strawberry"

    Pocky is one of Japan's most universally loved snacks! This strawberry Pocky is loaded with bits of dried strawberry on each stick! Originally from Japan, Pocky continues to be one...
  • Black Thunder

    "Black Thunder"

    Black Thunder is one of Japan's most popular chocolate candies! Here we have the classic Black Thunder bar, which is loaded with chocolate on top of chocolate, and a loud...
  • Kit Kat Japan Sweetness for Adults (Dark Chocolate)

    "Kit Kat Japan Sweetness for Adults (Dark Chocolate)"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special pack is loaded with dark chocolate flavored Kit Kats, satisfying those looking for a more bitter taste!...
  • Kit Kat Japan Chocolate Orange

    "Kit Kat Japan Chocolate Orange"

    About this Kit Kat: Japan exclsuive chocolate orange flavor Kit Kats. Flavor blast of orange wrapped in rich chocolate. Contains 8 pieces which are great to enjoy with coffee or...
  • Kit Kat Japan Local Series Nagano Shinshu Apple

    "Kit Kat Japan Local Series Nagano Shinshu Apple"

    About this Kit Kat:• Kit Kat Japan exclusive local series Nagano Shinshu apple flavored mini bars.• Enjoy the unique taste of Shinshu, which is modern-day Nagano through the sweet mixture of...
  • Kit Kat Japan Pudding

    "Kit Kat Japan Pudding"

    Here's a new flavor of Kit Kat in Japan, featuring a sweet yet classic Pudding flavor. Perfect to enjoy with your family.Extra info:Possible to toast them in a toaster oven.Each...
  • Kit Kat Japan Sweet Potato

    "Kit Kat Japan Sweet Potato"

    About this Kit Kat: Japanese Kit Kat autumn 2022 limited edition flavor sweet potato. adorable Halloween  Includes: 10 mini bars
  • Jaga Choco Potato Chips

    "Jaga Choco Potato Chips"

    Potato chips are a staple savory snack. But what happens when you add sweet chocolate to the mix? You get this unique combo of sweet and savory!
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